Elgar Getting Love

Elgar has been getting a lot of love as MoP closes in.  As my favorite toon, he usually gets lots done after each patch and then get shelved once he’s “good enough” so that I can work on leveling alts and professions.

After catching Mr. Pinchy last week, I reviewed some of his achievements and identified a few things I wanted to get done.  So here’s some of what I achieved in the last week on Elgar:

Exalted with Consortium
Coin Master
Accomplished Angler
Outland Dungeonmaster Hero
35 Exalted Reputations

The goal before MoP is to get 150 pets.  This will be a challenge, but I think I’m either at 145 or 146 now.  I don’t think I’ll get enough Darkmoon Faire tickets this week to get another pet, though I might buy some of the artifacts if I think it will help me.  There were some questlines that reward pets (like Withers) that I hadn’t completed so that is good.  I think I can do it before MoP, but since I’m concerned that the 150 pet achieve reward will be removed, I’m trying to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

I also realized how there were many reputations that I had as Revered but never finished.  Hitting 40 Exalted reputations might not be impossible either.  I’ll hit Darkmoon Faire this week so that will give me 37–and I’m not exalted with Baradin’s Wardens or Wildhammer yet…there’s really no excuse for those yet.  Whoops!  If I get lots of Call to Arms: Healer the next couple weeks, I should hit exalted with Wildhammer.

Though I had planned on leveling Floy (Death Knight) to 85 and getting the warrior, Mouret to level 80, I don’t think it’s going to happen if I push on Elgar.  We’ll see…leveling through dungeons in the 70s goes quickly anyways.

It’s getting down to the wire, and there’s too much to do, and as always, not enough time!  I hope you are all achieving all that you want to before MoP hits!


Server Choice

The other day at lunch I was having a discussion with one Addoe, Adoe, Ado, Adorand…whatever his name is now, and I was talking about how I was ready to transfer some of my toons on my second account over to Horde and server/account transfer them so that I can only be paying for one account every month.  Since he and his wife play on Drak’Tharon and I have a few low-level toons over there, it was assumed that I’d move over there…I know many people over there.  But said that I was going to transfer to Kargath instead.


I said, well Kargath is PvE and Drak is PvP.  I don’t want play on a PvP server.  They gave many solid arguments saying that you don’t really run into many people and that people don’t really jump you.  And Addoe pointed out that it’s fun to get into sparring matches and said how they were outside a raid and he got into it with a Death Knight.  I on the other hand pointed out the constant anxiety I would have while leveling or doing anything if I could get jumped at anytime, and that I didn’t find beating each other up outside a raid while trying to get it organized very fun.

It was funny though, because on that same day that we agreed to disagree about how fun PvP servers could be, I went home and got to experience exactly what I was talking about.  First was just minor, a friend who transferred over to a PvP server recently was saying how he died 12 times in Mt. Hyjal while trying to level up.  12 times in one hour.  He wanted to be on a PvP server, so he didn’t mind too much, but said 12 times is a bit ridiculous.  And there’s not much a level 80 can do against a level 85.

The second experience was my own.  I’ve been pushing Elgar to 150 pets.  I think he’s at 141 and there are a few that I could get fairly easy, like the Tol Barad seagull.  Elgar skipped TB stuff initially.  So I headed over to do some dailies.  I have only ever done the dailies in the PvE part of the zone.  So there I am, killing ghosts at Largo’s Overlook.  There was a bit of competition that day, 3 or 4 others there at the same time, so I decided I would dot up several and then use Mind Sear to AOE them down.  So I’m doing just that, 3 ghosts all with DoTs and me in a bubble doing Mind Sear.  People are running around and I see someone running toward me, I assume they are going to run past me to get more ghosts.  And right before they reach me, they turn yellow, like PvP yellow.  And then instantly red.  Because now, my Mind Sear had hit them.  And I hear the “you are now in PvP” noise.  Awesome.  Since I’m focused on keeping Elgar alive and killing the ghosts, I’m really caught off guard and the guy seems to just run past me, then I see a flagged Draenei Shaman trying to kill this Tauren Death Knight.  I kill my ghosts and decide it’s do or die at this point, and jump into the fray hoping that I can help the Shaman enough.  But I’m at 50% health and the Shaman is less than that, the DK however, is 90%+.  Our efforts seem futile.  Then, a Blood Elf Rogue shows up and makes quick work of the Shaman, the moment I see the rogue, I decide it’s time to flee.  I make a run for it.  And I make it pretty far timing my dispersion so they couldn’t slow me down.  But it’s not long and I’m eating dirt.

I will be the first to say I suck at PvP whether I have a good start or not.  I’m just not that fast and usually people who are partaking in it are pretty well experienced.  Now if someone else in full crappy PvE gear and a poor spec who never wants to do PvP wants to challenge me, I’ll take them up on it.  😉

I found it ironic that on the same day that I’m talking about PvP and people jumping me when I’m just trying to do things and how I don’t like that, that someone flags me and then kills me which is exactly the thing I was talking about hating.  And of course that Adoe was trying to say it hardly ever happens and yet here on my peaceful PvE server, I got a little taste of the frustration.

I just wanted my Tol Barad badges so I could get a seagull and instead, I got dead.

To be fair, part of the reason I don’t like PvP servers is because I tend to play WoW as though it’s a single player game.  I’m off doing things by myself most the time and I pretty much want to be able to play as I like without other people getting in my way.  I don’t need WoW to be an MMO for me to have a good time.  Yes, it’s great that I’ve met some awesome people and have a wonderful guild, but I’m as happy as a clam just doing my own weird things by myself, without the constant worry that some idiot who thinks he’s god’s gift to whatever class he is playing is going to gank and then teabag me.  There’s plenty of douchiness in the real world, I don’t need it in my video game too.


After literally years of trying…it finally happened.  I just about died.  Literally.

Legendary and Double Bubble

Oh man, it was a busy weekend/week so far!

The guild completed its legendary staff from Firelands.  Congrats and thanks to all the members of the guild who supported, assisted in, or otherwise encouraged the completion of this staff.  It took great effort from the regular Fri/Sat raiders to start this process and many of them participated in the off night runs to finish it up.  I was sad that I could not be online at the time the staff was completed.  Real life just gets in the way like that sometimes.  I am happy though that I was able to get myself a minipet.  

The announcement of the Classy Challenge has been met with good response!  We had a couple race changes and a couple others start focusing on alts to complete the challenge.  Dwarf warlock was completed first after a race change and couple handfuls of quests to get to honored, and one week later a worgen DK completed honored as well.  Elgar is out 10000g.  Ha!  We have left now the worgen priest and worgen warlock.  The priest, I was informed, will be completed today, 03/15/2012.  Then it’s just the worgen warlock, who is on his way last I heard.  This will be an easier achievement to complete now rather than waiting until MoP and it gets pushed to level 90.

On Tuesdays, Crits runs an LFR for the guild and some former guild members, it’s usually great fun and we get maybe 3-8 people.  This week we had between 12-16 people coming to each part!  It was awesome!  Coming together with that many people from the guild and our friends made the runs that much more enjoyable, though I couldn’t bubble just my own members like I usually do.  Ha!  I took Sousa on the first half since I didn’t need anything from part one on Elgar, but brought Elgar to the second half and he won the robes, well, “we” won the robes.  I used to feel bad about rolling for other people, or having people roll for me, but it’s such a standard practice now, I don’t feel very guilty.

This token completed Elgar’s 4-piece for T13.  Yes, it’s just Raid Finder gear, but it’s probably the best gear he’ll get until next Xpac.  Let me say this.  The priest 4-piece set is AMAZING.  100% more mana back from rapture??  YES PLEASE.  That’s 14% of my total mana back as often as every 10 seconds (I think 10 is the internal cool down).  And the best part is that PW:Shield has a 10% chance to absorb 100% more damage!!  I did a random heroic to see how this would work.  I only was able to see one time where it worked (I don’t have an add-on to tell me, so I had to mouse-over—and I’m not doing mouse-over every time) and it said there was 71k absorption left.  That is awesome.  REALLY awesome.  I have to wonder if the glyph is affected as well, the glyph heals for like 10% of the amount absorbed upon cast, so if the bubble is bigger, I assume the glyphed heal will be too.  I’ll have to keep an eye out for this.

So that’s that.  I know, WALL OF TEXT.

TL/DR version:  Crits got its legendary and things are awesome.

Elgar Gets Some Love/Hate

I decided to give Elgar a little play time.  Upon logging in, I realized that I had 3 pending rare items for archaeology and should maybe spend some time on that since I really haven’t in months.  As I flew around I kept a close eye on the Dungeon Finder waiting for the CtA:healer.  It usually pops at least once a night. 

As it was, CtA:healer popped up 4 times and I took advantage all 4 times, giving me a nice little break from the archaeology. 

Stonecore:  One wipe on Ozruk, the mage kept spellstealing the reflective debuff and I was paralyzed all 4 times before finally the tank went down from LOS.  We communicated the need to leave up the buff so I could reflect.  Next time, flawless.

Lost City:  Squisky tank, but manageable.  First boss, DK and melee shaman stand in the bad.  I am struggling to keep squishy tank up and get tossed into the pillar 4 times…yes, 4.  So the DK wasn’t getting much in the way of heals as there wasn’t really time to spare.  Sorry.  But after the fight he says “healer, you need to keep up with heals.”  I say, “Really?”  “Yes, really.”  I then say, “DK, you need to not stand in the bad.  Yes, really.”  The tank went on to defend me and there was probably a vote to kick me, but it didn’t pass.  I stuck it out for the goodie bag. 

BRC:  Corla, has anyone not done this?  All three DPS, “me!”  F—-  We wipe once, but they seem to get it.  Second time, lock goofs up his, but we’re able to hold it together, but the interrupts didn’t happen and we lose it.  Lock drops group, warrior DPS comes in, I take locks beam, we execute it perfectly.  Props to the rogue and hunter for never having seen it and figuring it out pretty quick.

What was the last instance???  Hmm, maybe I only did three.

Anyways, after archaeology and satchels, Elgar, Troutwort, and Rossini all ended up with a new mini-pet!  Elgar got the clockwork gnome, but also had a Captured Firefly and a Tourney Bear Cub in his bags!  Whee!  Trout got the firefly because he has a wasp pet that is the same model, and Rossini got the bear cub because so many of the others already had it.  So a good night for all!  Just a few more and Elgar will have enough JP to buy his T11 robes…yes, I’m behind the times!!  Still sporting that green wand though…

Why I Go Alone

There are people out there that probably haven’t run in a PUG…well, heck, maybe ever.  They would rather not run a dungeon than chance the inadequacies of the random player.  Not to defend the PUG, but I PUG nearly everything and find that 90%+ of my groups are successful with little or no real player error.  And if there is it’s usually not a totally big deal. 

I suppose that being the healer and having a little more control over the group helps as well.  I’m now to a point again where I am comfortable healing and even able to pull off some pretty awesome group saves. 

But there is one other reason that I PUG a lot on my healers.  And that reason is Call to Arms: Healer.  I won’t try to convince you any other way, than with pictures.


Ooh Shiny!

I hopped on Elgar to get the new pets from Children’s week.  I already had Veteran Nanny so I got to get the new Legs pet which is adorable.  I also did the SW orphan and Northrend orphan.  The SW orphan doesn’t require as much travel as I remember it originally requiring and the motor bike was pretty fun too!

It took me over 3.5 hours to do all the orphans…SW, Outland, and Northrend.  Why so long?  Well, let’s just say I was really distracted.  Between archaeology dig-sites and stopping to pick way more herbs than I should have, even doing daily fishing and cooking quests…and Argent Tournament…and stopping by the Darkmoon Faire… and killing Ogres in Nagrand…

I was pretty much in “Oh Shiny!” mode last night.  I even did the daily dungeon quest from Shattrah City, which was Shadow Labs, but I am <7000 rep now from exalted with Lower City, so I thought, why not?  And solo’d it on normal.  I thought about trying it on heroic, but man, BC trash had so many silences and stuns and knockdowns!  There were several fights were Elgar as just standing there unable to do anything!  How annoying!  I did get through it all though, pretty effortlessly.  And completed the quest.  Not too bad, I think I made over 100g and got a bunch of rep items (Fel Armaments) for Troutwort to turn in so maybe he’ll get Exalted with Aldor.  I always told myself I should finish those things up, now is as good as ever I suppose!  I will do Shadow Labs again tonight probably, it was actually pretty fun–if Blizz won’t give me solo dungeons, I’ll find some myself!

One thing too I was reminded of was dungeon armor sets.  It was awesome to loot the Hallowed Pauldrons.  It brought back some great memories of those Tier 3b dungeon sets.  Used to fill the gap between dungeons and raids.  Good times–even semi-relavent set bonuses.  Oh, how I miss those.  Would be cool to see those things come back…but doubt that will happen. 

 Tonight will probably be more Ooh Shiny as I do the Children’s week activities on Rossini, Schubert, and Troutwort.  Though if I want to get more than one done a night, I better pick up the pace and stay focused!  Though Elgar already has the meta for Children’s week and I won’t do it for anyone else and he’s my pet collector, I won’t feel bad if others don’t get it done.

Good luck with the orphans!