New Priest

So I’ve been playing a bit more of World of Warcraft again lately.  The Valentine’s holiday made me log in repeatedly just not to get the pink rocket mount…8-9 level 90s per day (the Paladin hit 90 during the festival) and still no mount.  Boo.  But I was also doing dailies during this time and finished up reps on a few more characters.  The problem with rep grinds is the dailies, I can’t do them all on all characters, even with the boosts, some factions are PAINFULLY slow.  So I choose to farm up rep with the farming quests and running a daily dungeon which is WAY more fun in my opinion.   I miss tabards that gave rep.  Those were genius and allowed me to gain rep on all my characters.  And all the rep too, right now, I basically chose one character for each rep and the others have no rep with them.  I tried to align it with profession patterns, but sometimes I wasn’t watching, whoops!  In short, I hate dailies and grinding rep, so I decided to make some new characters.

My boyfriend Jeff and I made some gnomes.  We are awesome, he made a warrior tank and I made a priest, and we’re a force to be reckoned with–well he is anyways, I just cast bubbles on things.  And since level 15, we’ve basically been doing dungeon after dungeon.  This has been both awesome and horrible.  It’s a mixed bag out there.  Between new players wearing all the wrong gear or in the wrong spec for what role they selected, which is forgivable, and very experienced douchebags who think they know their way through every dungeon and that we “aren’t going fast enough”, I’m left with a mixture of emotions including pity, frustration, and empathy.

There are some great players though, the ones that follow patiently and even though we’re level 40 something, still follow the rules of pulling groups, not standing in the bad, and such.  Some people are awesome too, like the priest who told me it wasn’t my fault after the feral druid pulled a group and died in 5 seconds then complained of no heals, I responded, “oh, I know, I’ve healed plenty of tools in my day, I know when it’s my fault” and the priest and I had a good laugh at the druid’s expense, who earned a nice spot on my block list.

I respect and appreciate those players, I don’t however, care for the following:

1) After just 10 seconds of zoning in and while people are still getting oriented and gathering up quests yelling out “stam buff”.  Seriously, do you think I just became a priest yesterday?  Do you think I haven’t cast that spell a million and one times?  Cool your jets, I’ll get you your damned spam buff once I’ve made sure everyone has zoned in.
2) DPS that pull groups.  Oh, now I know why you wanted the stam buff, you think it will help keep you alive longer when you pull the groups?  Jeff is nicer than I am, he often charges in and attempts to grab all the mobs; I look at my combat status, if I’m not in combat, I’m not healing that dumbass and I will gladly let him die.  Sometimes death is the only way people learn, I’m not healing your ego or stupidity.
3) People who don’t use their survival skills that their classes have given them.  Rogues please vanish; Hunters feign death; Druids, Priests, Shaman self heal; Paladin bubbles, etc.  Basically everyone has some sort of cooldown, use it.  Just because we’re level 30, 40, 50 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play smart.  Besides, let’s be honest, the only real reason we would ever even need those abilities at this level is because you pulled an extra group or went a different way than the tank anyways.
4) “I know the way!”  There are those types that claim they know the way too, and suddenly you’re at the end of Black Rock Depths when really you only needed to kill the Interrogator 100 yards from the front door.  Most instances don’t really have ways you can “get lost” but Wailing Caverns, Razorfen Kraul, and Black Rock Depths….bleh.  And someone always “knows the way”.
5)  Need.  Seriously people.  It seems like we should be WAY past this point already, basically, if you’re not going to equip the item as soon as you get it, don’t need it.  And why, WHY, there is even the need option for people who’s armor class doesn’t match the item, I will never understand.  I have lost WAY too many cloth belts to hunters, gloves to druids, and bracers to paladins; and like that quest in Halfhill says “THEY DON’T EVEN WEAR THEM!!”  It’s so frustrating.  And yes, I know that gear at this level is kind of trivial, will it make that much difference?  No.  But hey, I still like nice things too!!
6)  Go go go!  People that keep yelling to go faster bug me too.  It’s like they think we also don’t want to get the dungeon over with soon so that we don’t have to be in their annoying presence anymore because for whatever reason, they can’t be kicked for another 5 minutes.

Of course, I know the people reading this aren’t people causing trouble.  And anyone who does the things listed above is usually completely oblivious to what a dorkface they are being.  Maybe it’s because they are all 17 years old and I’m now “old”.  But damn it, just be nice to each other, play smart and be friendly, I still believe we should have some sort of enjoyment when we are forced to play together.

We did get to run a few dungeons with Bocat before she blew past us leveling her new priest.  I think she’s the only person with more priests than me.  😉  And of course dungeons are always more fun with friends, we even got a few guild achievements!  I’m just anxious to hit outlands, so I can start playing with idiot Death Knights who will surely use death grip inappropriately while screaming “Look mom! I made this guy come to me so I could fight him!”

Okay, I realize this is kind of a rant post, but honestly, I am loving leveling my priest, most the time the joy of healing my little gnome warrior > stupidity caused by other people, plus, it’s fun to see my ignore list keep growing!


LFR Night

Tuesdays are always a big night for the guild.  It’s the night we do our scheduled LFR.  LFR has been awesome for Crits and I see that continuing through MoP.  Apparently last week when I was doing epic poetry analysis, there were about 15-19 people from the guild in LFR.  Last night we had similar numbers.  Close to 15 for the first half and over that for the second.  We actually provided both of the tanks and between 4 and 5 of the 6 healers as well and the rest were DPS.  

As usual it all went very smooth with no wipes.  We had a few people die here and there, but LFR has like 1 million battle rez so we got everyone back up and running.  I went in on Sousa to heal it, though I mostly stood around making comments in raid channel or else tossing pathetic lightning at the boss.  I figured with 5 other healers I would only need to heal during the really AOE heavy parts…you know, the parts where your FPS go to 4?  

We had a blast, it’s always more fun when you’re there with a bunch of people who will life grip you around or /cuddle you or do crafting professions during boss fights and trash.  We won some things and lost some things, but everyone has a good time, at least as far as I know. 

And I died on the Deathwing fight, apparently from standing where a tentacle spawns?  All I know is that I was probably making some rain and then I fell over dead and got an achievement.  I love LFR night. 

Firelands: A Noob Remembers

This past weekend I went with the guild group to Firelands, because there were some people missing and needed some warm bodies.  Sousa is my most geared toon though he is still toting around a few heroic level items.  I took him along to help heal and switch to DPS as needed.  

Having only done some trash on Rossini before, I had no idea what any of the boss fights were like.  I’ve read lots of blogs so I had some idea of a few things.  Like, I knew there were feathers on Alys and that there’s some cat/scorpion phase thing…and lots of spiders. 

Anyways, here’s my recap of what happened, according to Sousa.

Shannox – Heals!  OMG why do you guys keep running out of range!  So much fire on the ground.  Ouch.

Beth – Heals!  Spiders everywhere.  Stack on butt.  “I made some rain you guys!  I hope you like it!”

Rock dude? – There’s right leg and a left leg, tank them apart and he’ll fall down?  I don’t know, don’t get in fire?  “Heal everyone.”  Neat?

Alys – DPS!  Interrupt the druids!  Yay!  Tornadoes are fun!  

Fire demon guy? – DPS!  Don’t go by some crystals!  DON’T STAND BY THE DOOR!!

Domo – Heals!  Stack up!  Make rain!  Run out?  Too slow.  Try again, more rain!!  Pounced!  Hold hands!  Don’t hold hands!  She loves me, she loves me not!  So much rain making.

Ragnaros – DPS!  Okay, hammer smash, not by me…lava wave?  WTF?  Try again.  This time not lava wave death.  Don’t touch the hammer!  Good!  Stack up and AOE…wtf is AOE on an enhancement shaman?  Totems LOL?  Attack!  Death.  Game over for us.

So we ended up 6/7.  Not so bad for my second time ever in Firelands.  I’m pretty amazing with my rain making.  Just saying. 

But seriously, thanks to the guild for being patient with my noobness and my potentially crappy heals.  Having never healed a raid before on my shaman I wasn’t quite up to speed on what I should be focusing on and what I shouldn’t be.  In 5-mans for example, I almost never use chain heal because everyone is not holding hands and it hits like one person.  But in raids, everyone is holding hands!  I make way more rain than I should in a 5-man, so that was easy to do in the raid too.  It was a lot of fun healing with Kerick, because I knew she’d save us if I was busy floor tanking with Bocat and/or Grom.  I’m teasing!!  😉

Thanks again, good times and pretty dresses.

Elgar Gets Some Love/Hate

I decided to give Elgar a little play time.  Upon logging in, I realized that I had 3 pending rare items for archaeology and should maybe spend some time on that since I really haven’t in months.  As I flew around I kept a close eye on the Dungeon Finder waiting for the CtA:healer.  It usually pops at least once a night. 

As it was, CtA:healer popped up 4 times and I took advantage all 4 times, giving me a nice little break from the archaeology. 

Stonecore:  One wipe on Ozruk, the mage kept spellstealing the reflective debuff and I was paralyzed all 4 times before finally the tank went down from LOS.  We communicated the need to leave up the buff so I could reflect.  Next time, flawless.

Lost City:  Squisky tank, but manageable.  First boss, DK and melee shaman stand in the bad.  I am struggling to keep squishy tank up and get tossed into the pillar 4 times…yes, 4.  So the DK wasn’t getting much in the way of heals as there wasn’t really time to spare.  Sorry.  But after the fight he says “healer, you need to keep up with heals.”  I say, “Really?”  “Yes, really.”  I then say, “DK, you need to not stand in the bad.  Yes, really.”  The tank went on to defend me and there was probably a vote to kick me, but it didn’t pass.  I stuck it out for the goodie bag. 

BRC:  Corla, has anyone not done this?  All three DPS, “me!”  F—-  We wipe once, but they seem to get it.  Second time, lock goofs up his, but we’re able to hold it together, but the interrupts didn’t happen and we lose it.  Lock drops group, warrior DPS comes in, I take locks beam, we execute it perfectly.  Props to the rogue and hunter for never having seen it and figuring it out pretty quick.

What was the last instance???  Hmm, maybe I only did three.

Anyways, after archaeology and satchels, Elgar, Troutwort, and Rossini all ended up with a new mini-pet!  Elgar got the clockwork gnome, but also had a Captured Firefly and a Tourney Bear Cub in his bags!  Whee!  Trout got the firefly because he has a wasp pet that is the same model, and Rossini got the bear cub because so many of the others already had it.  So a good night for all!  Just a few more and Elgar will have enough JP to buy his T11 robes…yes, I’m behind the times!!  Still sporting that green wand though…

Why I Go Alone

There are people out there that probably haven’t run in a PUG…well, heck, maybe ever.  They would rather not run a dungeon than chance the inadequacies of the random player.  Not to defend the PUG, but I PUG nearly everything and find that 90%+ of my groups are successful with little or no real player error.  And if there is it’s usually not a totally big deal. 

I suppose that being the healer and having a little more control over the group helps as well.  I’m now to a point again where I am comfortable healing and even able to pull off some pretty awesome group saves. 

But there is one other reason that I PUG a lot on my healers.  And that reason is Call to Arms: Healer.  I won’t try to convince you any other way, than with pictures.


I Like Healing (Again!)

Okay, so it’s no secret to those that play with me or have to endure my horribly complaining about healing since Cataclysm, but I really didn’t like healing in Cataclysm.  I all but abandoned my beloved Elgar and his first healing experiences were horrifying. 

This has changed though.  And after finding a healer play style that fit me very well (Shaman), I grew more confident and the priest started to get some play time too.  I did quite a bit of healing over this weekend and now feel confident to heal heroics on both of them.  Tanks with some better gear since we’re at a new tier have only helped boost my confidence. 

I might not be healing the “correct way” or whatever, but I figure for what I’m trying to accomplish, it’s good enough.  I probably don’t have total gem optimization or even enchant maximized, but I’m no min/max person.  If I have enchants that make sense and gems that are the right stats, I figure that’s probably going to be pretty good.  Agility helps healers dodge right?  (I’m kidding!!)

Sousa doesn’t seem to have any real troubles right now, sometimes his AOE feels a little weak, but the trick there is to get everyone to stand in the healing rain–I love that spell, that is AOE awesometimes.  But there are times when I want to scream at the two ranged DPS standing “just” outside the ring and tell them to get into it–I swear they stand just far enough apart so it can’t hit them both–you guys, HOLD HANDS!!  But otherwise the shaman healing style is really suiting me.

The disc priest (Elgar) took a little more warm-up time for me to feel good about it.  I switched out of a smite spec so it’s more straight up healing like I remember before.  Here mana management is a little more key.  But again, lots of AOE and I feel I don’t have a good way to recover quickly, so I just have decided to tell myself it’s okay, they just need to be up again by the time the next AOE comes, it doesn’t have to be instant.  That I can handle.  Also, just like healing rain, trying to get people to run into the bubble can be frustrating!  Seriously, it’s large and golden, why would you run from something like that? 

Oh, speaking of running from things, here’s a good story, with a twist ending.  I was under siege by some of the adds on the first boss of Grim Batol during a PuG.  I’m on my shaman and don’t have a really good way to get them off of me.  I start to run toward my tank so they can grab them, and all the sudden there’s all this graphics everywhere, and I’m like oh crap, so basically I feel like I’m weaving my way over there, I drop earth elemental, but he dies quick (sad).  Through spam healing myself and the tank and (thank god) the DPS didn’t take damage, we live.  Afterwards the mage says, “Why were you running from all my AOE? I was trying to get them off of you!”

I thought I was trying to be killed.  I laughed and said that I didn’t realize who was doing it and was just trying to stay alive that I didn’t have time to see that the AOE was from you and not the fight.  We had a good laugh.  Then later, I fell off one of the bridges and died.  It was…fun.

The long story made short, is that it feels good to be capable of healing again and watch out for the cracks in the Grim Batol bridges, they are really slick.  Seriously.

Spamming Heals

The healing adventure continues.

After being able to heal Stonecore, even though I know I had a great tank, I have more confidence in my ability to heal other heroics as well…on my shaman.  I knew it would be one of those “practice makes perfect” scenarios, but I was pretty turned off from healing early in Cataclysm and didn’t even want to practice. 

I have started to run heroics as a healer regularly.  I usually see if guildies want to tag along now because I have a bit more confidence.  Bocat comes with me about 90% of the time.  I swear I should just invite her by default.  At least she’s one DPS I can count on! 

I ran Lost City last night and also Vortex Pinnacle.  Neither was too bad, but again, no weapon drop for me.  Sousa really needs a healing weapon BADLY.  The one thing that I still have trouble with is mana management.  Water shield helps, but I seem to lose it all the time and in the middle of combat get so caught up in other things that I forget to put it back on.  Lightning shield, when I am DPS-ing, can be glyphed to never drop below 3 charges from output.  I wish there was a similar thing for water shield…I might have to get an add-0n that will tell me when it falls off.  I’m pretty good at watching earth shield.  Anyways, like I said the biggest issue I have is mana.  I try using “Healing Wave” due to its cheap cost, but it heals for so little that it seems useless.  So I use greater healing wave at 5 times the cost.  This spell, at about 7400 mana burns out my mana pool in just 7 casts.  Sure there are procs that reduce its cost etc.  But man, I’m not sure what I should be using to get the healing output I need if I can’t spam that spell when I need to. 

It seems like it’s time to head out and find some good shaman healing guides.  There must be something I could be doing better.