Elgar Getting Love

Elgar has been getting a lot of love as MoP closes in.  As my favorite toon, he usually gets lots done after each patch and then get shelved once he’s “good enough” so that I can work on leveling alts and professions.

After catching Mr. Pinchy last week, I reviewed some of his achievements and identified a few things I wanted to get done.  So here’s some of what I achieved in the last week on Elgar:

Exalted with Consortium
Coin Master
Accomplished Angler
Outland Dungeonmaster Hero
35 Exalted Reputations

The goal before MoP is to get 150 pets.  This will be a challenge, but I think I’m either at 145 or 146 now.  I don’t think I’ll get enough Darkmoon Faire tickets this week to get another pet, though I might buy some of the artifacts if I think it will help me.  There were some questlines that reward pets (like Withers) that I hadn’t completed so that is good.  I think I can do it before MoP, but since I’m concerned that the 150 pet achieve reward will be removed, I’m trying to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

I also realized how there were many reputations that I had as Revered but never finished.  Hitting 40 Exalted reputations might not be impossible either.  I’ll hit Darkmoon Faire this week so that will give me 37–and I’m not exalted with Baradin’s Wardens or Wildhammer yet…there’s really no excuse for those yet.  Whoops!  If I get lots of Call to Arms: Healer the next couple weeks, I should hit exalted with Wildhammer.

Though I had planned on leveling Floy (Death Knight) to 85 and getting the warrior, Mouret to level 80, I don’t think it’s going to happen if I push on Elgar.  We’ll see…leveling through dungeons in the 70s goes quickly anyways.

It’s getting down to the wire, and there’s too much to do, and as always, not enough time!  I hope you are all achieving all that you want to before MoP hits!

3 Responses to “Elgar Getting Love”

  1. khizzara Says:

    Last I heard, the 150 pet achievement is NOT being removed. (I learned this after I panicked and went out and got it anyway…) The achieve was just re-categorized and moved to a different part of the achievements tab on beta. So you should be ok even if you don’t get it by MoP.

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