Legendary and Double Bubble

Oh man, it was a busy weekend/week so far!

The guild completed its legendary staff from Firelands.  Congrats and thanks to all the members of the guild who supported, assisted in, or otherwise encouraged the completion of this staff.  It took great effort from the regular Fri/Sat raiders to start this process and many of them participated in the off night runs to finish it up.  I was sad that I could not be online at the time the staff was completed.  Real life just gets in the way like that sometimes.  I am happy though that I was able to get myself a minipet.  

The announcement of the Classy Challenge has been met with good response!  We had a couple race changes and a couple others start focusing on alts to complete the challenge.  Dwarf warlock was completed first after a race change and couple handfuls of quests to get to honored, and one week later a worgen DK completed honored as well.  Elgar is out 10000g.  Ha!  We have left now the worgen priest and worgen warlock.  The priest, I was informed, will be completed today, 03/15/2012.  Then it’s just the worgen warlock, who is on his way last I heard.  This will be an easier achievement to complete now rather than waiting until MoP and it gets pushed to level 90.

On Tuesdays, Crits runs an LFR for the guild and some former guild members, it’s usually great fun and we get maybe 3-8 people.  This week we had between 12-16 people coming to each part!  It was awesome!  Coming together with that many people from the guild and our friends made the runs that much more enjoyable, though I couldn’t bubble just my own members like I usually do.  Ha!  I took Sousa on the first half since I didn’t need anything from part one on Elgar, but brought Elgar to the second half and he won the robes, well, “we” won the robes.  I used to feel bad about rolling for other people, or having people roll for me, but it’s such a standard practice now, I don’t feel very guilty.

This token completed Elgar’s 4-piece for T13.  Yes, it’s just Raid Finder gear, but it’s probably the best gear he’ll get until next Xpac.  Let me say this.  The priest 4-piece set is AMAZING.  100% more mana back from rapture??  YES PLEASE.  That’s 14% of my total mana back as often as every 10 seconds (I think 10 is the internal cool down).  And the best part is that PW:Shield has a 10% chance to absorb 100% more damage!!  I did a random heroic to see how this would work.  I only was able to see one time where it worked (I don’t have an add-on to tell me, so I had to mouse-over—and I’m not doing mouse-over every time) and it said there was 71k absorption left.  That is awesome.  REALLY awesome.  I have to wonder if the glyph is affected as well, the glyph heals for like 10% of the amount absorbed upon cast, so if the bubble is bigger, I assume the glyphed heal will be too.  I’ll have to keep an eye out for this.

So that’s that.  I know, WALL OF TEXT.

TL/DR version:  Crits got its legendary and things are awesome.


One Response to “Legendary and Double Bubble”

  1. wolfgangcat Says:

    Grats on the 4-piece! The bonus sounds awesome for Disc!

    LFR is a whole lot more fun when at least half the raid is full of guild members and friends 😀

    Hmmm…probably why I just couldn’t get into playing Skyrim. The game is okay I suppose, but I sure noticed how dull it was when you don’t play with real people 😉

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