I love and I hate Darkmoon Faire.

Reasons I love it:
1)  Fun games!
2)  Mounts and mini-pets!
3)  Skill ups for professions!
4)  Cool redesign!
5)  Achievements!
6)  Ponies!
7)  Shipwrecked debris for fishing! 

Reasons I hate it:
1)  My friend that plays on my second account on his level 36 hunter with fishing skill of 29 when he started caught the Sea Pony.  Elgar did not. 

Seriously, if Blizzard has a thing out for Elgar, I wish they would just publicly announce it.  Is there a reason he can’t find all the Dalaran books?  And after nearly 3 expansions of trying to fish for Mr. Pinchy and STILL no luck—but my dumb mage gets him in like 20 casts?  And now this Sea Pony incident?  Outrageous!! 

Anyways, aside from that I really like Darkmoon Faire.  The 5 skill points from profession quests is really nice for those alts that are up above 510 or so but are struggling to get the last few skill points, that will be VERY handy.  Also, there are great opportunities to catch chests from the shipwrecked debris and I have been lucky with those—though the competition is high as there are many others usually looking for them.   

It was also a good time with my friend last night, after spending lots of time fishing and then doing a dungeon, we also worked on professions, namely his mining and my herbing, both had been neglected while we were first leveling as to focus more on the game rather than the professions.  He still struggles a bit with things like shot rotation and would rather just mash buttons.  I probably wasn’t much better at that point. 

Oh!  One other thing, since I was out herbing anyways, I came across a dig site on my worgen.  He has archaeology skill 12.  I dig up a troll artifact and collect 8 pieces.  8.  WTF?  I saw they were updating the amount you could get, but really?  8?  Wow!  At skill 12 before you could only get 3!  I am going to have to see what Elgar can dig up and spend some time on archaeology again, also with my dwarves since they find things too!  That was a HUGE bonus to the profession and much needed.  I could almost finish one item in one dig site getting 8, 7, and 7.  Very nice Blizz!

Anyways, I really love 4.3 so far!!



I was working on this post about Shaman and hybridism and blah blah blah.  It was awesome.  But now I didn’t finish because it’s been a crazy week!  I will do it when I get back…like, in June.  Later all!

If I catch RL Mr. Pinchy, I’ll be sure to get a screencap.  😛

Elgar’s Top Ten

Elgar has had some awesome times.  This weekend one thing topped the list.  But first here are Elgar’s awesome times:

10.  Battling crocolisks naked in Sholazar.

9.  Green Proto-drake on his 3rd Oracle egg.

8.  Falling off the Loch Modan dam, the long way, while trying to get a better look.

7.  Being told I wasn’t good enough on heals for Mag’s Lair then being the only healer left with mana.

6.  Running a flag back in WSG.

5.  Surviving the first boss in Heroic Steamvaults with just me and the tank–it took forever.

4.  SW:Death to kill the last boss on Heroic Halls of Stone while being the last one alive. 

3.  Awesome moustache. 

2.  Winning the headless horseman mount after three-maning him at level 70!


I know, you all thought it was going to be catching Mr. Pinchy, don’t worry, that will be number 1 eventually.  But this weekend, much to my surprise, Elgar won the fishing tournament!  I have never even caught the blacktip shark and this time I did and then won!  It was nuts!  I was shaking the whole time while hearthing.  I was certain some annoying I-caught-these-fish-in-flightform-LOL-druid was going to swoop in and be the winner before me, but alas, this was not true!  I HAVE DEFEATED THE DRUIDS!!!  So now I have my trusty new BoA ring which will help my leveling toons! 

It was the best day of Elgar’s life. 

Just three more things until the Salty title…Dalaran Coins, The One That Got Away, and that little f’er, Mr. Pinchy.

Ode to Pinchy (reprise)

What would Valentine’s Day be without a little poetry?  We find Elgar the priest in a bit of mourning after hearing that Schubert a tiny gnome mage had an encounter with a certain magical crawdad.

Today is a special day, for those in love,
Yet sad am I, for I am still dreaming of,
A magical crawdad whom I’ve never met,
Try as I might, he hasn’t shown yet!
My love for him is so strong,
Even if others think it a bit wrong.
And so on this 14th day of February,
My valentine, I hope Mr. Pinchy to be!

But what is this horrid rumor I’ve just heard?
The news so dizzying, my vision has blurred!
Mr. Pinchy you’ve chosen someone else to pursue,
How could you Pinchy?  I love you!
He is so short and cannot cook,
And though bad at fishing, you still took his hook!
Mr. Pinchy, I cannot comprehend,
How this could happen, is this really the end?

 Did his water elemental seal the deal?
Because it would provide that Skettis feel?
Or was it his cute and bubbly laugh,
And the way he handles his mighty staff?
A gnome, Mr. Pinchy, this cannot be,
How could you choose him, over choosing me?
Was it really love at first sight?
Or were you just weary so late at night?

 So alas Mr. Pinchy, you’ve made your choice,
I guess you prefer a squeaky voice!
And so Mr. Pinchy, I will just say,
I hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Monday, Monday

Okay, I don’t have much to say, except the fishing tournament ended to a glorious success!  The winners are posted here.  It was pretty awesome as we fished up over 9500 fish!!

The weekend was filled with other shenanigans too, Friday I was at the casino (I came out $100 ahead!) and Saturday I was leveling the Worgen Warrior with a friend who is new to WoW and terrible…so it was frustrating and really hard.  I realized that the big issue was they just didn’t “see” things.  Like literally, computer tunnel vision?  He’d be hitting like arcane shot and go, it’s not working, I said “Does it say why?”  “Where does it say that?”  /facepalm  I dunno, the BIG RED LETTERS “You are too close to your target!”

So that was slow, but now that account (my second) is suspended so I’m going to be back to worgen leveling at speeds I am more comfortable with.

Elgar did more archaeology, it’s like he can’t get enough!  And FINALLY got his 10 rare artifacts!  He just has terrible luck with those things I guess!  At least he’ll be able to empty his bank soon as the patch is anticipated to drop tomorrow.  I will have to look into the archaeology chests that I saw on WoWhead.  If I can fish up archaeological things that would be awesome too!

10,000 Fish!

So we’ve been having the guild fishing tournament and it’s been a huge success, even if one person is WAY in the lead.  Anyways, the success of the tournament paid off last night when the guild caught 10,000 fish from fishing nodes!  It was awesome to see the number increasing as we had several people fishing for the last 200 fish!  I was secretly hoping to catch #10,000 myself, but I got attacked by some Nagas and they kept spawning an I was OOM and in disc spec, it was bad.  So I was fleeing as it dinged the achievement for the guild.  The cool part of course is that it unlocks the fish feast for us!

I still haven’t had any luck with Mr. Pinchy.  I’m beginning to think he really is a myth and perhaps a figment of my imagination.  I’ll keep trying for him anyways.  This weekend hopefully I’ll have a good chance at the fishing tournaments as well:  I will catch that blacktipped shark one of these times!!

As for other news, we changed the guild tabard to a pink one with a red heart for the month of February.  It was received well and there are even those who are trying to get us to switch to the pink badge permanently.  In March we’ll go to a white tabard with a green clover on it.  That one always looks sharp too! 

Now we’re on our way working towards 50,000 fish (not really), but I’m happy to see we made 10,000 and got the recipe!  Of course when it happened, people suggested we have contests for the mining and herbing ones…no thank you!

Here Fishy, Fishy!

So the guild fishing tournament started last night and man, it got off to a rip-roaring start!  I think that the total fish count for the first day was something like 1500+?  Which is crazy!  Someone is going to win some great prizes!  We are probably going to up the prizes too!

I did a bit of fishing in Outland in attempts to get Mr. Pinchy, but he continues to evade me.  I gave up eventually for the night and headed to Vashir for some questing because I need herbs for Alchemy. 

But during my hunt for Mr. Pinchy, I decided that perhaps he would feel better if I made him promises and coerced him with lyrical words.  And so, here is my Ode to Pinchy.

Ode to Pinchy

High above the Terrokar tree,
Lives a tiny creature, who is legendary.
In shimmering pools that sparkle gold,
He lives here, or so I’ve been told.
Mr. Pinchy is this naughty crawfish,
And if you catch him, he’ll grant you a wish.
And so I hunt both day and night,
To find this creature, I pray I might.

He sends his brothers and sisters to me,
Other furious crawfish, there are plenty.
But Mr. Pinchy, please come play,
With me and my friends, you could stay.
We’d have great adventures, near and far,
In Un’Goro, Vashir, and Sholazar.
And if you’re good you just might,
Get to come with, on Raid Night.

I’d take you Dalaran, high in the sky,
And wonderful things for you, I would buy:
A red ribbon leash, and a lovely pet treat,
Then off we’d go, we have friends to meet!
We’d go visit Jaina the wonderful mage,
And even Velen, that crazy old sage.
Karius and Analogue would think you so fun,
So come Mr. Pinchy we’ve plenty to get done!

So alas Mr. Pinchy, I now beg of you,
Please show your face, just once will do.
I’ll be there tonight, above the Terrokar tree,
I’m coming to see you, will you come see me?