Ooh Shiny!

I hopped on Elgar to get the new pets from Children’s week.  I already had Veteran Nanny so I got to get the new Legs pet which is adorable.  I also did the SW orphan and Northrend orphan.  The SW orphan doesn’t require as much travel as I remember it originally requiring and the motor bike was pretty fun too!

It took me over 3.5 hours to do all the orphans…SW, Outland, and Northrend.  Why so long?  Well, let’s just say I was really distracted.  Between archaeology dig-sites and stopping to pick way more herbs than I should have, even doing daily fishing and cooking quests…and Argent Tournament…and stopping by the Darkmoon Faire… and killing Ogres in Nagrand…

I was pretty much in “Oh Shiny!” mode last night.  I even did the daily dungeon quest from Shattrah City, which was Shadow Labs, but I am <7000 rep now from exalted with Lower City, so I thought, why not?  And solo’d it on normal.  I thought about trying it on heroic, but man, BC trash had so many silences and stuns and knockdowns!  There were several fights were Elgar as just standing there unable to do anything!  How annoying!  I did get through it all though, pretty effortlessly.  And completed the quest.  Not too bad, I think I made over 100g and got a bunch of rep items (Fel Armaments) for Troutwort to turn in so maybe he’ll get Exalted with Aldor.  I always told myself I should finish those things up, now is as good as ever I suppose!  I will do Shadow Labs again tonight probably, it was actually pretty fun–if Blizz won’t give me solo dungeons, I’ll find some myself!

One thing too I was reminded of was dungeon armor sets.  It was awesome to loot the Hallowed Pauldrons.  It brought back some great memories of those Tier 3b dungeon sets.  Used to fill the gap between dungeons and raids.  Good times–even semi-relavent set bonuses.  Oh, how I miss those.  Would be cool to see those things come back…but doubt that will happen. 

 Tonight will probably be more Ooh Shiny as I do the Children’s week activities on Rossini, Schubert, and Troutwort.  Though if I want to get more than one done a night, I better pick up the pace and stay focused!  Though Elgar already has the meta for Children’s week and I won’t do it for anyone else and he’s my pet collector, I won’t feel bad if others don’t get it done.

Good luck with the orphans!

9 Responses to “Ooh Shiny!”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Part of the reason I’ve had so much fun leveling Van is because I’ve allowed him to pretty much stay in constant Ooh Shiny mode. He runs around doing whatever, and the actual gaining of levels is an afterthought.

    I got Legs on Kaly. I figured I have enough toons that will get Veteran Nanny eventually … if he’s a year behind, so what.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Yeah, I think I’m technically already a year behind? I’m not even sure. I was thinking about it and I started playing WoW just after BC was released, so if there was a children’s week there was no way that Elgar was 70 by the time that first children’s week happened, he might not have even been created yet!

  2. Analogue Says:

    You didn’t mention having to spend half an hour appeasing your female guildies with a new tabard….

    • repgrind Says:

      And another half an hour discussing hairstyling/colouring techniques and makeup.

      • Troutwort Says:

        Women are so time consuming! I also spent like 70g too, everytime I changed the colors or whatever I had to pay 10g. He he, I wish there was a way to share the preview with people. We really should have people design their own and then vote on which one we like the best.

      • repgrind Says:

        You could have saved at least 30g by leaving it red the first time when Ana and I said it looked good.

      • Troutwort Says:

        I still like the purple better. 😛

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