New Priest

So I’ve been playing a bit more of World of Warcraft again lately.  The Valentine’s holiday made me log in repeatedly just not to get the pink rocket mount…8-9 level 90s per day (the Paladin hit 90 during the festival) and still no mount.  Boo.  But I was also doing dailies during this time and finished up reps on a few more characters.  The problem with rep grinds is the dailies, I can’t do them all on all characters, even with the boosts, some factions are PAINFULLY slow.  So I choose to farm up rep with the farming quests and running a daily dungeon which is WAY more fun in my opinion.   I miss tabards that gave rep.  Those were genius and allowed me to gain rep on all my characters.  And all the rep too, right now, I basically chose one character for each rep and the others have no rep with them.  I tried to align it with profession patterns, but sometimes I wasn’t watching, whoops!  In short, I hate dailies and grinding rep, so I decided to make some new characters.

My boyfriend Jeff and I made some gnomes.  We are awesome, he made a warrior tank and I made a priest, and we’re a force to be reckoned with–well he is anyways, I just cast bubbles on things.  And since level 15, we’ve basically been doing dungeon after dungeon.  This has been both awesome and horrible.  It’s a mixed bag out there.  Between new players wearing all the wrong gear or in the wrong spec for what role they selected, which is forgivable, and very experienced douchebags who think they know their way through every dungeon and that we “aren’t going fast enough”, I’m left with a mixture of emotions including pity, frustration, and empathy.

There are some great players though, the ones that follow patiently and even though we’re level 40 something, still follow the rules of pulling groups, not standing in the bad, and such.  Some people are awesome too, like the priest who told me it wasn’t my fault after the feral druid pulled a group and died in 5 seconds then complained of no heals, I responded, “oh, I know, I’ve healed plenty of tools in my day, I know when it’s my fault” and the priest and I had a good laugh at the druid’s expense, who earned a nice spot on my block list.

I respect and appreciate those players, I don’t however, care for the following:

1) After just 10 seconds of zoning in and while people are still getting oriented and gathering up quests yelling out “stam buff”.  Seriously, do you think I just became a priest yesterday?  Do you think I haven’t cast that spell a million and one times?  Cool your jets, I’ll get you your damned spam buff once I’ve made sure everyone has zoned in.
2) DPS that pull groups.  Oh, now I know why you wanted the stam buff, you think it will help keep you alive longer when you pull the groups?  Jeff is nicer than I am, he often charges in and attempts to grab all the mobs; I look at my combat status, if I’m not in combat, I’m not healing that dumbass and I will gladly let him die.  Sometimes death is the only way people learn, I’m not healing your ego or stupidity.
3) People who don’t use their survival skills that their classes have given them.  Rogues please vanish; Hunters feign death; Druids, Priests, Shaman self heal; Paladin bubbles, etc.  Basically everyone has some sort of cooldown, use it.  Just because we’re level 30, 40, 50 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play smart.  Besides, let’s be honest, the only real reason we would ever even need those abilities at this level is because you pulled an extra group or went a different way than the tank anyways.
4) “I know the way!”  There are those types that claim they know the way too, and suddenly you’re at the end of Black Rock Depths when really you only needed to kill the Interrogator 100 yards from the front door.  Most instances don’t really have ways you can “get lost” but Wailing Caverns, Razorfen Kraul, and Black Rock Depths….bleh.  And someone always “knows the way”.
5)  Need.  Seriously people.  It seems like we should be WAY past this point already, basically, if you’re not going to equip the item as soon as you get it, don’t need it.  And why, WHY, there is even the need option for people who’s armor class doesn’t match the item, I will never understand.  I have lost WAY too many cloth belts to hunters, gloves to druids, and bracers to paladins; and like that quest in Halfhill says “THEY DON’T EVEN WEAR THEM!!”  It’s so frustrating.  And yes, I know that gear at this level is kind of trivial, will it make that much difference?  No.  But hey, I still like nice things too!!
6)  Go go go!  People that keep yelling to go faster bug me too.  It’s like they think we also don’t want to get the dungeon over with soon so that we don’t have to be in their annoying presence anymore because for whatever reason, they can’t be kicked for another 5 minutes.

Of course, I know the people reading this aren’t people causing trouble.  And anyone who does the things listed above is usually completely oblivious to what a dorkface they are being.  Maybe it’s because they are all 17 years old and I’m now “old”.  But damn it, just be nice to each other, play smart and be friendly, I still believe we should have some sort of enjoyment when we are forced to play together.

We did get to run a few dungeons with Bocat before she blew past us leveling her new priest.  I think she’s the only person with more priests than me.  😉  And of course dungeons are always more fun with friends, we even got a few guild achievements!  I’m just anxious to hit outlands, so I can start playing with idiot Death Knights who will surely use death grip inappropriately while screaming “Look mom! I made this guy come to me so I could fight him!”

Okay, I realize this is kind of a rant post, but honestly, I am loving leveling my priest, most the time the joy of healing my little gnome warrior > stupidity caused by other people, plus, it’s fun to see my ignore list keep growing!



I’m getting ready to transfer some of my RAF level 80s (there are what, 8 of them) over to Kargath on the Horde side.  I’m going to transfer three toons.  So to prepare them I’ve been working on their professions to make sure they are up to Cata level so that if they need anything from my main Alliance toons I can still get it to them before the switch sides and move to Horde.

I got a little distracted though and worked on one toon that isn’t going to be transferred.  She needed TONS of frostweave cloth for tailoring.  It seemed to be raining from the skies back in the day, but now, not so much.  A stack of 20 is going for over 40 gold.  Ick.  So I figured better to just go farm it up.  I decided to run some heroics on a toon that had Cloth Scavenging.  But that’s my mage and warlock.  That makes it a little harder to do LK heroics quickly.  It’s not impossible, but also some of the fights are a little gimicky and make it weird when there’s only one of you.  The point is that while it was working, it was SLOW.  So I just decided to use Monona the level 80 mage to run LK heroics with other level 80s.  I got in with a tank that wanted to do more than one, which was nice.  So off I went.

It was going well.  We get a tank though that hasn’t been to all these dungeons before, on normal or heroic.  It’s okay, I can explain.  But we have another fire mage in the group who’s a little…antsy.  He pulls a few groups and expects the tank to pick it up.  Someone tries to vote kick him, but it fails.  We’re in Azjul-Nerub.  Hadranox is weirdly bugging and we’re entering combat early.  But then I realize it’s not bugging, but the mage is trying to pad his DPS by attacking early.  Those unfamiliar jump into the fray and we all die.  I try to explain the fight.  But it pretty much happens again.  I am annoyed.  Then with some stroke of luck, the fight bugs, Hadranox falls over dead and all the adds despawn.  Sure we can’t loot, but hey, we can skip this nightmare.

We get to final boss.  I am trying to type in that we have to wait for everyone to get inside the ring before we….and they pull.  So the healer is locked out.  I can see it’s going to be a wipe.  I continue to type in what should have happened and wait…timing out my Invisibility so I can mass res everyone.  Tank and other DPS die, then the healer, so it’s just me and the other mage.  He’s attacking everything so they are all on him…he’s at 15% health.  I invis giving it time to work and wait…he ice blocks.  O M G.  I’m praying to the gods that my invis lasts longer than his ice block.  He dies with 2 seconds left on my invis and I can escape and boss despawns.

I resurrect everyone.  I’m annoyed.

The mage says to me, “how you live?”  I’m thinking, not with Ice Block buddy!!  One thing that always gets me is when people don’t know all their abilities.  Especially abilities that can save their lives…people who think that mirror images is ONLY for increased DPS, for example.  So since I’m annoyed (especially with this loose cannon) all I type in is “L2Mage”.

It was completely out of character for me to actually type it, sure I think it ALL the time, but there it was, right on the screen.  He says something back, I can’t remember what, but I start then to explain that I used invisibility to end combat because I was the only one left, allowing me to mass rez everyone.  The tank though had released and we’re waiting for him to turn to us.  The mage fires at the boss.  I figure he’s going to do that and drop group, but when the boss leaves the circle he despawns.  But he does this one time and the DK joins in and dies.  The mage laughs.  I initiate a vote to kick on the mage and type something like, “I’m too old for these shenanigans.”  It passes.

So I guess my tip of the day is:  Mages, you can save a wipe by using invisibility in a timely fashion.  While your job is mainly leet DPS, you still have survival and utility abilities!

Elitist Jerks

This post is not about the website.  

With the holiday season in WoW in full swing, I have been trying to log onto many of my level 85s and at least do Greench.  After Schubert got the epic dagger in his first bag, I’ve been hungry for more!  Besides some of those toys sell for a decent chunk of change!  As the Greench isn’t really soloable, I’ve just been heading out there and wait for a group to form or at least a bunch of people show up.  A few times I have tried communicating through gestures to the Horde, mostly it’s things like /ready.  I find it amusing when the /point at the Greench…yeah, duh, that’s what we’re all here for.  There’s one thing that really amuses me about the Greench encounter though.  And that’s how people die or take damage from either the tree or snowman.  I get schadenfreude when I see people in Firelands gear die to snowman or tree attacks.  I know I shouldn’t be like that, but I’ve seen too much attitude lately where people think only those “worthy” should have that gear.  It reminds me that it’s just ego sometimes and they aren’t always as awesome as they think they are.

Speaking of awesomeness, I did two LFG last night.  The first was on Elgar because the Call to Arms was up.  I keep my fingers crossed that it’s something quick and simple.  Lost City.  Sweet, we’ll be done in no time.  Oh, they are on their way to the croc.  Right away I pop in and they say “thank god, a healer with gear!”  I actually don’t think Elgar has that awesome of gear, but whatever, they then complimented me on my outfit (priest T5).  The tank was less than geared, I think he was pretty new to tanking.  I suggested we use some CC and away we went.  The first pull was messy.  But we managed to survive, except for the shadow priest, he got that nasty poison on him and I couldn’t stop healing the tank or we would have lost him.  They were all friendly though, the tank always checked if we were ready and the dungeon, though sloppy at times, went okay.  They wanted to skip a few of the trash pulls and attempt to just run past them.  I suggested we kill them anyways, because “I’ve been on too many runs where we ‘go around’ and it ends up with us all dead.”  A few people laughed indicating that I wasn’t the only one that has had this experience.  The tank rejoiced at his satchel of mysterious goods, seemed like a good kid.  I got a Dun Morogh Bear Cub in my satchel, but I have them on like 4 of my toons already, so I sent it off to someone who doesn’t have it yet.  

Rossini did a group then too.  Just an FYI in case you didn’t know…fear does start combat, unlike the other CCs.  Whoops!  I haven’t played Rossini in so long that I was a big rusty.  I apologized profusely, but no one seemed to care.  This tank was also new and not very geared, the priest healer was geared though.  It was pretty obviously shortly into the instance that the tank had never been inside Throne of Tides before.  He said it was only his second heroic.  That was fine, we used CC and it seemed to go pretty well.  ON the first boss, the DK DPS stood in something bad and died like 20 seconds into the fight.  The first adds come.  The tank picks up the big one and I fear the one on the right.  The hunter starts to shoot the one on the left attempting to solo it.  I focus on the big guy, but see what the hunter is up to and decide he’s going to need help.  We manage to finish that phase but the next time the adds come, I fear the right one again, the tank picks up the big one again and the hunter again starts to solo the other one.  This time I help the tank and though he should have gone over to pick up the non CC’d caster add, he doesn’t as he’s new and the one the hunter is attacking kills the priest.  I soulstone rez, the hunter dies; we finish the phase and continue on.  We don’t really have interrupts at the time and now she’s down under 20%, so I don’t think there was threat of going to another add phase.  The tank dies as the healer is low on mana from soulstone rez.  I pop demon form and all demons possible and unleash with everything, it’s brutal, I get some heals from the healer, but weave in drain life when I can.  We kill her it was awesome.  The group cheers, except the hunter who carries on about how much the tank sucks.  

This is one of those hunters that pulls 20k DPS on trash and is all “go go go”.  He doesn’t run back in like the DK and tank did even though the priest resurrected them on their run back in.  Then I notice the priest doesn’t res the hunter.  For the sake of keeping things moving, I mass res him.  All goes well up until the gauntlet.  Again the tank doesn’t know what is going on because he’s never been here, we proceed slowly down the hall, but the hunter runs all the way to the end aggroing all the big surgers…thanks stupid.  We get overwhelmed but all but one surger dies, so at least we’ll make it the next time.  Everyone releases and runs back…except the hunter.  The healer makes a comment to him about being lazy and maybe he could run back like the rest of us.  He starts linking Recount showing how much damage he’s done and that maybe we’re the lazy ones.  I decide I’ve had enough of this guy and his “mightier than thou” attitude.  I click ‘vote to kick’ and for reason I simply type “jerk”. 

It passes.  In two seconds we have another hunter.  We finish up, the final boss goes flawlessly as the DPS focus on the right targets and tank picked up the correct adds.  Everyone thanked each other and the priest comments about how that hunter was probably pissed for wasting 20 minutes and not getting his valor points.  I winked and thought about how being nice and patient really does go a long way.  I think that as WoW has aged some the player base has changed, it’s no longer a game of grinding and elite content; it’s a game for the common casual gamer.  And with that change, respect and patience will play a bigger role than epeen and epics.  So be forewarned elitist jerks, we are not afraid to boot you from our groups if you’re a tool, even if you do 50% of the damage.

Alt Time!

As the patch breathed new life into the game, Elgar saw more play time this last week than he ever has.  A result of the new Darkmoon Faire and the new dungeons as only he and Sousa were capable of queuing up for them. 

But Saturday my friend came over and he played on his hunter of level 36 and me on my warrior of level 39.  After he did his Faire things, I ran him through all the Scarlet Monastery instances to get him to level 38 and hopefully some new gear.  I was hoping we’d get some of the Darkmoon artifacts as well, but no dice.  We did a few more dungeons, but for him, I think he enjoys questing better as it’s more dependant on his pace rather than the pace of an heirloom geared tank who is all “go go go!” 

We did some quests in Western Plaguelands and then headed over to Eastern as we both dinged 40 and got our fast mounts.  The mobs there were more appropriate level and leveling went much quicker.  We stopped for herbs and ore along the way.  There are so many since Cataclysm that I had a full 28 slot bag of herbs before I knew it! 

I also did a few archaeology dig sites on the warrior and after his first completed artifact (fossil) my next one is the fossilized raptor pet, awesome.  So it looks like at least one other toon will do some archaeology.  It is amazing how much faster it goes now.  One dig site now can provide as many parts as 3 did before! 

While end game is fun, I’ve always enjoyed leveling up alts, doing the dungeons again, getting new gear and talent points.  Trying out new classes and new quests. 

The nice thing about having that second account up and running is that I have the ability to play more alts over there on the same server and get the perks of the guild.  Since I have 10 toons already on Winterhoof and apparently 10 is not enough.  I mean the GM should make up 10% of the total population of his whole guild, right?

Anyways, on that account there’s a druid and mage (71), hunters (63 and 41), priests (36 and 21), warlock (14) and a couple of level 1 alts that were used mostly for holiday achievements.  Many of these toons haven’t been logged in on in a very long time so last night I decided to see if they still needed any respecs or whatever.  I decided to log in as Linus, the level 35 priest last night, assuming he’d need to respec talent points or something.  But as it turned out he was ready to go, already in shadowform.  I never leveled a priest shadowform so he was my experiment.  I queued up for a dungeon and in about 1 minute it popped up, awesome.  I did two dungeons and leveled up to almost level 37.  Good times. 

The character names on this second account are more hap-hazard that the ones on my account which are almost exclusively named after composers (save Troutwort and Floy–though I’ve been tempted to change Floy).  While playing Linus a guild member pointed out… “so now you have a toon named after someone who obsesses over a dead composer?”  It never dawned on me.  But yes, yes I do.  It couldn’t have been more fitting.

Probably more alts in the future, like I said, you can never have enough!


Patch 4.3 has revived my interested in Cataclysm.  For a couple reasons:

1) Transmogrification means I don’t have to have Elgar running around in hobo’s pajamas anymore!  This feature, while strictly aesthetic, is very fun.

2) Finally there is a dungeon that I am excited about!!  One of my complaints that I’ve mentioned before is that Cataclysm really lacked any dungeons that I thought were “fun”.  There are dungeons that I don’t complain about when I get them, like Throne of Tides, but Halls of Origination…ugh.  End Time, however, is my new favorite instance and not just because Jaina Proudmore is in it.  This instance was SO much fun!  We got Tyrande and Sylvanas in our instance.  Tyrande didn’t seem to hit too hard, but SO much movement!  I had to dodge a million things on the ground and flying at me that it was worse than frogger in Naxx.  It was fun though and I was able to manage. 

Sylvanas was a little harder as the DPS had to break us out of the zombie ring, but after we understood it better we didn’t have a problem.

The best fight though and possibly the best fight IN THE ENTIRE GAME is the final boss, Muzumu.  Okay, I don’t remember his name, but he’s AWESOME.  You’re fighting in the bronze dragonshrine and since bronze = time, there’s some really cool time effects that happen during the fight!  5 times through the fight Nordzumu (seriously, I’m bad with names) helps you by sending you back in time to where you were and how healed and full of mana you were when you started the fight.  The screen goes all black and white and your toon runs backwards to where you started and all your cooldowns reset!  It’s AMAZING!!!   I had so much fun on this fight.  And the concept is genius.  Though next time I’ll pay more attention to where I was when the fight starts because I was out of range from the tank so I had to run back to him every time that time reset.

But honestly, thank you Blizzard for coming up with creative ideas and continuing to make this game fun!  The End Time instance is one that I look forward to doing over and over (plus, I want Jaina’s staff–PG-13!!!!) 

End Time – Best Instance in WoW.

A Raven Good Time!

As I previously had mentioned, I have been sorta bored and not sure what to do with my time in game lately.  One thing that I did note is that due to me being unexplainably busy outside the game, I had stopped planning Classic Raid Nights.  These have been and usually are a success especially with the coming of patch 4.3 and transmogrification!  

So last night we were planning a Naxx-10.  Sign-ups were low, but I blame that on me not putting it up until late.  But even so we only had a few people online.  ICC-10 for next week has more people planning on coming.  So Bocat and I started to think of other things we could do.  We joked about an arena team, as something totally new.  Kelli offered to join us and had the most resilience of any of us…182.  Nice.  We thought maybe that wasn’t the best idea.  So I browsed through guild achievements to see if there was anything we could do.

After glancing about, we decided to run either low dungeons or heroic Outland dungeons.  We went with heroic Outland dungeons because it wouldn’t be so much travel from instance to instance.  So there three of us went off and started to take out Hellfire instances, then Coilfang, and then Auch.  It was a great time.  It was almost a joke when it would say “Your kill took 2 seconds, a new record!”  We were breezing through things, collecting reputation and netherweave by the buckets!  I even got honored with a few of the factions as a result.  Good times. 

Of course, I was on Sousa, so all the leather gear that I wanted for the transmogrification set for Sibelius was dropping all over.  Nice.  But my anger soon faded.  Grom joined us for the Auch dungeons and we did Mana Tomb and Sethekk Halls first because those both have exits near the end.  On the Raven Lord, we joked that if the mount drops, roll need.  And holy crap, it dropped!  Bocat already has one, so she passed and the three of us rolled.  Sousa won it!!  I couldn’t believe it, didn’t even see the roll number, I just heard the sound of something dropping into the bag and knew!!  Of course it was awesome.  We quickly finished (Sousa earning the Sethekk Halls and Heroic Sethekk Halls achievements) and moved on to the other two instances there…I rode my new mount between them.  Good times. 

All in all, we did 10 dungeons earning many achievements for ourselves as well as earning 6 achievements for the guild.  Just a few left for the guild, so I might set up another night to see if anyone is interested.  Though Naxx was a bust, it was a very fun night!

Elgar Gets Some Love/Hate

I decided to give Elgar a little play time.  Upon logging in, I realized that I had 3 pending rare items for archaeology and should maybe spend some time on that since I really haven’t in months.  As I flew around I kept a close eye on the Dungeon Finder waiting for the CtA:healer.  It usually pops at least once a night. 

As it was, CtA:healer popped up 4 times and I took advantage all 4 times, giving me a nice little break from the archaeology. 

Stonecore:  One wipe on Ozruk, the mage kept spellstealing the reflective debuff and I was paralyzed all 4 times before finally the tank went down from LOS.  We communicated the need to leave up the buff so I could reflect.  Next time, flawless.

Lost City:  Squisky tank, but manageable.  First boss, DK and melee shaman stand in the bad.  I am struggling to keep squishy tank up and get tossed into the pillar 4 times…yes, 4.  So the DK wasn’t getting much in the way of heals as there wasn’t really time to spare.  Sorry.  But after the fight he says “healer, you need to keep up with heals.”  I say, “Really?”  “Yes, really.”  I then say, “DK, you need to not stand in the bad.  Yes, really.”  The tank went on to defend me and there was probably a vote to kick me, but it didn’t pass.  I stuck it out for the goodie bag. 

BRC:  Corla, has anyone not done this?  All three DPS, “me!”  F—-  We wipe once, but they seem to get it.  Second time, lock goofs up his, but we’re able to hold it together, but the interrupts didn’t happen and we lose it.  Lock drops group, warrior DPS comes in, I take locks beam, we execute it perfectly.  Props to the rogue and hunter for never having seen it and figuring it out pretty quick.

What was the last instance???  Hmm, maybe I only did three.

Anyways, after archaeology and satchels, Elgar, Troutwort, and Rossini all ended up with a new mini-pet!  Elgar got the clockwork gnome, but also had a Captured Firefly and a Tourney Bear Cub in his bags!  Whee!  Trout got the firefly because he has a wasp pet that is the same model, and Rossini got the bear cub because so many of the others already had it.  So a good night for all!  Just a few more and Elgar will have enough JP to buy his T11 robes…yes, I’m behind the times!!  Still sporting that green wand though…