New Priest

So I’ve been playing a bit more of World of Warcraft again lately.  The Valentine’s holiday made me log in repeatedly just not to get the pink rocket mount…8-9 level 90s per day (the Paladin hit 90 during the festival) and still no mount.  Boo.  But I was also doing dailies during this time and finished up reps on a few more characters.  The problem with rep grinds is the dailies, I can’t do them all on all characters, even with the boosts, some factions are PAINFULLY slow.  So I choose to farm up rep with the farming quests and running a daily dungeon which is WAY more fun in my opinion.   I miss tabards that gave rep.  Those were genius and allowed me to gain rep on all my characters.  And all the rep too, right now, I basically chose one character for each rep and the others have no rep with them.  I tried to align it with profession patterns, but sometimes I wasn’t watching, whoops!  In short, I hate dailies and grinding rep, so I decided to make some new characters.

My boyfriend Jeff and I made some gnomes.  We are awesome, he made a warrior tank and I made a priest, and we’re a force to be reckoned with–well he is anyways, I just cast bubbles on things.  And since level 15, we’ve basically been doing dungeon after dungeon.  This has been both awesome and horrible.  It’s a mixed bag out there.  Between new players wearing all the wrong gear or in the wrong spec for what role they selected, which is forgivable, and very experienced douchebags who think they know their way through every dungeon and that we “aren’t going fast enough”, I’m left with a mixture of emotions including pity, frustration, and empathy.

There are some great players though, the ones that follow patiently and even though we’re level 40 something, still follow the rules of pulling groups, not standing in the bad, and such.  Some people are awesome too, like the priest who told me it wasn’t my fault after the feral druid pulled a group and died in 5 seconds then complained of no heals, I responded, “oh, I know, I’ve healed plenty of tools in my day, I know when it’s my fault” and the priest and I had a good laugh at the druid’s expense, who earned a nice spot on my block list.

I respect and appreciate those players, I don’t however, care for the following:

1) After just 10 seconds of zoning in and while people are still getting oriented and gathering up quests yelling out “stam buff”.  Seriously, do you think I just became a priest yesterday?  Do you think I haven’t cast that spell a million and one times?  Cool your jets, I’ll get you your damned spam buff once I’ve made sure everyone has zoned in.
2) DPS that pull groups.  Oh, now I know why you wanted the stam buff, you think it will help keep you alive longer when you pull the groups?  Jeff is nicer than I am, he often charges in and attempts to grab all the mobs; I look at my combat status, if I’m not in combat, I’m not healing that dumbass and I will gladly let him die.  Sometimes death is the only way people learn, I’m not healing your ego or stupidity.
3) People who don’t use their survival skills that their classes have given them.  Rogues please vanish; Hunters feign death; Druids, Priests, Shaman self heal; Paladin bubbles, etc.  Basically everyone has some sort of cooldown, use it.  Just because we’re level 30, 40, 50 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play smart.  Besides, let’s be honest, the only real reason we would ever even need those abilities at this level is because you pulled an extra group or went a different way than the tank anyways.
4) “I know the way!”  There are those types that claim they know the way too, and suddenly you’re at the end of Black Rock Depths when really you only needed to kill the Interrogator 100 yards from the front door.  Most instances don’t really have ways you can “get lost” but Wailing Caverns, Razorfen Kraul, and Black Rock Depths….bleh.  And someone always “knows the way”.
5)  Need.  Seriously people.  It seems like we should be WAY past this point already, basically, if you’re not going to equip the item as soon as you get it, don’t need it.  And why, WHY, there is even the need option for people who’s armor class doesn’t match the item, I will never understand.  I have lost WAY too many cloth belts to hunters, gloves to druids, and bracers to paladins; and like that quest in Halfhill says “THEY DON’T EVEN WEAR THEM!!”  It’s so frustrating.  And yes, I know that gear at this level is kind of trivial, will it make that much difference?  No.  But hey, I still like nice things too!!
6)  Go go go!  People that keep yelling to go faster bug me too.  It’s like they think we also don’t want to get the dungeon over with soon so that we don’t have to be in their annoying presence anymore because for whatever reason, they can’t be kicked for another 5 minutes.

Of course, I know the people reading this aren’t people causing trouble.  And anyone who does the things listed above is usually completely oblivious to what a dorkface they are being.  Maybe it’s because they are all 17 years old and I’m now “old”.  But damn it, just be nice to each other, play smart and be friendly, I still believe we should have some sort of enjoyment when we are forced to play together.

We did get to run a few dungeons with Bocat before she blew past us leveling her new priest.  I think she’s the only person with more priests than me.  😉  And of course dungeons are always more fun with friends, we even got a few guild achievements!  I’m just anxious to hit outlands, so I can start playing with idiot Death Knights who will surely use death grip inappropriately while screaming “Look mom! I made this guy come to me so I could fight him!”

Okay, I realize this is kind of a rant post, but honestly, I am loving leveling my priest, most the time the joy of healing my little gnome warrior > stupidity caused by other people, plus, it’s fun to see my ignore list keep growing!



I’m getting ready to transfer some of my RAF level 80s (there are what, 8 of them) over to Kargath on the Horde side.  I’m going to transfer three toons.  So to prepare them I’ve been working on their professions to make sure they are up to Cata level so that if they need anything from my main Alliance toons I can still get it to them before the switch sides and move to Horde.

I got a little distracted though and worked on one toon that isn’t going to be transferred.  She needed TONS of frostweave cloth for tailoring.  It seemed to be raining from the skies back in the day, but now, not so much.  A stack of 20 is going for over 40 gold.  Ick.  So I figured better to just go farm it up.  I decided to run some heroics on a toon that had Cloth Scavenging.  But that’s my mage and warlock.  That makes it a little harder to do LK heroics quickly.  It’s not impossible, but also some of the fights are a little gimicky and make it weird when there’s only one of you.  The point is that while it was working, it was SLOW.  So I just decided to use Monona the level 80 mage to run LK heroics with other level 80s.  I got in with a tank that wanted to do more than one, which was nice.  So off I went.

It was going well.  We get a tank though that hasn’t been to all these dungeons before, on normal or heroic.  It’s okay, I can explain.  But we have another fire mage in the group who’s a little…antsy.  He pulls a few groups and expects the tank to pick it up.  Someone tries to vote kick him, but it fails.  We’re in Azjul-Nerub.  Hadranox is weirdly bugging and we’re entering combat early.  But then I realize it’s not bugging, but the mage is trying to pad his DPS by attacking early.  Those unfamiliar jump into the fray and we all die.  I try to explain the fight.  But it pretty much happens again.  I am annoyed.  Then with some stroke of luck, the fight bugs, Hadranox falls over dead and all the adds despawn.  Sure we can’t loot, but hey, we can skip this nightmare.

We get to final boss.  I am trying to type in that we have to wait for everyone to get inside the ring before we….and they pull.  So the healer is locked out.  I can see it’s going to be a wipe.  I continue to type in what should have happened and wait…timing out my Invisibility so I can mass res everyone.  Tank and other DPS die, then the healer, so it’s just me and the other mage.  He’s attacking everything so they are all on him…he’s at 15% health.  I invis giving it time to work and wait…he ice blocks.  O M G.  I’m praying to the gods that my invis lasts longer than his ice block.  He dies with 2 seconds left on my invis and I can escape and boss despawns.

I resurrect everyone.  I’m annoyed.

The mage says to me, “how you live?”  I’m thinking, not with Ice Block buddy!!  One thing that always gets me is when people don’t know all their abilities.  Especially abilities that can save their lives…people who think that mirror images is ONLY for increased DPS, for example.  So since I’m annoyed (especially with this loose cannon) all I type in is “L2Mage”.

It was completely out of character for me to actually type it, sure I think it ALL the time, but there it was, right on the screen.  He says something back, I can’t remember what, but I start then to explain that I used invisibility to end combat because I was the only one left, allowing me to mass rez everyone.  The tank though had released and we’re waiting for him to turn to us.  The mage fires at the boss.  I figure he’s going to do that and drop group, but when the boss leaves the circle he despawns.  But he does this one time and the DK joins in and dies.  The mage laughs.  I initiate a vote to kick on the mage and type something like, “I’m too old for these shenanigans.”  It passes.

So I guess my tip of the day is:  Mages, you can save a wipe by using invisibility in a timely fashion.  While your job is mainly leet DPS, you still have survival and utility abilities!

So Many Characters

Some readers are aware that I have two active WoW accounts. Because really, 10 characters on one server was not enough… Actually, the second account came along years ago, when two friends and the kid I mentor wanted to try the game. So that we could play at the same time I got a second account. The friends later got their own accounts or stopped playing and the kid I mentor has toons but almost never plays.

The account also was great for Recruit-a-Friend (RAF). I’ve done the program 4 times now. But my main account has 7 level 85s, 1 level 83, 1 level 80, and a level 71. So that doesn’t fit well for playing on my main server. The second account though had many empty spaces with just two toons at level 70+ a couple in the 60s and mostly disposable start-ups.

With the last RAF which just ended, it was intense. With the others it would be maybe one toon to max level. But Joe was set on getting as many as possible. We had a slower start, but near the end we were cranking them out. At the end he had three level 80s and a level 41. Which means that I too added three level 80s and a level 41 to this account as well. I removed a draenei hunter in her 60s, she was never played and deleted a name place holder to make room for all these toons. Because I also had one other thing to consider with RAF, free levels.

Every two levels the recruited gains, a free level can be granted to a character on the
recruiters account, so long as it’s not a level higher than the recruited character. So if you
do the math, at the end of the day Joe had 140 free levels to grant to characters on this

Some toons got topped of to 80 or near 80 and a warlock went from 21 to 80 eating up a good chunk of levels. Another 39 or 40 went to a new gnome warrior and a few to a paladin to bring him up to the same level as Joe’s level 20 hunter and then they leveled up to 41 through dungeons. No levels went to waste.

However, that leaves this account now with 8 level 80s and 2 level 42s. It’s full. I now have two accounts on Winterhoof totally 20 characters and 17 of them are level 80 or higher. Holy crap.

I’ll be updating the character pages to reflect the recent changes and plans for each character. There will be pictures too! So for now, while Team A has done their duty, it’s time for Team B to get some play time.

There may be defection to the horde in the future as well. We’ll see though, we’ll see. The list of things to do though, just got insanely longer.

The Need for Moggin

When Blizzard announced in patch 4.3 that they would introduce the transmogrification that would allow you to change the look of your gear into anything else (well almost anything) I was so happy.  I had been collecting gear over the years and hanging onto it, just because it looked cool.  Elgar and Sousa had outfits almost immediately and Sibelius got his and Rossini whipped one up based on some new shoulder he found.  I still have two disasters left though.  And boy, are they disasters.

After reading some other blogs I decided this weekend that I should finally get the WoW Model Viewer to help save me some time when picking out outfits, especially if I didn’t want tier sets.  Elgar, Sibelius, and Sousa all have Tier sets.  Rossini’s is an original design and I wanted to get something more original for the next ones.

So here’s what I was looking at that needed a fix.  Troutwort the hunter and Schubert the mage.



Could it get much worse?  I’m not going to accept that challenge.  I’m sure it can.  But as you can see…they look like bags of skittles.  Mind you that I don’t raid and that I don’t think Troutwort can even get into the HoT instances, but still something must be done.  So I played around with the model viewers and here’s what I came up with.  The next projects will be getting all this gear.  I’ll make a gear list later if anyone is interested, but I’m too tired tonight.  So here they are in their future new and improved forms.

Troutwort - Future

Schubert - Future

As you can see we’ve got themes now and considerable improvements!!  For Troutwort, the chest and pants are matching quest rewards from lower levels quests in Thousand Needles and Tanaris.  The other items are mixed bag though, the gloves and shoulders do not come from that leveling set.  Schubert had a similar scenario where the shoulders and chest are matching leveling set but the other items come from all over.  I chose simple weapons for both of them, Troutwort is shown holding his bow and his polearm.  That staff Schubert has is the Dwarven Medic Staff which is a green mid-20s staff.  That might be the hardest part to get!

My strategy for Troutwort’s outfit was to find shoulders first and build from there, since often shoulders are the worst part to deal with.  For Schubert though since the robes are far more important, I picked the robes out first.  I didn’t recall seeing robes like that before.  Though he’s mostly a frost mage, this set looks more arcane, but still, I like the blues and greys of it.  The purple accents allow for some flexibility as well…the cloak for Schubert was actually the biggest challenge…though gloves were no walk in the park and I’m still not sure I’m sold on the ones he has.

Playing with the model viewer really made it much easier to do transmogging plans.  There are lots of items in the game and it’s hard to know what goes together.  The only thing about the model viewer is it also has a few things that you can no longer get in the game, so I got teased MANY times with things that looked cool only to find out they don’t exist anymore.  For anyone who enjoys transmogging, I do suggest getting the model viewer.  You can upload your existing characters which really helps make sure the outfit you pick will look good on your character.

Now with these plans, I have new goals to add to the list of things to do before Pandaria.

Verdi and Smetana

As if I didn’t have enough toons already…my friend who played on my second account to try the game has decided to get his own account and we’re going to “recruit-a-friend”.

So let me introduce to you my two newest additions:

Verdi, druid.

Boobs. I mean, Smetana, shaman.

Verdi and Smetana.  These are actually the first two female characters I have ever rolled.  You’re saying, but Troutwort, what about Floy?  Well Floy wasn’t created by me…nor was Kittykat…nor was Tygerlily…nor Monona.  Those were all created by other people.  I have only rolled male toons.  Because I know when I see a male character I assume a man plays it.  I know this is far from reality, but still…it’s the way my mind works, so I’ve always rolled male toons.

For whatever reason though, I made not one, but TWO new toons and made them both female.  I think though it had to do with the names.  Sticking with my classical composer names, I made a list of composers that I haven’t used yet.  This included Verdi and Smetana.  Verdi sounded like a druid name…a druid with green hair…a female druid with green hair.  It just seemed to fit.  And Smetana sounded like a Draenei name, 100% Draenei.  And sounded more like a woman’s name than a man’s name to me, so there she is.  But holy crap, I have never noticed how much boobage the female Draenei have.  I never looked.  😛

I can see now why so many teenage and college boys made female shaman.  Pervs.  Of course…I’m the one that posted the screenshot of her sideways on the internet…so I guess we’ll call it even.

Anyways, these are the two new additions.  Verdi is level 20 and Smetana is level 17.  My friend is still on the starter account and is limited to level 20.  So we left them there for now.  You might see more of them as time goes on…but I have no intentions of them being much more than leveling buddies for him.

Update on Alts

I apologize for the length of time between posts; I haven’t even had much time to read the usual ones I read either.  Busy busy!

With Mists of Panderia or however you spell it, coming this year yet, I decided that it was really time to focus on accomplishing a few things before then.  Prior to Cataclysm the goal was to get 8 characters to level 80.  I only got 7 done before it hit, as the patch for the new zones left me too preoccupied with those to focus on another level 80.  So far in Cataclysm, I’ve got 6 level 85s and two between 80 and 85.  While I could push these toons, there is actually one thing that I’m really interested in getting done.  And that is the guild Classy achievements.  The reasons are two-fold.  One, it’s nice to have these done and two, when MoP hits they will probably be bumped to level 90.  So I’d like to get the achievements done for the 4 class/race combos we have left.  Dwarf warlock and Worgen pries, DK, and warlock. 

My current pet project is the Worgen priest.  Up to level 64 now, I’ve decided that I should make the push on him should I have to also make a push on another one of these combos.  I am however going to offer a reward to anyone that finishes one of the class/race combos.  It seems that might encourage people to power level before MoP.

I did play my paladin a little bit to change it up, going from level 80 to now…82?  Maybe 83?  I can’t remember…but starting withMt.Hyjalit’s been pretty okay, my goal there is to work on his engineering skill so that I can make those pets for my other characters.  So I’m hopping back and forth between him and Linus to keep leveling.  I’ve been avoiding dungeons for now and just working on collecting gear.  I have been leveling him as Protection.  Though I’m sure ret is probably quicker, Protection feels good and gives me confidence to take on many mobs at the same time and I feel my survivability is great!  And I’ll be honest, as my first plate wearer though the starting Cata zones, I really like the green quest armor look.  It’s the black and red, I dunno, there’s some nice detail on it and I think I’m gonna save the set and use it for transmog if I can find a good shield.  

A little time spent on the Worgen warrior as well playing with my NE Hunter friend to gain two levels.  We burned through some outland quests pretty quick focusing on the kill X number of mobs.  It is slick between the two of us. 

So that’s my little update.  I have some screenshots that I’ll post soon, though Bocat already posted the one of me in the tree from her angle, I’ll show you mine soon.

Holiday Success and Failure

After a flurry of world events, Lunar Festival, Love is in the Air, and the Darkmoon Faire, things have returned to normal on the server.

Unfortunately for my characters, I had many real life situations happening at the same time and didn’t get to take full advantage of the holidays.  I did manage to complete some of the events though.

Elgar had just two holidays left for his meta-achievement for all the holidays, and those two were Lunar Festival and Love is in the Air.  I had none of the Lunar Festival completed, but had a good start on charms and flowering people.  I was able to finish it up and finally after years of slowly doing holiday achievements was able to get his Long Strange Trip completed.

Well, it's certainly been a LONG trip.

I was hoping to get some of the Elders done on my Paladin so that I could get the engineering patterns, for completeness, and also on the Druid because I figured it’d be easy to do the dungeons when you can stealth past nearly everything.  Sadly, neither of these things happened.

I did the holiday boss for Love is in the Air a few times but no Love Rocket for me and not enough tokens for a mount.  That’s okay.  But sadly, on Saturday, the last day of the Love is in the Air, I was checking mail on my toons and noticed that Troutwort was just two achievements from “The Love Fool”.  The two achievements were looting a bouquet and pitying the fool.  Well he had 0 love tokens and it’s 11:30pm.  I suppose that I probably could have pulled it off before the 2am end of holiday, but I was pretty tired and decided just to kick myself and make a mental note to finish it next year.

In other news, my worgen priest also hit level 60 after doing his Wintersaber daily.  I figure I’ll do that on him, just 15 more days now.  Sousa also got exalted with the guild finally.  I’ll need a new project for a bit while I wait for the worgen to finish up Wintersabers.  I think I’ll finish up my druid transmog set and then either work on Haydn or Kalinnikov.  If MoP is coming out this year, I should make a push to get the toons to 85.  Six so far, but I’d like to get a few more or at least some within striking distance to hit is shortly after.  I usually avoid power-leveling after a new Xpac, going from 80 to 85 after release should be pretty barren, except for a few crazy power-leveling pandas.

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