Time for Transmog: Cloth

Anyone in the guild knows that even before transmogrification came out, I had been collecting armor sets that looked good for no other reason than that.  Transmogrification was one of my favorite additions to the game, ever.  I haven’t really taken the time to ever post about my transmogs though.  And so here I will.  I’ll do one to three characters at a time.  Some of my transmogs aren’t anything more than Tier sets, but a few a piece meal that I put together myself.  Today I will start out with my cloth wearers.  My priest, Elgar, wears the T5 set, while the mage, Schubert, and warlock, Rossini, both have their own outfits that are made of different crafted or collected pieces.  Rossini’s is most unique of the three…or so I thought.



As mentioned, Elgar wears the priest T5 set.  You’ve all likely seen this set as it is one of the most popular transmogs among priests, additionally, Blizzard has used this armor set for NPCs as well, including Illidari Archon (Black Temple) and Archbishop Benedictus, from Hour of Twilight instance.  There are no real surprises hear for gear selections.  I think this is the prettiest of all the Priest Tiers.  The first time I saw someone with those wings I wanted them so badly.  The set is “holy” looking and has nice simple colors and patterns, complimented by the matching staff and a simple white cloak.

Head:  Cowl of the Avatar
Shoulders:  Mantle of the Avatar
Chest:  Vestments of the Avatar
Back:  Icy Cloak
Gloves:  Gloves of the Avatar
Belt:  Belt of Divine Inspiration
Feet:  Splinterfoot Sandals
Weapon:  Staff of Immaculate Recovery



Schubert is “hand-crafted” but still not very unique.  He uses the tailor-made PvP Pandaria set.  Schubert is my cloth toon most likely to be re-transmogged.  I haven’t found sets or items that really screamed frost mage, what sealed the deal for Schubert was when I got the staff he’s using on a LK run.  The staff combined with the shoulders were a good match that sort of pulled the whole look together.  It feels like a cold outfit, perfect for a frost mage.

Head:  none
Shoulders:  Crafted Deadly Gladiator’s Silk Amice
Chest:  Crafted Deadly Gladiator’s Silk Robe
Back:  Wispcloak
Gloves:  Crafted Deadly Gladiator’s Silk Handguards
Belt:  Crafted Deadly Gladiator’s Cord of Cruelty
Feet:  Crafted Deadly Gladiator’s Treads of Cruelty
Weapon:  Halion, Staff of Forgotten Love



Rossini is one of my most unique transmogs, the other belongs to Troutwort.  You find that one item and you build a whole outfit around it.  That item was Wicked Witch’s Hat.  I got it back when we raided Karazhan and saved it ever since.  The rest eventually fell into place and was a hodge podge of crafted items and just crap I happened across that went with his look.  The funny thing about him is that I don’t feel he’s very scary as a warlock, I feel he’s almost comical…this suits the character feel as he was also the “red-headed step child” so the outfit solidifies that sort of feeling that he’s not good at anything…until well, he burns your face off.

Head:  Wicked Witch’s Hat
Shoulders:  Jan’alai’s Spaulders
Chest:  Black Mageweave Robe
Back:  Dark Leather Cloak
Gloves:  Black Mageweave Gloves
Belt:  Abandoned Zandalari Firecord (Raid Finder)
Feet:  Vicious Fireweave Boots
Weapon:  Staff of the Skymagi

It wasn’t until after all this transmog though that I was leveling up another character and happened to see this guy, Magus Filinthus:


That’s right, an NPC wearing the same hat and robes as me!  D’oh!  So what I thought was unique ended up not being as unique as I thought.  At least there is Troutwort for unique!

More transmogs to come!



Warlock City

There are often projects that get started in our little world of Minecraft, but sometimes due to the undertaking, they don’t move slowly, or nearly get abandoned.  Sometimes though, there will be a renewed interest and then it all fires up again, and a forgotten project becomes a priority and sometimes reaches new heights you never imagined.  Recently, we had a few more friends join our Minecraft server and as they explored the world we have modified and created, they came across some of our old structures and projects.

Before there was even the land of Egypt, there was another city.  We just called it “swamp city” because it was built in the swamp biome.  It was just a few structures on stilts in the water SE of Stonehaven.  It was intended to be a trading post of such.  But It never got much attention, since we were still actively working on Stonehaven and then moved to Egypt.  In fact, it pretty much sat there, untouched until just a week or so ago.  When we undertook the massive Great Stonehaven Railway project, which I will highlight in another post, we were attempting to connect Stonehaven to “Canada” as we called it.  But since we discovered Canada by running through the nether and opening a portal, Canada was REALLY far away.  So the rail project would take some time.  Laying rail across massive continents takes time, especially to add the boosters and light the track, and build bridges and tunnels where needed.  So I decided to connect the first leg at least, to connect to the “swamp city”.  This was actually the first time I had been back there in ages, and it was just as I remembered.  Small, and not much happening.  I added new building for the train depot, and then spruced it up a bit so that should anyone actually show up there, it wasn’t too bad.

Our lovely lady-friend from WoW joined us on the Minecraft server and we had told her we were working on a new project.  She found the swamp city and thought that was it.  It was not (yes, another post coming on the actual project) and I told her she was to do with that city as she liked.  She started to spruce up the place and to build some defenses because zombies were a problem.  She also filled in more of the boardwalk so that fewer villagers would fall through.  I came by to check out this new improved city, and somewhere along the line, we actually named it.  Because our friend plays a warlock, we named it Warlock City.  It actually made sense.  A temple with a portal to the nether, swampy gross trees, and undead everywhere…Warlock City, it was.  We decided to give Warlock City a purpose, being built on the water and our recent interest in adding boats to cities, we made Warlock City a port town, that also seemed right as it would attract unsavory types.  So without much further chatting, I give you, Warlock City.

The humble beginnings of Warlock City are still present.  Wood houses on boardwalks make up most of the city.  They are fairly small and not much in them.  Below you’ll see the entrance on foot to Warlock City, some of the street views of the city, the Temple, and the farm.  Note that it’s raining.  I swear it rains there more, it’s appropriate.

2013-10-07_20.30.44 2013-10-07_20.32.09 2013-10-07_20.33.02 2013-10-07_21.51.26 2013-10-07_20.31.47

You might have noticed the flags and the boat in the background.  I started to tinker with flags back in Stonehaven, and to separate Warlock City from the main Capitol, I gave them different flags in blues, green, and grey.  You see that on the boat from Warlock City too.  A port town of course would not be a port town without a tavern and a hotel.  Bocat built the tavern and though I demanded prostitutes, none of the villagers in there will trade me anything but gems for chicken flesh…perverts.  She always does a nice job decorating, with carpet…and cats.  The first three images below are the tavern, and the last three are the hotel.

2013-10-07_20.34.19 2013-10-07_20.34.46 2013-10-07_20.35.08 2013-10-07_20.36.28 2013-10-07_20.36.10 2013-10-07_20.35.47

Okay, enough with the buildings.  This is a port town, show us some boats!  I’m on it!  Of course there’s a lighthouse needed as well, I tried to give it it’s own style different from structures we’ve seen in other villages.  And of course, used flames to light the top.  The first boat is that of Warlock City (note the colors), and middle image is of the Viking Ship and behind it one of Stonehaven’s boats.  The Vikings were excited about opening trade…though they brought snow, ice, swords, and human heads in their chests…

2013-10-07_22.31.34 2013-10-08_10.33.32 2013-10-07_20.38.23

After doing the lighthouse, I was looking about the city and decided that the city needed some sort of military defense.  I decided to build a keep.

2013-10-07_21.40.08 2013-10-07_20.44.29 2013-10-07_22.33.45

The keep turned out great, and as you can see since the Castle Stonehaven, my building skills have hopefully improved.  There’s a lot of detail on this keep and it kinda also looks like a mansion.  I figure it’s dual purpose.  When building the keep, I noticed that at night, mobs would spawn inside it because I hadn’t gone back to add lights.  So, I didn’t.  The only lights are outside the front gate and inside the prison in the basement.  It turned into a haunted mansion of sorts rather than a keep.  I figure it’s an old military keep that has long since been abandoned to this lawless community.  Below are some pictures of the inside, and the prison.

2013-10-07_22.34.31 2013-10-07_22.36.45 2013-10-07_22.36.01

Maybe one day, we will reclaim the keep.  Or maybe it will stay a source of vile undead at night.  The Warlock City has made some drastic improvements.  It was not however “our current project”.  We haven’t finished that yet either, and now that I have learned of patch 1.7 and it’s potential release date before the end of the year, I am not sure it will get done.  But there will still be a post on it and there will be a post on the Great Stonehaven Railway too.  And hopefully one last post featuring some of the smaller projects that never finished.  But for now, I’ll leave you with one final picture of Warlock City.  It’s lovely, for a place of villainy.


Petless Pet Classes

I can’t remember where I read it, but I seemed to recall that the warlock talent tree was bringing back Sacrifice Demon. Those of us that have been around long enough remember a time in BC when there was a spell with such a name that would grant the warlock a power buff in lieu of having a demon. I remember using this on my warlock (Kittykat) during raids since it seemed the pets would die far too often. It was a nice change of pace. I could play my spell caster without the worry of pet positioning and management. It was nice.

If in Mists of Pandaria this ability is brought back and I can go without a demon pet, I’m guessing that there will be a spec that I pick up that allows me to do so. Demonology for when I want a pet and affliction or destruction for when I don’t. This adds a new element to game play for those warlocks that never want a pet.

Naturally this train of thought led me to the petless hunter concept…basically an archer. I’ll be the first to say that pets are great for having during leveling and running around in Azeroth, but when it comes to dungeons, I’d just as soon sacrifice my pet and play the role of the archer pew pewing from the back. Allowing survival and marksman hunters to drop the pet for a buff doesn’t seem game breaking if you’re going to do it for warlocks.

Now there will be the argument that the pet is what makes the hunter class. But this would introduce a new flavor to the hunter that isn’t available without making a Ranger or Archer class. Also it wouldn’t have to be a “Sacrifice Pet” like the warlock, but perhaps an Aspect of the Pet. Make it an aspect where your souls bind and you gain characteristics from your chosen pet. This would allow you to turn it on quickly like when a warlock sacrifices, but would also allow you to turn it back on by changing aspects and calling your pet again. Since the hunters have the system of aspects in place, it would be a nice way to weave this into the game. It could even be a buff simply by pet type not pet family; like a cunning, ferocity, and tenacity buff rather than a bear, wolf, or kitty buff. That way they don’t have to balance out so many buffs.

I know this is not going to happen in MoP, but given how we see Warlocks work without pets, I’d like to see them expand this to hunters too. I love some of my pets, but when it comes to a dungeon, I still feel pretty forced to certain pet families for buffs instead of the pets that I want (I heard this will be different in MoP too) but if I could just Aspect of the Pet with my ferocity pet and not worry about using the pet I should rather than the pet I want or for taking crap for using the pet I want rather than the pet I should, it would greatly improve the quality of my huntering.


So I still think that one of the best features in Cataclysm was Transmogrification.  Elgar and Sousa both quickly hopped to use this feature as they both had items they had either been saving or collecting from long past.  My other characters have ideas but haven’t completed their set or I hadn’t found the items I wanted to match either a robe or some other item. 

With Rossini, I had been saving the Wicked Witch Hat from Karazhan since Kittykat (Rossini before his gender transmog) won it back in the real days of playing BC.  I kept it all this time because you never know when you’ll need a black pointy hat.  With transmogrification, I really wanted to use that hat!  But I couldn’t find robes to go with it, or shoulders or anything else.  I decided to give up and just go with the Corruptor set.  Which while cool, it’s my style.  But then running Zul’Aman the other day, I won shoulders which pulled the whole outfit together!  So here it is:

The colors of the shoulders matched that of the hat and with a few crafted tailoring items that I could make myself, I was able to round out boots and a belt to match too.  The robes I had previously determined matched the hat, those are none other thank the black mageweave robes.  I found a simple leatherworking cloak to match as well.

Overall, I was really pleased with how this outfit turned out!  I have to find a weapon that matches too and thanks to the staff transmog list over at Orcish Army Knife I have some ideas!

The 2011 Character Review

I’m probably a few days late on this post, but I thought I’d do a summary of how my characters performed and how their journey was in 2011.  As Cataclysm was released just before 2011, it was interesting to see how they adapted to the changes and how they did.  So without further ado…

Rossini hit level 85 a week or two into 2011.  As a member of a successful raiding group in late LK, Rossini was a priority so that I could hit raiding in Cataclysm.  However, it was evident that it wasn’t going to happen.  I was severely lagging behind everyone else and hadn’t done any heroics.  It was clear Rossini was not going to be an early Cataclysm raider.  Also, pushing hard to level is not my style, and soon after 85, Rossini was burned out.  He maxed out professions pretty quickly, but heroics and dungeons burned him out and unfortunately I would soon avoid logging in on him.  Warlock isn’t my ideal class anyways.  He did however sub in for raiding and got Nefarian, Cho’gall, and Al’akir killed.  This was about where his play time ended.  Other than holidays and disenchanting things, Rossini’s highlights ended around the time Firelands was released.

With the addition of archaeology and a desire to avoid leveling zones shortly after expansions, Elgar leveled to 85 using archaeology XP.  This was bad as he didn’t have any gear, but through questing he got to the point where he was “up to speed”.  Keeping disc as a primary spec, he eventually tried his hand at healing.  The first dungeon was a disaster and depressed and scared Elgar then relied on shadow for nearly all activities after that.  I dislike shadow, but wasn’t left with much choice.  Elgar leveled his professions, but then too, was shelved due to general dislike of the condition of priests.  With Firelands, gear was a little easier to obtain, and Elgar went to a non-smite spec.  This changed everything, healing was feasible for him again and soon heroics were no challenge.  As a result, Elgar ended 2011 as a confident healer and with the highest gear score of any of my toons!  Elgar also is rocking his transmogrified priest T5.  He’s again a favorite toon.  I will always have a place for the priest class.

Troutwort and Schubert
These two had about the same story, leveling up, geared enough to do heroics, struggled with crafting professions (Trout is still not max level) and didn’t see much play time.  They still have a long way to go, but nothing bad about either one.  Trout is better for DPS than Schubert because I keep Schubert as frost…and though I love that little gnome, I know my refusal to make him “spec of the patch” will keep me limited.  Nothing special for either one in 2011.

Sousa had the biggest changes, though Elgar was spooked away from healing, Sousa thought to give it a shot.  Leveling as enhancement, his “primary” spec, I collected healing gear as it became available from quests and from extras in dungeons.  After collecting enough gear, I started to heal normals to get a feel for it.  I still remember having a heal crit for 52k in my crappy gear and just about falling over dead.  Elgar couldn’t pull off numbers like that!  Then 76k heals from Sousa and I had found my healer.  Sousa quickly became the toon I felt most confident on.  Sousa had a good run, heroics, keeping up with both resto and enhance gear, I grew to really love the shaman.  I did 6/7 in Firelands with Sousa thanks to the great guild group, and had some good luck on mounts with him.  Only once Elgar got more confidence did Sousa lose his place as the favorite/most geared toon.

The druid is a similar story to Troutwort and Schubert, though his professions struggled even more, as I had a max level enchanter, making it to max for enchanting hasn’t been a priority.  Boomkin spec was okay, but for DPS casting, I like the mage better, and though he regained a healing spec, I still don’t care for the HoT-style healing of the druid.  It’s not my style.  Though he hit level 85, Sibelius cannot do heroics and is least accomplished of the level 85s.

The little gnome DK was a project to push to 85 once I realized all we were missing for the Classy Gnome achievement is a gnome DK.  However, after hitting level 80, Grom hit level 85 on his gnome DK and so she stopped being a project.  She did get her blacksmithing up to 450 which puts her ready to tackle Cataclysm.

The dwarf rogue made a push with Cataclysm.  As a way to see lower level zones, Haydn spent much time pushing through zones.  Hitting 2011 around level 35 or so, he ended 2011 at level 70.  He’s a fun diversion from the normal and I found that I did enjoy the rogue more than I thought I would.  New quests probably really helped.  Now that they have nerfed XP required for levels 70 to 80 he might get a little play time, I don’t care for Northrend much anymore, so it’s harder for me to level there than in Outlands…I know, I’m the only one that feels this way.

2011 was a HUGE year for the worgen warrior Mouret, mostly because he didn’t exist in 2010.  Ha!  Another class that I always struggled to get into, the new leveling experience and having a hunter friend to level with made the warrior far more tolerable and he wins for most levels earned in 2011, going from level 1 to level 53.  Only slowed by waiting to play with my friend, he’s been a huge success and a good experience to see other things.  In 2012, he’ll try some tanking.

Last and least: the dwarf paladin.  The last play time in 2011, less than low level alts on another account I have.  Kalinnikov gained 0 levels in 2011.  Still stuck at level 80, he hasn’t seen any of the new zones.  I should run some of the quests and then get him into some dungeons and learn to tank again, but it hasn’t happened.  I have my toons organized by what level they are…I fear that poor Kalinnikov will one day, be last on the list.  I’m sorry Repgrind, I do not have the enthusiasm to level paladins like you do.

So that’s the summary!  It was a busy year and yet, I feel like 2011 in WoW didn’t accomplish much.  Since patch 4.3 my play time has increased and again I feel interested in WoW.  I’m looking forward to MoP and feel that for me, now, it’s just a matter of getting everyone ready for that point.  The guild changed a bit in 2011 too and though we hit Level 25 pretty close to as soon as we could, we lost some good people, that I will miss, to groups that raided more.  However, the spirit of Crits and Giggles has not changed, we picked up some awesome new players and I look forward to experiencing more and more of the game with them.

Elitist Jerks

This post is not about the website.  

With the holiday season in WoW in full swing, I have been trying to log onto many of my level 85s and at least do Greench.  After Schubert got the epic dagger in his first bag, I’ve been hungry for more!  Besides some of those toys sell for a decent chunk of change!  As the Greench isn’t really soloable, I’ve just been heading out there and wait for a group to form or at least a bunch of people show up.  A few times I have tried communicating through gestures to the Horde, mostly it’s things like /ready.  I find it amusing when the /point at the Greench…yeah, duh, that’s what we’re all here for.  There’s one thing that really amuses me about the Greench encounter though.  And that’s how people die or take damage from either the tree or snowman.  I get schadenfreude when I see people in Firelands gear die to snowman or tree attacks.  I know I shouldn’t be like that, but I’ve seen too much attitude lately where people think only those “worthy” should have that gear.  It reminds me that it’s just ego sometimes and they aren’t always as awesome as they think they are.

Speaking of awesomeness, I did two LFG last night.  The first was on Elgar because the Call to Arms was up.  I keep my fingers crossed that it’s something quick and simple.  Lost City.  Sweet, we’ll be done in no time.  Oh, they are on their way to the croc.  Right away I pop in and they say “thank god, a healer with gear!”  I actually don’t think Elgar has that awesome of gear, but whatever, they then complimented me on my outfit (priest T5).  The tank was less than geared, I think he was pretty new to tanking.  I suggested we use some CC and away we went.  The first pull was messy.  But we managed to survive, except for the shadow priest, he got that nasty poison on him and I couldn’t stop healing the tank or we would have lost him.  They were all friendly though, the tank always checked if we were ready and the dungeon, though sloppy at times, went okay.  They wanted to skip a few of the trash pulls and attempt to just run past them.  I suggested we kill them anyways, because “I’ve been on too many runs where we ‘go around’ and it ends up with us all dead.”  A few people laughed indicating that I wasn’t the only one that has had this experience.  The tank rejoiced at his satchel of mysterious goods, seemed like a good kid.  I got a Dun Morogh Bear Cub in my satchel, but I have them on like 4 of my toons already, so I sent it off to someone who doesn’t have it yet.  

Rossini did a group then too.  Just an FYI in case you didn’t know…fear does start combat, unlike the other CCs.  Whoops!  I haven’t played Rossini in so long that I was a big rusty.  I apologized profusely, but no one seemed to care.  This tank was also new and not very geared, the priest healer was geared though.  It was pretty obviously shortly into the instance that the tank had never been inside Throne of Tides before.  He said it was only his second heroic.  That was fine, we used CC and it seemed to go pretty well.  ON the first boss, the DK DPS stood in something bad and died like 20 seconds into the fight.  The first adds come.  The tank picks up the big one and I fear the one on the right.  The hunter starts to shoot the one on the left attempting to solo it.  I focus on the big guy, but see what the hunter is up to and decide he’s going to need help.  We manage to finish that phase but the next time the adds come, I fear the right one again, the tank picks up the big one again and the hunter again starts to solo the other one.  This time I help the tank and though he should have gone over to pick up the non CC’d caster add, he doesn’t as he’s new and the one the hunter is attacking kills the priest.  I soulstone rez, the hunter dies; we finish the phase and continue on.  We don’t really have interrupts at the time and now she’s down under 20%, so I don’t think there was threat of going to another add phase.  The tank dies as the healer is low on mana from soulstone rez.  I pop demon form and all demons possible and unleash with everything, it’s brutal, I get some heals from the healer, but weave in drain life when I can.  We kill her it was awesome.  The group cheers, except the hunter who carries on about how much the tank sucks.  

This is one of those hunters that pulls 20k DPS on trash and is all “go go go”.  He doesn’t run back in like the DK and tank did even though the priest resurrected them on their run back in.  Then I notice the priest doesn’t res the hunter.  For the sake of keeping things moving, I mass res him.  All goes well up until the gauntlet.  Again the tank doesn’t know what is going on because he’s never been here, we proceed slowly down the hall, but the hunter runs all the way to the end aggroing all the big surgers…thanks stupid.  We get overwhelmed but all but one surger dies, so at least we’ll make it the next time.  Everyone releases and runs back…except the hunter.  The healer makes a comment to him about being lazy and maybe he could run back like the rest of us.  He starts linking Recount showing how much damage he’s done and that maybe we’re the lazy ones.  I decide I’ve had enough of this guy and his “mightier than thou” attitude.  I click ‘vote to kick’ and for reason I simply type “jerk”. 

It passes.  In two seconds we have another hunter.  We finish up, the final boss goes flawlessly as the DPS focus on the right targets and tank picked up the correct adds.  Everyone thanked each other and the priest comments about how that hunter was probably pissed for wasting 20 minutes and not getting his valor points.  I winked and thought about how being nice and patient really does go a long way.  I think that as WoW has aged some the player base has changed, it’s no longer a game of grinding and elite content; it’s a game for the common casual gamer.  And with that change, respect and patience will play a bigger role than epeen and epics.  So be forewarned elitist jerks, we are not afraid to boot you from our groups if you’re a tool, even if you do 50% of the damage.

Thoughts on Raiding, Dailies

First off, congratulations to Crits and Giggles for completing all of the content up to 4.2!  Not only did the Friday/Saturday raid get Nefarian down on Friday night, but the Sunday/Monday group was able to get Nefarian and Al’Akir down.  This completed the pre-4.2 content for both raid groups.  I am so proud of the groups and though they finished after 4.2, they did well getting as far as they did prior to 4.2.  Congratulations to all and congrats on the new mounts earned for the guild!

So I went raiding with the Friday/Saturday group on my Warlock.  He had maybe a half-dozen epics and then mostly heroic dungeon gear, but a few normal items as well as a green wand.  Damn you Blizzard for your lack of wands at 85.  Seriously. 

The experience was mostly good.  Nefarian isn’t a very complicated fight, compared to something like Lich King.  It’s all about managing the cooldowns and kiting the adds.  The group was pretty well-organized and though we had several of us that had never done it before, including one tank, we progressed and got it done.  We went over did some firelands trash for a bit, then went to kill Al’Akir.  Saturday we did BoT downing Choga’ll and finished the whole place in about 1.5 hours.  Not a single piece of DPS cloth dropped.  Sad day.  The good news is that with the changes to the way I was doing rotation and therefore some of my glyphs, I really managed to do better than I thought.  Not too shabby for having gear that wasn’t ideal. 

While seeing this content was fun, and a good time, I honestly have to say, I don’t know how you people do this.  Raid, every week, hours on end.  At about 1.5 hours into our 4 hour scheduled raid, I was done.  I started to get sloppy in play, I was tired, restless, I wanted to have someone say, “Okay, we killed Nef, everyone have the night off!”  But you people are relentless!  Ha!  I mean, if you love it, good for you, but I was quickly reminded why I play the game the way I do.  Raiding is not for me.  But kudos to all that can do that, throwing yourselves mercilessly towards death repeatedly often for nothing.  Wow.  I’m not sure if I should be scared of you, or respect you.  Ha!

It was a good experience though, and I was glad I could help the group out, at least with Nef.  I’m pretty sure I was pretty useless on all other fights we did.

I also wanted to comment on the dailies in Firelands.  I love the progression of the druids across the firelands, the storyline is pretty good, and it feels good too, like things are moving, the world is alive.  And it looks like an epic battlefield out there.  Good job Blizz!  However, I do wish it was more Quel’Danas style, where the server as a whole worked together to open up the next section, the next vendors, etc.  This is crazy.  To have to do this repeatedly on each toon to get my 150 marks?  Insanity.  No thank you.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll send one or two through it and that’s it.  If it was server progressed, I would probably do it on more toons, to help the cause, but knowing that each one will have to do this repeatedly to unlock it for himself?  No way.  This is when the game starts to feel like work to me and not like fun.  I would rather dig up archaeology finds than repeat those dailies for months on all my toons.  So, I give them credit for making the area feel epic, however boo to it being individual and not server wide progression.

Back at work today, good times.  Was a busy weekend with raiding and fire festival stuff.  I finally got Flame Warden on Elgar…should have done it on Rossini, but as always I resort to “next year…”