Time for Transmog: Cloth

Anyone in the guild knows that even before transmogrification came out, I had been collecting armor sets that looked good for no other reason than that.  Transmogrification was one of my favorite additions to the game, ever.  I haven’t really taken the time to ever post about my transmogs though.  And so here I will.  I’ll do one to three characters at a time.  Some of my transmogs aren’t anything more than Tier sets, but a few a piece meal that I put together myself.  Today I will start out with my cloth wearers.  My priest, Elgar, wears the T5 set, while the mage, Schubert, and warlock, Rossini, both have their own outfits that are made of different crafted or collected pieces.  Rossini’s is most unique of the three…or so I thought.



As mentioned, Elgar wears the priest T5 set.  You’ve all likely seen this set as it is one of the most popular transmogs among priests, additionally, Blizzard has used this armor set for NPCs as well, including Illidari Archon (Black Temple) and Archbishop Benedictus, from Hour of Twilight instance.  There are no real surprises hear for gear selections.  I think this is the prettiest of all the Priest Tiers.  The first time I saw someone with those wings I wanted them so badly.  The set is “holy” looking and has nice simple colors and patterns, complimented by the matching staff and a simple white cloak.

Head:  Cowl of the Avatar
Shoulders:  Mantle of the Avatar
Chest:  Vestments of the Avatar
Back:  Icy Cloak
Gloves:  Gloves of the Avatar
Belt:  Belt of Divine Inspiration
Feet:  Splinterfoot Sandals
Weapon:  Staff of Immaculate Recovery



Schubert is “hand-crafted” but still not very unique.  He uses the tailor-made PvP Pandaria set.  Schubert is my cloth toon most likely to be re-transmogged.  I haven’t found sets or items that really screamed frost mage, what sealed the deal for Schubert was when I got the staff he’s using on a LK run.  The staff combined with the shoulders were a good match that sort of pulled the whole look together.  It feels like a cold outfit, perfect for a frost mage.

Head:  none
Shoulders:  Crafted Deadly Gladiator’s Silk Amice
Chest:  Crafted Deadly Gladiator’s Silk Robe
Back:  Wispcloak
Gloves:  Crafted Deadly Gladiator’s Silk Handguards
Belt:  Crafted Deadly Gladiator’s Cord of Cruelty
Feet:  Crafted Deadly Gladiator’s Treads of Cruelty
Weapon:  Halion, Staff of Forgotten Love



Rossini is one of my most unique transmogs, the other belongs to Troutwort.  You find that one item and you build a whole outfit around it.  That item was Wicked Witch’s Hat.  I got it back when we raided Karazhan and saved it ever since.  The rest eventually fell into place and was a hodge podge of crafted items and just crap I happened across that went with his look.  The funny thing about him is that I don’t feel he’s very scary as a warlock, I feel he’s almost comical…this suits the character feel as he was also the “red-headed step child” so the outfit solidifies that sort of feeling that he’s not good at anything…until well, he burns your face off.

Head:  Wicked Witch’s Hat
Shoulders:  Jan’alai’s Spaulders
Chest:  Black Mageweave Robe
Back:  Dark Leather Cloak
Gloves:  Black Mageweave Gloves
Belt:  Abandoned Zandalari Firecord (Raid Finder)
Feet:  Vicious Fireweave Boots
Weapon:  Staff of the Skymagi

It wasn’t until after all this transmog though that I was leveling up another character and happened to see this guy, Magus Filinthus:


That’s right, an NPC wearing the same hat and robes as me!  D’oh!  So what I thought was unique ended up not being as unique as I thought.  At least there is Troutwort for unique!

More transmogs to come!




I’m getting ready to transfer some of my RAF level 80s (there are what, 8 of them) over to Kargath on the Horde side.  I’m going to transfer three toons.  So to prepare them I’ve been working on their professions to make sure they are up to Cata level so that if they need anything from my main Alliance toons I can still get it to them before the switch sides and move to Horde.

I got a little distracted though and worked on one toon that isn’t going to be transferred.  She needed TONS of frostweave cloth for tailoring.  It seemed to be raining from the skies back in the day, but now, not so much.  A stack of 20 is going for over 40 gold.  Ick.  So I figured better to just go farm it up.  I decided to run some heroics on a toon that had Cloth Scavenging.  But that’s my mage and warlock.  That makes it a little harder to do LK heroics quickly.  It’s not impossible, but also some of the fights are a little gimicky and make it weird when there’s only one of you.  The point is that while it was working, it was SLOW.  So I just decided to use Monona the level 80 mage to run LK heroics with other level 80s.  I got in with a tank that wanted to do more than one, which was nice.  So off I went.

It was going well.  We get a tank though that hasn’t been to all these dungeons before, on normal or heroic.  It’s okay, I can explain.  But we have another fire mage in the group who’s a little…antsy.  He pulls a few groups and expects the tank to pick it up.  Someone tries to vote kick him, but it fails.  We’re in Azjul-Nerub.  Hadranox is weirdly bugging and we’re entering combat early.  But then I realize it’s not bugging, but the mage is trying to pad his DPS by attacking early.  Those unfamiliar jump into the fray and we all die.  I try to explain the fight.  But it pretty much happens again.  I am annoyed.  Then with some stroke of luck, the fight bugs, Hadranox falls over dead and all the adds despawn.  Sure we can’t loot, but hey, we can skip this nightmare.

We get to final boss.  I am trying to type in that we have to wait for everyone to get inside the ring before we….and they pull.  So the healer is locked out.  I can see it’s going to be a wipe.  I continue to type in what should have happened and wait…timing out my Invisibility so I can mass res everyone.  Tank and other DPS die, then the healer, so it’s just me and the other mage.  He’s attacking everything so they are all on him…he’s at 15% health.  I invis giving it time to work and wait…he ice blocks.  O M G.  I’m praying to the gods that my invis lasts longer than his ice block.  He dies with 2 seconds left on my invis and I can escape and boss despawns.

I resurrect everyone.  I’m annoyed.

The mage says to me, “how you live?”  I’m thinking, not with Ice Block buddy!!  One thing that always gets me is when people don’t know all their abilities.  Especially abilities that can save their lives…people who think that mirror images is ONLY for increased DPS, for example.  So since I’m annoyed (especially with this loose cannon) all I type in is “L2Mage”.

It was completely out of character for me to actually type it, sure I think it ALL the time, but there it was, right on the screen.  He says something back, I can’t remember what, but I start then to explain that I used invisibility to end combat because I was the only one left, allowing me to mass rez everyone.  The tank though had released and we’re waiting for him to turn to us.  The mage fires at the boss.  I figure he’s going to do that and drop group, but when the boss leaves the circle he despawns.  But he does this one time and the DK joins in and dies.  The mage laughs.  I initiate a vote to kick on the mage and type something like, “I’m too old for these shenanigans.”  It passes.

So I guess my tip of the day is:  Mages, you can save a wipe by using invisibility in a timely fashion.  While your job is mainly leet DPS, you still have survival and utility abilities!

The Need for Moggin

When Blizzard announced in patch 4.3 that they would introduce the transmogrification that would allow you to change the look of your gear into anything else (well almost anything) I was so happy.  I had been collecting gear over the years and hanging onto it, just because it looked cool.  Elgar and Sousa had outfits almost immediately and Sibelius got his and Rossini whipped one up based on some new shoulder he found.  I still have two disasters left though.  And boy, are they disasters.

After reading some other blogs I decided this weekend that I should finally get the WoW Model Viewer to help save me some time when picking out outfits, especially if I didn’t want tier sets.  Elgar, Sibelius, and Sousa all have Tier sets.  Rossini’s is an original design and I wanted to get something more original for the next ones.

So here’s what I was looking at that needed a fix.  Troutwort the hunter and Schubert the mage.



Could it get much worse?  I’m not going to accept that challenge.  I’m sure it can.  But as you can see…they look like bags of skittles.  Mind you that I don’t raid and that I don’t think Troutwort can even get into the HoT instances, but still something must be done.  So I played around with the model viewers and here’s what I came up with.  The next projects will be getting all this gear.  I’ll make a gear list later if anyone is interested, but I’m too tired tonight.  So here they are in their future new and improved forms.

Troutwort - Future

Schubert - Future

As you can see we’ve got themes now and considerable improvements!!  For Troutwort, the chest and pants are matching quest rewards from lower levels quests in Thousand Needles and Tanaris.  The other items are mixed bag though, the gloves and shoulders do not come from that leveling set.  Schubert had a similar scenario where the shoulders and chest are matching leveling set but the other items come from all over.  I chose simple weapons for both of them, Troutwort is shown holding his bow and his polearm.  That staff Schubert has is the Dwarven Medic Staff which is a green mid-20s staff.  That might be the hardest part to get!

My strategy for Troutwort’s outfit was to find shoulders first and build from there, since often shoulders are the worst part to deal with.  For Schubert though since the robes are far more important, I picked the robes out first.  I didn’t recall seeing robes like that before.  Though he’s mostly a frost mage, this set looks more arcane, but still, I like the blues and greys of it.  The purple accents allow for some flexibility as well…the cloak for Schubert was actually the biggest challenge…though gloves were no walk in the park and I’m still not sure I’m sold on the ones he has.

Playing with the model viewer really made it much easier to do transmogging plans.  There are lots of items in the game and it’s hard to know what goes together.  The only thing about the model viewer is it also has a few things that you can no longer get in the game, so I got teased MANY times with things that looked cool only to find out they don’t exist anymore.  For anyone who enjoys transmogging, I do suggest getting the model viewer.  You can upload your existing characters which really helps make sure the outfit you pick will look good on your character.

Now with these plans, I have new goals to add to the list of things to do before Pandaria.

The 2011 Character Review

I’m probably a few days late on this post, but I thought I’d do a summary of how my characters performed and how their journey was in 2011.  As Cataclysm was released just before 2011, it was interesting to see how they adapted to the changes and how they did.  So without further ado…

Rossini hit level 85 a week or two into 2011.  As a member of a successful raiding group in late LK, Rossini was a priority so that I could hit raiding in Cataclysm.  However, it was evident that it wasn’t going to happen.  I was severely lagging behind everyone else and hadn’t done any heroics.  It was clear Rossini was not going to be an early Cataclysm raider.  Also, pushing hard to level is not my style, and soon after 85, Rossini was burned out.  He maxed out professions pretty quickly, but heroics and dungeons burned him out and unfortunately I would soon avoid logging in on him.  Warlock isn’t my ideal class anyways.  He did however sub in for raiding and got Nefarian, Cho’gall, and Al’akir killed.  This was about where his play time ended.  Other than holidays and disenchanting things, Rossini’s highlights ended around the time Firelands was released.

With the addition of archaeology and a desire to avoid leveling zones shortly after expansions, Elgar leveled to 85 using archaeology XP.  This was bad as he didn’t have any gear, but through questing he got to the point where he was “up to speed”.  Keeping disc as a primary spec, he eventually tried his hand at healing.  The first dungeon was a disaster and depressed and scared Elgar then relied on shadow for nearly all activities after that.  I dislike shadow, but wasn’t left with much choice.  Elgar leveled his professions, but then too, was shelved due to general dislike of the condition of priests.  With Firelands, gear was a little easier to obtain, and Elgar went to a non-smite spec.  This changed everything, healing was feasible for him again and soon heroics were no challenge.  As a result, Elgar ended 2011 as a confident healer and with the highest gear score of any of my toons!  Elgar also is rocking his transmogrified priest T5.  He’s again a favorite toon.  I will always have a place for the priest class.

Troutwort and Schubert
These two had about the same story, leveling up, geared enough to do heroics, struggled with crafting professions (Trout is still not max level) and didn’t see much play time.  They still have a long way to go, but nothing bad about either one.  Trout is better for DPS than Schubert because I keep Schubert as frost…and though I love that little gnome, I know my refusal to make him “spec of the patch” will keep me limited.  Nothing special for either one in 2011.

Sousa had the biggest changes, though Elgar was spooked away from healing, Sousa thought to give it a shot.  Leveling as enhancement, his “primary” spec, I collected healing gear as it became available from quests and from extras in dungeons.  After collecting enough gear, I started to heal normals to get a feel for it.  I still remember having a heal crit for 52k in my crappy gear and just about falling over dead.  Elgar couldn’t pull off numbers like that!  Then 76k heals from Sousa and I had found my healer.  Sousa quickly became the toon I felt most confident on.  Sousa had a good run, heroics, keeping up with both resto and enhance gear, I grew to really love the shaman.  I did 6/7 in Firelands with Sousa thanks to the great guild group, and had some good luck on mounts with him.  Only once Elgar got more confidence did Sousa lose his place as the favorite/most geared toon.

The druid is a similar story to Troutwort and Schubert, though his professions struggled even more, as I had a max level enchanter, making it to max for enchanting hasn’t been a priority.  Boomkin spec was okay, but for DPS casting, I like the mage better, and though he regained a healing spec, I still don’t care for the HoT-style healing of the druid.  It’s not my style.  Though he hit level 85, Sibelius cannot do heroics and is least accomplished of the level 85s.

The little gnome DK was a project to push to 85 once I realized all we were missing for the Classy Gnome achievement is a gnome DK.  However, after hitting level 80, Grom hit level 85 on his gnome DK and so she stopped being a project.  She did get her blacksmithing up to 450 which puts her ready to tackle Cataclysm.

The dwarf rogue made a push with Cataclysm.  As a way to see lower level zones, Haydn spent much time pushing through zones.  Hitting 2011 around level 35 or so, he ended 2011 at level 70.  He’s a fun diversion from the normal and I found that I did enjoy the rogue more than I thought I would.  New quests probably really helped.  Now that they have nerfed XP required for levels 70 to 80 he might get a little play time, I don’t care for Northrend much anymore, so it’s harder for me to level there than in Outlands…I know, I’m the only one that feels this way.

2011 was a HUGE year for the worgen warrior Mouret, mostly because he didn’t exist in 2010.  Ha!  Another class that I always struggled to get into, the new leveling experience and having a hunter friend to level with made the warrior far more tolerable and he wins for most levels earned in 2011, going from level 1 to level 53.  Only slowed by waiting to play with my friend, he’s been a huge success and a good experience to see other things.  In 2012, he’ll try some tanking.

Last and least: the dwarf paladin.  The last play time in 2011, less than low level alts on another account I have.  Kalinnikov gained 0 levels in 2011.  Still stuck at level 80, he hasn’t seen any of the new zones.  I should run some of the quests and then get him into some dungeons and learn to tank again, but it hasn’t happened.  I have my toons organized by what level they are…I fear that poor Kalinnikov will one day, be last on the list.  I’m sorry Repgrind, I do not have the enthusiasm to level paladins like you do.

So that’s the summary!  It was a busy year and yet, I feel like 2011 in WoW didn’t accomplish much.  Since patch 4.3 my play time has increased and again I feel interested in WoW.  I’m looking forward to MoP and feel that for me, now, it’s just a matter of getting everyone ready for that point.  The guild changed a bit in 2011 too and though we hit Level 25 pretty close to as soon as we could, we lost some good people, that I will miss, to groups that raided more.  However, the spirit of Crits and Giggles has not changed, we picked up some awesome new players and I look forward to experiencing more and more of the game with them.


I’m pretty terrible with the screenshots, and though there were two big events last night I failed to capture either one.

The first was one I knew was coming.  Schubert was just 4 bars from 85.  He was finishing up Deepholm.  And after finally doing all the Therazane quests and saving Azeroth by completing the World Pillar (seriously, I can’t believe you guys left it broken for so long), I headed back to Stormwind and helped our budding priest Anduin, or whatever his name is, uncover some cultists.  The humans really have a bad time with letting the naughties into the throne room.  And also what sort of priests and paladins don’t realize all the trouble in the basement of their own cathedral?  I mean seriously, someone just waltzed in with those explosives without any question?  No prophet saw it coming? 

And so Schubert dinged 85, did a random normal (since I only did Vashir (halfway), Deepholm, and Mt. Hyjal, my gear isn’t that great) and got some new shoulders with the JP points I’ve been accumulating.  He also hit Exalted with Darnassus thanks to the tabards.  Those capital city ones give way more rep than the Cata ones, I switched to Therazane and it was probably half of what I was getting per kill for Darnassus.  So I’ll have to go get him some kitties to ride on. 

Shortly there after, I was dinking around on Schubert when the second awesomeness happened:  Crits and Giggles has reached Level 24!  Nice.  We were not going to hit Server first to 25, Apparently a Horde guild with like 900+ members got it last Saturday, whoops.  Too bad for us.  Also I heard an Alliance guild also got it, but to know we are pretty close to keeping up with the Jones’s is pretty awesome.  10% less vendor costs really makes some interesting prices.  Yes I would like a skinning knife for the awkward price of 17 copper. 

So that’s really two awesome things in one night.  Yay!

As for Schubert hitting 85, it felt good, he felt like I felt like it should feel.  (Nice sentence.)  My point is that Rossini felt rushed, Elgar happened on accident from archaeology, and so Schubert was the first one I was actually leveling with the intent of leveling.  I felt anxious and excited to hit 85, so that was good.  In fact I’m starting to get the itch to really move along some of the other alts.  I know I should finish up my reputation grinds and dailies and all that good stuff, but I’ll get around to that eventually.  So for now I’ll keep running some dungeons on Schubert, Rossini, and Elgar.  Cloth FTW, I mean I still have professions to finish up too, Rossini hasn’t maxed either enchanting or tailoring (there’s a wall at 515 that he can’t get over).  And though Elgar is maxed, transmuting still needs to happen.  It’s getting to that point where I have multiple max levels and start to feel busy and get to do all the putzy “character enriching” things I love about this game.

We’ve Got Spirit!

Despite taking the afternoon off yesterday, I didn’t do much WoW until later at night.  And I hopped on to check my Oracle Egg and then hopped over to Schubert to do some more questing and a dungeon.  He’s less than 20% left to 85 and finishing up his Deepholm quests.

I get in a dungeon and it’s Vortex Pinnacle.  I think, awesome, easy, quick, good times.  The group is pally tank and holy priest and then hunter, mage, and DK for DPS.  Which I actually thought was a really good combo, spells, ranged physical, melee.  Awesome.  We do the first pull and the hunter is AFK.  It seems to take forever to kill these things.  And someone says “Ghost, are you here?”  Yes he responds, I assume it’s the hunter, but as it turns out, it’s the DK.  I don’t really think anything of it until the next pull, the DK is doing 1.2k DPS.  Yes, you saw that correctly. 

Someone asks what spec he is while I quickly inspect his gear.  I mouse over the relic first and there I see it…Incription relic, with intellect.  I quickly glance at the rest of his gear: plate with intellect, plate with spirit…uh oh.  Oh, he’s also spec’d Blood also. 

Now, most groups probably would have just booted this noob and that would have been the end of it.  Someone asked how long he’s been playing, he replies “Since January, so I’m sorta new.”  SINCE JANUARY.  Now the guy is really nice, polite, isn’t cocky and when we ask to make some suggestions he’s more than willing.  Amazingly he’s already dual-specc’d so we tell him it’s better to do Unholy for DPS, he switches and immediately goes up to 4.8k DPS.  Much better.  But still could have been better yet with gear that was more appropriate. 

So I felt really bad for him, and the group was really nice to him.  I felt bad because obviously he was just going off whatever he could, he didn’t know what was best for him and why, maybe no one explained to him, maybe because he could keep surviving and leveling it never was an issue.  Maybe no one in his guild ever helped him.  So the group was great, we all offered some suggestions on what to look for, a DPS strength neck piece dropped from one of the bosses, we told him to take it and put it on replacing his intellect/spirit gear.  He was grateful and I was really proud of this PUG.  Here we were, 5 people, all different servers, none of us knew each other, and regardless that we had someone who knew little about their class, we all offered to help instead of criticizing. 

I wondered how it was for this guy.  Was he kicked out of his LFG groups by elitist jerks?  Did people say mean things to him all the time, laughing at him for being such a noob?  We might have been the best PUG he ever had because instead of making fun of his bad, we helped him.  It felt good.  The whole group felt good, because regardless of how anyone was performing, we really helped this guy out AND we still got the dungeon accomplished without deaths and some smart CC.  And noob DK really seemed to appreciate it too rather than being resistant or ignorant. 

So that’s my warm and fuzzy story for the day.  It was one of those reminders that there are still good people out there, even when faced with complete anonymity.

Moar Mage-in’

So last night I was over at a friend’s house for some LAN WoW.  Good times.  She plays a mage, so I convinced her that it would be best to focus on Vashir instead of Hyjal which is where she started.  So I grabbed the level 80 druid and headed out there with her.  I would imagine that being melee doing Vashir would be a nightmare, ranged is totally fine. 

We burned through the quests and since Sibelius is JC, I got myself some really nice trinkets which I made once I dinged 81.  I really enjoy Vashir overall.  I like the way the zone looks even if it feels very “Little Mermaid” and sorta makes me want to listen to the soundtrack while I play. 

But is was a great time.  I hopped on Schubert once I got home and went back to Vashir, finally reaching the Earthen Ring quartermaster and dinging 84.  Holy goodness, 84 already?  Again, I’m feeling like I’m going to be max level before accomplishing much.  I’m going to try to ignore that and just keep questing on him.  I enjoy the mage–all that frosty goodness.

I did however fail to read carefully and need to respec him now.  They changed Torment of the Weak to only affect Arcane spells.  In LK it was all spells, so I put points into it before realizing the change.  D’oh!  Fortunately the respec should be pretty cheap since I’ve been frost for a long time.  😛

No play time tonight, but my guess is that Schubert could be 85 by Sunday, it depends on if the kid I mentor is coming over. 

Have a great weekend everyone!  Good adventures and raiding!