It’s been a week (Part 2)…

It’s been a week since I last posted!!

I have been terribly busy at work with a hideous project, and I had company all weekend which meant that there was almost no WoW time.  However, there was still Tuesday night raid.  We continued from where we left off last week, which was having Military cleared (with an awesome one shot of 4 Horsemen) and 3/4 of Construct.  We started this week with Spider wing to “warm up” and then moved on to Construct to finish Thaddius, it took us two attempts, but still for the most challenging fight in there, I’d say getting him down on the second attempt is pretty damn awesome!!  We zipped through Plague Quarter really fast and a quick Battle Rez on me after having both healers wipe on the first dance (d’oh) we managed to pull it off.  Quite awesome.  It was then on to Sappharion?  Is that even right?  Anyways, the frosty bone dragon dude.  I think he only went into air phase 3 times and on our first attempt ever, we had him down!  There was much rejoicing.  After that it was on to KT.  We did surprisingly well on KT as well and one-shot him as well!  We lost our main tank sometime during the last 40% however, another quick battle rez and we were back in business.  It was an awesome recovery. 


We achievement spammed our guild and set up the raid time again for next week.  Since the group is pretty well geared and ready to go, we’re going to attempt to start with at least Flame Leviathan from Ulduar and we’ll see how much of that we get done before heading back into Naxx for more practice, clean up, and badges. 

It’s Wednesday, so not much game play again tonight, but after last night’s excitement in Naxx-10, I feel pretty good.


Another Weekend of Fishing

Alas, I was gone all weekend again fishing.  The Naxx-10 was supposed to continue on their progress on Friday, however it appears that not many people logged in and some of which are too geared for Naxx-10 anyways decided to head on over to 25-ToC with a PUG.  Apparently the Friday night 25 ToC is going to be a more regular thing so we’re going to leave Friday raid free for now and just do hopefully a quick OS this week on Thursday instead and then hopefully next week have an attempt at Onyxia-10.  I’m not sure where Onyxia falls into “progression” though.

We are going to attempt the military wing this week though instead of just doing the two “easier” wings.  Hopefully we’ll get some experience on the 4 horsemen and even get them down. 

Unfortunately, being gone fishing for the weekend means that I don’t get much play time.  I have transferred Kittykat over to my own account and have been leveling her, mostly for the DE materials from the quests.  But I had forgotten just how much fun a Demonology Warlock is, she hacks and slashes through everything!  It’s pretty awesome.  She’ll only be Kittykat for a little while longer.  After this Friday’s paycheck she’ll get a gender and name change and will become something a little more male and a lot less ‘kat’.

The fishing trip was a success though, and probably the last of the season.  Wisconsin is chilling down now, and the fish are readying themselves for winter and lake turnover.  Fall colors were not quite in yet, only some of the maples, the oaks, birch and others will come in a few weeks no doubt.

Here’s a picture from a couple years ago:


Click to enlarge!


Schubert earned his first title ever as part of the holiday event.  Brewmaster Schubert.  Not too bad. 


Our guild also had two of the new Tankards O’Terror drop as well.  So our enhancement shaman were pretty happy about that.  We’ve been collecting up the trinkets but mostly hoping for the mounts.  I think we’ve only seen one of those so far.  But brewfest is still young.

With it being Tuesday our Naxx-10 reset and we had scheduled a group to go.  I was part of that group, but just prior to stepping out the door for work yesterday, I got a call and my volunteering night was to be moved from Wednesday to Tuesday night this week.  That meant I wouldn’t be able to attend the raid.  Aww crap.  I was mostly worried about being able to find a replacement healer, but we did and apparently they did very well.  The group has been learning quickly and for only their second week raiding they did much better than last week, DPS was up across the board, and movement and such went much better.  Heigan takes more than two weeks to learn though.  Apparently 7 people died on the first dance.  Oops. 

I’m so proud of them though.  I was happy to hear it went well and with much improvement.  Again, a special thanks to our two main tanks as they really help lead and probably have nothing to gain from doing Naxx-10.  We appreciate their efforts and spending a few hours to help the guild.  It’s not all about gear, the skills that everyone is learning and the teamwork that this group is generating is wonderful and will later be very valuable in more challenging raids.  But you have to start somewhere, and Naxx-10 is as good a place as any.  2.33 wings down, they will continue on Friday, which I already know I will be missing as I’ll be gone on one last fishing trip.

Under the Weather

Having been sick most of this week, between naps and coughing bouts I was able to get in some decent play time.  mostly just heroics and such, but got some really nice upgrades for Schubert the mage from H ToC.

I have two accounts, I opened the second one for the kid I volunteer with, but since he’s lost interest in the game and so has my friend who would sometimes play her warlock, Kittykat, I have decided that it’s not worth it to keep paying for two accounts.  Fortunately though, since I own both accounts I can transfer characters over from that account to the active one and save anyone from suspension that is worth it.  Kittykat and Floy, the gnome DK, are the only ones worth it and that’s simple from a combination of level and professions.  Kittykat has like 432 enchanting and is my personal supply of infinite dust for tailoring.  So I wasn’t going to give that up easy, and Floy has 330+ blacksmithing and again, I didn’t want to go through 330 levels of blacksmithing all over again.

Floy is kinda a cool name for a pink haired DK gnome.  But Kittykat…oy, that name almost makes my skin crawl.  So I’ll be changing her into a dude and renaming her sometime in the near future.  I did have extra Stone Keeper Shards too so I was able to get her the shoulders for leveling, that will help her cruise through Northrend…when I get around to her.

I have been focusing more on Borka the shaman though and got him Tome of Cold Weather Flying thanks to extra cash Elgar has been making transmuting epic gems for sale.  So he’ll hopefully hit 75 soon.

The big news is that we attempted more of Naxx last night.  It was a bit of a challenge as we had already cleared the “easy” parts.  We left off last having killed Patchwerk and so we continued with that wing.  I can’t tell you the names of the bosses, I think Grobbulus and Gluth?  Well we had about 3 attempts on Grobbulus which were all wipes, the first attempt we got him to about 50% and was mostly learning about where to go, etc.  The next got him to about 300k.  And the last time he had 30k when he hit the enrage timer.  Boo.  We did get him down and it we saw the guild getting a better and better idea of where to run and drop their green poo.  The light bulbs were finally kicking on.

Gluth took just two attempts, the first attempt didn’t go so great as the adds being kited around the back was…a challenge.  We didn’t have the right classes with us to do it.  So we had a few people witch up characters and we made sure people understood the importance of the AOE on the adds.  We almost did him flawlessly the second time.  Elgar got to go DPS that time and pulled in about 2100 DPS as shadow!!  I was pretty happy with that.

Thaddius proved too much, but we only attempted once, we didn’t make it to him as we wiped on the platforms first, it’s okay, maybe next time.  We ran out of time then and our MT wanted to snag a spot in a 25-TOC while they still needed a tank.  I’m not sure how they did in there…I know he’s more than ready to be in there though.

After that I spent some time with a few players helping them work on spec, rotation etc so that they can start pulling more DPS during boss fights.  Emphasizing the importance of hit rating was critical and I sent them over to some websites to help.  One person increased her DPS by 400 with just a change in talents and rotation of spells.  It was cool to see, she was totally pumped too and was really laying into the target dummy in Ironforge.

Well, I’m off to Iowa for a wedding this weekend.  Wish me luck in all the corn.

Our First Naxx 10

Last night our guild did it’s first guild only Naxx-10 attempt.  We had some that were over-geared for it, and some that were under-geared for it.  But in the end everyone walked away an improved player.  And I think nearly everyone who could still get upgrades from Naxx-10 got at least one epic.  It was great.  And we only had a full wipe ONCE in the entire raid.

I have to give props out to our two tanks who did marvelous and all our healers.  But what I wanted to comment most on is that our DPS classes, even though some were not very well geared did a fantastic job.  Perhaps their DPS wasn’t very high, but they focused on the correct targets, moved when they were supposed to, and didn’t stand in fire.  For a group of DPS people that most of which had never been on a raid in their life, they did awesome.  We will have some tweeking to do to a few specs and spell rotations, some gear to get people more towards the hit cap, but that’s okay.  All things in good time. 

For our first all guild run of Naxx-10, I was quite impressed with how much we were able to accomplish as well.  We knocked out the spider wing, the plague wing, and Patchwerk before we ran out of time.  We’ll pick up where we left off later this week.  Whether or not we finish Naxx-10 and actually kill KT doesn’t matter to me.  This raid has been awesomely successful and I look forward to more with this group. 

For our very casual leveling and heroics guild this is quite an accomplishment.  Great job everyone!

Back to it…

Well I’m finally back to the office today.  Oy, how do I get more vacation?

Hopefully tonight I’ll get back to the WoW as well.  I haven’t “played” since August 14th other than just popping in to check on guild status after my week vacation.  We lost a few and gained a few, but we’re settling in after the most recent surge of new members.  We also had many new level 80s during my vacation.  It’s great! 

We’ll be attempting some 10-man raids this weekend.  And now that we have enough 80s for raiding, and enough interest, I’m starting to feel some pressures and stresses that I didn’t have when our guild was just leveling casual craziness.  We had scheduled up a raid for this weekend and the 10-man roster filled pretty quick.  We actually had more people interested than available, but not enough to make it a 25-man…and now with lots of the new 80s that want to get in on the action I’m going to start having to decide how to divide people up, maybe start a second 10-man group, which might mean recruiting more tanks, and oy…my head is spinning.

I figure the first thing to figure out is who is interested in raiding on a regular schedule, and when they can make it.  I am already envisioning this taking some Excel spreadsheet work.  Who the casual sub-in raiders will be and all that business.  Also figuring out a loot system as well though I don’t think that our guild will have “too” much trouble with that.  Everyone seems really interested in helping each other get geared – as displayed by the generous gemming, crafting, and enchanting between us all – and hopefully our current loot distribution of rolling on pieces as needed will work.

I was with a group that had everyone just roll if they wanted it, highest roll won.  But they had someone keep track of who had already one things.  If you won the next time you won the roll the item would go to the next highest roll of someone who hadn’t gotten anything yet.  I really liked this system.  To me though, the most confusing thing about loot is “off-spec” to me it’s mostly confusing because I only have one spec on my characters.   So I sometimes get a little peeved that someone gets to roll on my item for off-spec.  Figuring out the best way to do that will take some thought too.  I think I’ll give main spec (i.e. the spec you’re currently raiding in) priority and if no one needs it then it goes to off spec.  That seems better than sharding the item…how to “count’ the off-spec items though.  I guess the loot rules will probably need to be drafted up and if people don’t like it we’ll amend and change until we can please the “most” people…no group is ever 100% happy.

So filling raid slots and loot distribution are now things that I’m going to have to start thinking about where before I only thought about helping people through dungeons.  Things are changing, but we’re excited about it.  For most of us, this is all very new territory.


Awww.  Shucks.  Dang.

We almost had him.  3 times.

Last night we did a VoA PUG.  We had about 4-5 guildies in our 10-man.  I was disc healing along with a guild pally for the other tank and a druid for support/raid heals.  We had two tanks that did really well.  The trick with VoA is always the DPS.  After two unfortunate attempts at Emalon or whatever his name is, we went over to Archavon to get at least one down as to not have our heads hang completely in shame.  I was fortunately to get the T7 pants off him, which are kinda a side grade for me, I still haven’t made up my mind completely on them yet.  Anyways, we headed back to Emalon and made several more attempts, we were very close at least 4 times.  He was less than 600K!  We should have had him, the last time before we got booted out, was 200K.  Damn.

Here are things we learned:

  • Do not reapply the PW:Shield as the tank starts to run in.  It could possibly be too late and the adds will come right for you.  I have to communicate better with tanks, they always seem to say “ready?”  I buff them up and then my PW:Shield fades off before they actually pull.  😦
  • In a panic, do not Hand of Protection your tank.  Whoops!  Where’s my aggro?!
  • Please to kill the enraged monster thing.  It makes big explosion, which will make Elgar very sad.  Very VERY sad…and dead.
  • Bring more ranged DPS.  Melee, why are there so many of you?

We’ll get him next time I know it.  I want to give shouts out to all that came with that might read this.  Everyone did an excellent job, for many of the raid members being “under geared” for raids we did alright!  One great thing was that there were no deaths due to lack of healing (except one time on confused assignments)!  So we only wiped when someone exploded us all. 

My vacation starts tomorrow.  I’ll be gone until August 22nd.  No phone, no internet, no TV.  It’s going to be awesome as always.  I can’t wait!!  No WoW either, though I’m sure we’ll still talk about it.  And then when I come back??!  Blizzcon news!  I might speed on the way back, just to read about it.  He he.  Also we scheduled the first raid for Crits and Giggles, it’s just OS and VoA 10-man.  I’m excited about it.  I think we’ll have enough interested and hopefully we’ll be alright.  Unfortunately we’ll only be able to take 10 with us and we might have more interest than that.  We might be awkward for a little bit as we only have enough tanks and healers for one 10-man group and not enough guild members to make a 25-man.  Perhaps we’ll have to see about getting more tanks and healers to have two 10-man groups a week.

I’ll admit, it’s a little bit exciting knowing that the raid will not be PUG.