New Priest

So I’ve been playing a bit more of World of Warcraft again lately.  The Valentine’s holiday made me log in repeatedly just not to get the pink rocket mount…8-9 level 90s per day (the Paladin hit 90 during the festival) and still no mount.  Boo.  But I was also doing dailies during this time and finished up reps on a few more characters.  The problem with rep grinds is the dailies, I can’t do them all on all characters, even with the boosts, some factions are PAINFULLY slow.  So I choose to farm up rep with the farming quests and running a daily dungeon which is WAY more fun in my opinion.   I miss tabards that gave rep.  Those were genius and allowed me to gain rep on all my characters.  And all the rep too, right now, I basically chose one character for each rep and the others have no rep with them.  I tried to align it with profession patterns, but sometimes I wasn’t watching, whoops!  In short, I hate dailies and grinding rep, so I decided to make some new characters.

My boyfriend Jeff and I made some gnomes.  We are awesome, he made a warrior tank and I made a priest, and we’re a force to be reckoned with–well he is anyways, I just cast bubbles on things.  And since level 15, we’ve basically been doing dungeon after dungeon.  This has been both awesome and horrible.  It’s a mixed bag out there.  Between new players wearing all the wrong gear or in the wrong spec for what role they selected, which is forgivable, and very experienced douchebags who think they know their way through every dungeon and that we “aren’t going fast enough”, I’m left with a mixture of emotions including pity, frustration, and empathy.

There are some great players though, the ones that follow patiently and even though we’re level 40 something, still follow the rules of pulling groups, not standing in the bad, and such.  Some people are awesome too, like the priest who told me it wasn’t my fault after the feral druid pulled a group and died in 5 seconds then complained of no heals, I responded, “oh, I know, I’ve healed plenty of tools in my day, I know when it’s my fault” and the priest and I had a good laugh at the druid’s expense, who earned a nice spot on my block list.

I respect and appreciate those players, I don’t however, care for the following:

1) After just 10 seconds of zoning in and while people are still getting oriented and gathering up quests yelling out “stam buff”.  Seriously, do you think I just became a priest yesterday?  Do you think I haven’t cast that spell a million and one times?  Cool your jets, I’ll get you your damned spam buff once I’ve made sure everyone has zoned in.
2) DPS that pull groups.  Oh, now I know why you wanted the stam buff, you think it will help keep you alive longer when you pull the groups?  Jeff is nicer than I am, he often charges in and attempts to grab all the mobs; I look at my combat status, if I’m not in combat, I’m not healing that dumbass and I will gladly let him die.  Sometimes death is the only way people learn, I’m not healing your ego or stupidity.
3) People who don’t use their survival skills that their classes have given them.  Rogues please vanish; Hunters feign death; Druids, Priests, Shaman self heal; Paladin bubbles, etc.  Basically everyone has some sort of cooldown, use it.  Just because we’re level 30, 40, 50 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play smart.  Besides, let’s be honest, the only real reason we would ever even need those abilities at this level is because you pulled an extra group or went a different way than the tank anyways.
4) “I know the way!”  There are those types that claim they know the way too, and suddenly you’re at the end of Black Rock Depths when really you only needed to kill the Interrogator 100 yards from the front door.  Most instances don’t really have ways you can “get lost” but Wailing Caverns, Razorfen Kraul, and Black Rock Depths….bleh.  And someone always “knows the way”.
5)  Need.  Seriously people.  It seems like we should be WAY past this point already, basically, if you’re not going to equip the item as soon as you get it, don’t need it.  And why, WHY, there is even the need option for people who’s armor class doesn’t match the item, I will never understand.  I have lost WAY too many cloth belts to hunters, gloves to druids, and bracers to paladins; and like that quest in Halfhill says “THEY DON’T EVEN WEAR THEM!!”  It’s so frustrating.  And yes, I know that gear at this level is kind of trivial, will it make that much difference?  No.  But hey, I still like nice things too!!
6)  Go go go!  People that keep yelling to go faster bug me too.  It’s like they think we also don’t want to get the dungeon over with soon so that we don’t have to be in their annoying presence anymore because for whatever reason, they can’t be kicked for another 5 minutes.

Of course, I know the people reading this aren’t people causing trouble.  And anyone who does the things listed above is usually completely oblivious to what a dorkface they are being.  Maybe it’s because they are all 17 years old and I’m now “old”.  But damn it, just be nice to each other, play smart and be friendly, I still believe we should have some sort of enjoyment when we are forced to play together.

We did get to run a few dungeons with Bocat before she blew past us leveling her new priest.  I think she’s the only person with more priests than me.  😉  And of course dungeons are always more fun with friends, we even got a few guild achievements!  I’m just anxious to hit outlands, so I can start playing with idiot Death Knights who will surely use death grip inappropriately while screaming “Look mom! I made this guy come to me so I could fight him!”

Okay, I realize this is kind of a rant post, but honestly, I am loving leveling my priest, most the time the joy of healing my little gnome warrior > stupidity caused by other people, plus, it’s fun to see my ignore list keep growing!


So Many Characters

Some readers are aware that I have two active WoW accounts. Because really, 10 characters on one server was not enough… Actually, the second account came along years ago, when two friends and the kid I mentor wanted to try the game. So that we could play at the same time I got a second account. The friends later got their own accounts or stopped playing and the kid I mentor has toons but almost never plays.

The account also was great for Recruit-a-Friend (RAF). I’ve done the program 4 times now. But my main account has 7 level 85s, 1 level 83, 1 level 80, and a level 71. So that doesn’t fit well for playing on my main server. The second account though had many empty spaces with just two toons at level 70+ a couple in the 60s and mostly disposable start-ups.

With the last RAF which just ended, it was intense. With the others it would be maybe one toon to max level. But Joe was set on getting as many as possible. We had a slower start, but near the end we were cranking them out. At the end he had three level 80s and a level 41. Which means that I too added three level 80s and a level 41 to this account as well. I removed a draenei hunter in her 60s, she was never played and deleted a name place holder to make room for all these toons. Because I also had one other thing to consider with RAF, free levels.

Every two levels the recruited gains, a free level can be granted to a character on the
recruiters account, so long as it’s not a level higher than the recruited character. So if you
do the math, at the end of the day Joe had 140 free levels to grant to characters on this

Some toons got topped of to 80 or near 80 and a warlock went from 21 to 80 eating up a good chunk of levels. Another 39 or 40 went to a new gnome warrior and a few to a paladin to bring him up to the same level as Joe’s level 20 hunter and then they leveled up to 41 through dungeons. No levels went to waste.

However, that leaves this account now with 8 level 80s and 2 level 42s. It’s full. I now have two accounts on Winterhoof totally 20 characters and 17 of them are level 80 or higher. Holy crap.

I’ll be updating the character pages to reflect the recent changes and plans for each character. There will be pictures too! So for now, while Team A has done their duty, it’s time for Team B to get some play time.

There may be defection to the horde in the future as well. We’ll see though, we’ll see. The list of things to do though, just got insanely longer.

End of RAF

My friend and I have been doing recruit a friend for some time now.  It ends July 3rd.  We will have made 3 level 80s in that time and possibly one more.  Die hards could do more, but since he can’t seem to get WoW to connect at home, we’re basically limited to whenever he can come over to play.

Having played a hunter on my second account before, he started with a hunter, but at level 20 we tried something else.  Hunter is good for starting players, but he wanted to try something not ranged.  So he rolled a paladin.  So to compliment his choice, I picked shaman (enhancement).  And so the two Draenei were off and running.  He did well as a paladin and leveling as protection didn’t hurt him either.  We didn’t do any dungeons as I’m not so cruel to toss someone into tanking on their second toon ever.  After they hit 80, we started in on new toons again.  Worgen this time.  He decided to go with a mage, and so I picked druid and would level as boomkin.  Two spellcasters seemed like a good idea plus I had the options to heal.  Recruit a friend (RAF) works best in my opinion if the two characters are the same style, ranged or melee.  Last time I did this we leveled a rogue and boomkin and it was a mess.  Because if the boomkin pulled aggro, the rogue was left chasing mobs.

The worgen did many more dungeons and I switched to healing at level 60 for instant dungeon queues.  The levels 60 to 80 were crazy fast.  And so with nearly two weeks left we decided to push for one more, spending weekend marathons playing.  We’re on one of those now.  He wanted to try a rogue this time, melee is good for him, in my opinion.  And so he made a gnome rogue.  So then…well…I did too.  So there we are Brobert and Respighi the gnome rogues.  We both are leveling as subtlety.  I wanted to try assassination, but since sub gives faster run speed in stealth, I figured I better sub too so that I could keep up!  Today we start the day at level 69.  I am sure by mid afternoon if not sooner we’ll be level 80 and off to the final toons.  I’m not actually sure what those final toons will be.  He might go back to that level 20 hunter for the sake of starting at level 20, or we may find ourselves running on new toons.  Time will tell.

All I know is that there’s a little paladin waiting in the wings to absorb all these levels.  Linus might pick some up too and be level 80 in no time too!  Free levels are great!!

Now I just need to decide who gets the two seated rocket!

Aside from the power leveling of more alts than I need, Bocat and I have been playing on my private minecraft server as well as the kid that I mentor and a few others.  We’ve really created some awesome cities for a bunch of rookies. We have great plans for things too after the next patch and they introduce a few new things.  You can see a map of it at:

Trout over and out for now!  Keep on gaming and enjoy the summer!

The Right Class

About 10 hours of play and we’re up to level 45 on Smetana and her leveling companion Nychaareht.  Yes, that’s right, my friend named his toon after an anti-smoking gum.  Awesome.  I guess not everyone has such classy tastes in names as me.  😉

We’re flying along though!  I’ve done recruit a friend 3 times now?  4 times?  I can’t even remember.  But I had forgotten how quickly you level and as a result how horrible your gear is.  When I hit level 31 I was still using both weapons I got in the start zone.  Yeah, I was rocking two maces…one did 6 and the other 9 DPS.  AMAZING!! 

Admittedly I looked up quests where I could get new axes since I’m leveling as enhancement again.  And so I might have been favoring myself a little, but heck, he’s playing a paladin, they don’t need any help with all their awesomeness, he pretty much kills things with exorcism and avengers shield before they reach him anyways. 

Things seem to be going pretty smoothly, and I think class choice has made a difference for him.  Whenever I introduce new players to the game, I always try to encourage them to try out different classes.  Sometimes the description of a class isn’t how you imagine it.  So instead I try to focus on what the classes can do.  Are they ranged, magical, melee?  Do they tank, DPS, or heal…or all three?  After they try a new class I try to pay attention to what it is they have trouble with or succeed at.  For my friend that I’m playing with now, he had tried the game as a hunter previously.  It was…difficult.  He seems to have trouble with depth perception in the game so was ending up with mobs up in his grill, which is bad for a hunter.  He also struggled with shot rotation and would burn focus by spamming serpent sting, either failing to understand how it worked or just feeling like if he was hitting special shots, it must do more damage.  He started with a hunter again this time around, but instead we tried beast mastery, that seemed to work much better for him!  But still I wasn’t convinced hunter or even a ranged or DoT class was right for him.

I suggested that since he sometimes has trouble with depth perception and how close he is to monsters that if he played a melee toon there would be less threat when one is really close to him.  Melee like that, they need it, so it seemed like a good fit for him.  After reviewing the melee classes he went with paladin.  I was a little worried because there are lots of “weird” things with paladins – holy power, seals, hands, blessings…it’s enough to make your head spin.  But then I thought about my paladin…I use one seal, one blessing, and the last time I used a hand was…well before they were called hands.  I could be a bad paladin, but I can get things done for the most part and sometimes even tank dungeons!  

By far the hardest part to teach about this game is gear.  I swear that every person I have introduced to this game gets hung up on one stat.  Armor.  Yes, armor.  If I had a quarter for every time I heard “Do I want to equip this?  It has 30 more armor.”  Seriously, Blizzard, please just remove the ‘stat’ armor from the game.  Just make it hidden and passive or something.  It’s very hard to convince people that armor is ignorable (for most classes) especially when it’s the first stat on an item.  This is not the first person I’ve had to explain this to.  I remind them that there are three main stats in the game:  Intellect, Agility, and Strength.  All the others are minor stats and will ‘naturally’ come with the gear.  For leveling purposes, choosing the item with the greater amount of your classes primary stat is the safest way to go when choosing gear.  Second stats are considered if that stat has a tie. 

The paladin is working out very well for him, aside from remembering to refresh the stupid seals and blessings he’s doing well and can hold his own.  He’s better at figuring out when to use heals on himself, but holy power still is a mystery.  There is only one ability that consumes holy power until past level 40+ and that is a healing spell.  So it’s hard to know the purpose of holy power if you’re not healing.  For a prot pally, they really should give that shield bash thing at a much lower level so that a paladin understands the purpose of holy power a bit earlier in the game.

Still, he’s doing well.  There are quests that we’ve done where I say “you know, you died doing that on your hunter” and this time he did it perfectly.  I know that it’s partly the experience he’s gained and the skill set with the game, but I think a lot of it has to do with class.  Finding the right class for your play style is important to your success.  This is why all my spell casters make it to max level before any of my melee.  For me, it’s a better fit. 

Long post is long, but as a chronic altoholic with now two accounts and 20 characters on the same server, I do recommend that people try different classes and specs.  It may take some time to find the one that is just for you.  Or…maybe you never do and you have 20 characters on one server.  😉

Verdi and Smetana

As if I didn’t have enough toons already…my friend who played on my second account to try the game has decided to get his own account and we’re going to “recruit-a-friend”.

So let me introduce to you my two newest additions:

Verdi, druid.

Boobs. I mean, Smetana, shaman.

Verdi and Smetana.  These are actually the first two female characters I have ever rolled.  You’re saying, but Troutwort, what about Floy?  Well Floy wasn’t created by me…nor was Kittykat…nor was Tygerlily…nor Monona.  Those were all created by other people.  I have only rolled male toons.  Because I know when I see a male character I assume a man plays it.  I know this is far from reality, but still…it’s the way my mind works, so I’ve always rolled male toons.

For whatever reason though, I made not one, but TWO new toons and made them both female.  I think though it had to do with the names.  Sticking with my classical composer names, I made a list of composers that I haven’t used yet.  This included Verdi and Smetana.  Verdi sounded like a druid name…a druid with green hair…a female druid with green hair.  It just seemed to fit.  And Smetana sounded like a Draenei name, 100% Draenei.  And sounded more like a woman’s name than a man’s name to me, so there she is.  But holy crap, I have never noticed how much boobage the female Draenei have.  I never looked.  😛

I can see now why so many teenage and college boys made female shaman.  Pervs.  Of course…I’m the one that posted the screenshot of her sideways on the internet…so I guess we’ll call it even.

Anyways, these are the two new additions.  Verdi is level 20 and Smetana is level 17.  My friend is still on the starter account and is limited to level 20.  So we left them there for now.  You might see more of them as time goes on…but I have no intentions of them being much more than leveling buddies for him.

Outlands (Again!)

In a way, I think that depending when you started playing the game you have a certain attachment to content.  I started playing about 3 weeks before the release of BC and spent quite some time at level 70 in Outlands before LK rolled out.  So though many people loathe Outlands, I have a special place for it in my heart, I probably always will.  

That being said, this past week was quite a fun time for me.  Though I have loved the new zones and leveling up alts through all the questlines in the zones, I still get really excited when I get to head back out to Outlands, the land I know so well.  Where I don’t need to look at the map to find where quest monsters are because I have them all memorized.  And though the quest hubs are weird and Hellfire is a terrible landscape that looks like they ran out of time for landscape so just painted it all red…I enjoy walking through the portals and getting gear and doing the dungeons that I am familiar with.

In the past week I managed to get to characters to level so that they can start Outlands.  Mouret my worgen warrior and Linus my worgen priest both dinged 58 and have/will venture into Outlands.  

Mouret followed the same path as Haydn did before him finishingSwampofSorrowsand then dinging 58 in Blasted Lands.  I didn’t finish up Blasted Lands like I did on Haydn but leapt right to Outlands with him.  A few quests and boom, he’s level 60 and flying about.  I’ll probably stick it out in Hellfire with him for a bit as I’m leveling with a friend who has never seen Outlands.

As for Linus, I spent some time on Kalimdor having just completedSwampofSorrowsand having already completed Blasted Lands, I decided I should go check out some of the new quests in Felwood and Winterspring.  I didn’t spend enough time in Felwood, but there were definitely some MAJOR improvements to the quests there.  Well done Blizzard.  I left the zone early, and did all of Winterspring to take me from 52 to 58.  I liked the Winterspring quests, again a huge improvement there.  After doing a bunch of quests for the Timbermaw, I did notice that I was revered with them, I turned in a few more and am over halfway to exalted with them.  I chuckled that my first exalted faction may be Timbermaw on that toon.  Having worked on them before on other toons, the reputation gains are much better now and very quick, I applaud this change as well…no one wants to kill 5000 furbolgs to get to exalted like you had to before.

So here I am, with two toons on the edge of Outlands.  I’m excited to run through it again as it has been a long time.  I may pick up tanking on the warrior if I can get some gear and I’ll heal many dungeons on the Priest and spend time at the Sporregar and Kurenai with him, a good first title may be Diplomat.

The 2011 Character Review

I’m probably a few days late on this post, but I thought I’d do a summary of how my characters performed and how their journey was in 2011.  As Cataclysm was released just before 2011, it was interesting to see how they adapted to the changes and how they did.  So without further ado…

Rossini hit level 85 a week or two into 2011.  As a member of a successful raiding group in late LK, Rossini was a priority so that I could hit raiding in Cataclysm.  However, it was evident that it wasn’t going to happen.  I was severely lagging behind everyone else and hadn’t done any heroics.  It was clear Rossini was not going to be an early Cataclysm raider.  Also, pushing hard to level is not my style, and soon after 85, Rossini was burned out.  He maxed out professions pretty quickly, but heroics and dungeons burned him out and unfortunately I would soon avoid logging in on him.  Warlock isn’t my ideal class anyways.  He did however sub in for raiding and got Nefarian, Cho’gall, and Al’akir killed.  This was about where his play time ended.  Other than holidays and disenchanting things, Rossini’s highlights ended around the time Firelands was released.

With the addition of archaeology and a desire to avoid leveling zones shortly after expansions, Elgar leveled to 85 using archaeology XP.  This was bad as he didn’t have any gear, but through questing he got to the point where he was “up to speed”.  Keeping disc as a primary spec, he eventually tried his hand at healing.  The first dungeon was a disaster and depressed and scared Elgar then relied on shadow for nearly all activities after that.  I dislike shadow, but wasn’t left with much choice.  Elgar leveled his professions, but then too, was shelved due to general dislike of the condition of priests.  With Firelands, gear was a little easier to obtain, and Elgar went to a non-smite spec.  This changed everything, healing was feasible for him again and soon heroics were no challenge.  As a result, Elgar ended 2011 as a confident healer and with the highest gear score of any of my toons!  Elgar also is rocking his transmogrified priest T5.  He’s again a favorite toon.  I will always have a place for the priest class.

Troutwort and Schubert
These two had about the same story, leveling up, geared enough to do heroics, struggled with crafting professions (Trout is still not max level) and didn’t see much play time.  They still have a long way to go, but nothing bad about either one.  Trout is better for DPS than Schubert because I keep Schubert as frost…and though I love that little gnome, I know my refusal to make him “spec of the patch” will keep me limited.  Nothing special for either one in 2011.

Sousa had the biggest changes, though Elgar was spooked away from healing, Sousa thought to give it a shot.  Leveling as enhancement, his “primary” spec, I collected healing gear as it became available from quests and from extras in dungeons.  After collecting enough gear, I started to heal normals to get a feel for it.  I still remember having a heal crit for 52k in my crappy gear and just about falling over dead.  Elgar couldn’t pull off numbers like that!  Then 76k heals from Sousa and I had found my healer.  Sousa quickly became the toon I felt most confident on.  Sousa had a good run, heroics, keeping up with both resto and enhance gear, I grew to really love the shaman.  I did 6/7 in Firelands with Sousa thanks to the great guild group, and had some good luck on mounts with him.  Only once Elgar got more confidence did Sousa lose his place as the favorite/most geared toon.

The druid is a similar story to Troutwort and Schubert, though his professions struggled even more, as I had a max level enchanter, making it to max for enchanting hasn’t been a priority.  Boomkin spec was okay, but for DPS casting, I like the mage better, and though he regained a healing spec, I still don’t care for the HoT-style healing of the druid.  It’s not my style.  Though he hit level 85, Sibelius cannot do heroics and is least accomplished of the level 85s.

The little gnome DK was a project to push to 85 once I realized all we were missing for the Classy Gnome achievement is a gnome DK.  However, after hitting level 80, Grom hit level 85 on his gnome DK and so she stopped being a project.  She did get her blacksmithing up to 450 which puts her ready to tackle Cataclysm.

The dwarf rogue made a push with Cataclysm.  As a way to see lower level zones, Haydn spent much time pushing through zones.  Hitting 2011 around level 35 or so, he ended 2011 at level 70.  He’s a fun diversion from the normal and I found that I did enjoy the rogue more than I thought I would.  New quests probably really helped.  Now that they have nerfed XP required for levels 70 to 80 he might get a little play time, I don’t care for Northrend much anymore, so it’s harder for me to level there than in Outlands…I know, I’m the only one that feels this way.

2011 was a HUGE year for the worgen warrior Mouret, mostly because he didn’t exist in 2010.  Ha!  Another class that I always struggled to get into, the new leveling experience and having a hunter friend to level with made the warrior far more tolerable and he wins for most levels earned in 2011, going from level 1 to level 53.  Only slowed by waiting to play with my friend, he’s been a huge success and a good experience to see other things.  In 2012, he’ll try some tanking.

Last and least: the dwarf paladin.  The last play time in 2011, less than low level alts on another account I have.  Kalinnikov gained 0 levels in 2011.  Still stuck at level 80, he hasn’t seen any of the new zones.  I should run some of the quests and then get him into some dungeons and learn to tank again, but it hasn’t happened.  I have my toons organized by what level they are…I fear that poor Kalinnikov will one day, be last on the list.  I’m sorry Repgrind, I do not have the enthusiasm to level paladins like you do.

So that’s the summary!  It was a busy year and yet, I feel like 2011 in WoW didn’t accomplish much.  Since patch 4.3 my play time has increased and again I feel interested in WoW.  I’m looking forward to MoP and feel that for me, now, it’s just a matter of getting everyone ready for that point.  The guild changed a bit in 2011 too and though we hit Level 25 pretty close to as soon as we could, we lost some good people, that I will miss, to groups that raided more.  However, the spirit of Crits and Giggles has not changed, we picked up some awesome new players and I look forward to experiencing more and more of the game with them.