I’m getting ready to transfer some of my RAF level 80s (there are what, 8 of them) over to Kargath on the Horde side.  I’m going to transfer three toons.  So to prepare them I’ve been working on their professions to make sure they are up to Cata level so that if they need anything from my main Alliance toons I can still get it to them before the switch sides and move to Horde.

I got a little distracted though and worked on one toon that isn’t going to be transferred.  She needed TONS of frostweave cloth for tailoring.  It seemed to be raining from the skies back in the day, but now, not so much.  A stack of 20 is going for over 40 gold.  Ick.  So I figured better to just go farm it up.  I decided to run some heroics on a toon that had Cloth Scavenging.  But that’s my mage and warlock.  That makes it a little harder to do LK heroics quickly.  It’s not impossible, but also some of the fights are a little gimicky and make it weird when there’s only one of you.  The point is that while it was working, it was SLOW.  So I just decided to use Monona the level 80 mage to run LK heroics with other level 80s.  I got in with a tank that wanted to do more than one, which was nice.  So off I went.

It was going well.  We get a tank though that hasn’t been to all these dungeons before, on normal or heroic.  It’s okay, I can explain.  But we have another fire mage in the group who’s a little…antsy.  He pulls a few groups and expects the tank to pick it up.  Someone tries to vote kick him, but it fails.  We’re in Azjul-Nerub.  Hadranox is weirdly bugging and we’re entering combat early.  But then I realize it’s not bugging, but the mage is trying to pad his DPS by attacking early.  Those unfamiliar jump into the fray and we all die.  I try to explain the fight.  But it pretty much happens again.  I am annoyed.  Then with some stroke of luck, the fight bugs, Hadranox falls over dead and all the adds despawn.  Sure we can’t loot, but hey, we can skip this nightmare.

We get to final boss.  I am trying to type in that we have to wait for everyone to get inside the ring before we….and they pull.  So the healer is locked out.  I can see it’s going to be a wipe.  I continue to type in what should have happened and wait…timing out my Invisibility so I can mass res everyone.  Tank and other DPS die, then the healer, so it’s just me and the other mage.  He’s attacking everything so they are all on him…he’s at 15% health.  I invis giving it time to work and wait…he ice blocks.  O M G.  I’m praying to the gods that my invis lasts longer than his ice block.  He dies with 2 seconds left on my invis and I can escape and boss despawns.

I resurrect everyone.  I’m annoyed.

The mage says to me, “how you live?”  I’m thinking, not with Ice Block buddy!!  One thing that always gets me is when people don’t know all their abilities.  Especially abilities that can save their lives…people who think that mirror images is ONLY for increased DPS, for example.  So since I’m annoyed (especially with this loose cannon) all I type in is “L2Mage”.

It was completely out of character for me to actually type it, sure I think it ALL the time, but there it was, right on the screen.  He says something back, I can’t remember what, but I start then to explain that I used invisibility to end combat because I was the only one left, allowing me to mass rez everyone.  The tank though had released and we’re waiting for him to turn to us.  The mage fires at the boss.  I figure he’s going to do that and drop group, but when the boss leaves the circle he despawns.  But he does this one time and the DK joins in and dies.  The mage laughs.  I initiate a vote to kick on the mage and type something like, “I’m too old for these shenanigans.”  It passes.

So I guess my tip of the day is:  Mages, you can save a wipe by using invisibility in a timely fashion.  While your job is mainly leet DPS, you still have survival and utility abilities!


Cata Dungeons Are Meh…

Quick, what’s your favorite dungeon in Cataclysm?

Got it?

Now, why?

For me this is not an easy question, and I feel this is why I just haven’t been into Cataclysm all that much.  We’re 5 months in now and I have 3 level 85 toons.  Considering how quickly you can level up there really is no excuse why I still have so many hanging at 80 or 81.  Even my 85s don’t have all exalted reps.  I just really have not been into this expansion as a whole.  I was thinking about why, and one of the things I really spent lots of time on at max level in past expansions was dungeons.  I never got into raiding too much, sure I’ve had a few stretches, but they usually last less than a few months.  Or I’d just fill in as I could.

Okay, quick, what was your favorite BC dungeon?  Now, what was your favorite LK dungeon?

For me those questions are much easier to answer.  I can quickly come up with my favorite dungeons and on which characters and why.  I’ll share that with you now and try to explain that while things are fresh and new in Cataclysm, I’m really just not finding what made it exciting in the past.

If I had to pick a favorite dungeon in Cataclysm, I pretty much come up empty.  There really isn’t a single dungeon that I am “excited” to see the login screen for.  I think Throne of Tides is the closest one because I like the way it looks.  Under the sea adventure at least makes the dungeon entertaining to look at.  The fights are pretty straight forward, and if needed, my Warlock has proven he can solo the 3rd phase of the final boss.  😉  Though I wouldn’t say I love Throne of Tides, it’s more so the one I dislike the least.

In LK there were several that I really liked.  ToC was the first that comes to mind.  I don’t know why, it was really fun though, and “Look up in the rafters…” never gets old.  There was just something really fun about that place.  It was short, the fights changed based on the champions you got and jousting.  Violet Hold was also another favorite, I think because the pace was kept for you and again the variable bosses kept a little bit of excitement in the dungeon.  This is also why I liked CoS too.  Besides seeing draenei turn into nasty looking balding humans, this instance also provided a little bit of variability with spawn points and having a timer was fun too–and I like the drama of the CoT instances, those have always been cool because they go back in time.  I keep hoping we see Dornaa in one of them though–there has to be a reason they attack her during Children’s week…  Lastly, I was probably one of the few, but I liked Old Kingdom.  The final fight in there was very fun and kinda felt a little like PvP for me.  I always enjoyed it and don’t think I ever died during the insanity phase.

In BC, my favorite dungeons were actually some of the more challenging ones at times.  I REALLY liked Botanica and I don’t know why–I think the extra herbs and the fact that on Elgar I got to use MC to give the casters that 120 spell power buff.  That was awesome.  I also liked Steamvaults though that one wasn’t always pretty, and of course Magister’s Terrace.  I also liked Shadow Labs for the same reason I liked Old Kingdom, fighting your fellow party members is hilarious and everyone is all “I’m so sorry!!” during that second boss in Shadow Labs.  That made for some really good times. 

I can’t exactly say why it is I don’t find the new Cataclysm dungeons exciting…perhaps it’s a matter of why they are where they are.  Just why do I care about the Tolvir again?  At least I knew why I was fighting the Hellfire orcs, the naga in Underbog, and the nerubian in Azjul-Nerub.  I guess I just don’t know why I’m fighting anyone in the Cata dungeons except maybe the naga again and the guys in Grim Batol/BRC.  The rest are just… there?  Of course I could be missing lore since I never did finish up Uldum. 

Okay, long post is getting really long.  But I thought about this today and why I really have been neglecting my level 85s and current content for things like running Shadow Labs again or the hundreds of other “Oh Shiny!” things that I come across.  Cataclysm looked awesome and I was really excited about the world changes and what not.  Perhaps that’s it too, perhaps I feel I have so much to see that I don’t want to miss anything and therefore would much rather look at what I know and how it changed compared to the new things that aren’t really keeping me entertained.  I just can’t figure it out, but after this post, I can confirm that Cata dungeons just don’t excite me like dungeons did in LK and BC.

Loot Manners

I’ve been doing way more dungeons than I usually do lately.  The temptation of all the new badge loot is too delicious.  I’ve also been trying to get the little gnome man up in gear as well and Troutwort has seen some improvements from gear as well.  But with so many level 80s it’s all a little scattered at the moment.

Anyways, back to my point.  So I’ve been running the 5-mans with guild members as I can, however I to still end up with PuGs on some things.  It’s good times, usually.  But what I wanted to talk about was loot during these 5-mans. 

Most people running the heroic daily are more interested in the badges than they are in the actual dungeon loot, it’s understandable, and in some cases, like Trout and Elgar, this holds true for me too.  We usually ask for a DE in the group, but there don’t seem to be many around so we just greed on the blue item boss drops and lucky person will vendor it up.  Good times.  So as I mentioned most people aren’t after anything that can drop from the heroic other than the badges.  But sometimes we get some lucky drops, the BoE items that are blue.  I find it respectful to have everyone greed on it since it can be sold.  Usually not much, but every bit helps.  So I’m running in a group and some plate chestpiece drops, BoE blue.  Everyone greeds, except one guy, he needs it.  I quickly inspect him to toss out a “congrats” if it’s an upgrade.  He’s wearing a tier piece for his chest.  So this level 78 blue is clearly not an upgrade.  I ask in party “You needed that over your [T7, 8, or 9] piece?”  He /slap and then /rude me and says he needed it for his alt.  I then say “Oh because you’re the only one with alts?”  He /spits on me.

Now I know, it’s blue gear, so I let it go after that.  It wasn’t really anything I could use, but I know there are guild members that could have used it.  But I added the dude to my ignore list, he was the first.  I just have no tolerance for that kind of selfishness, if he had asked if he could need it for his alt prior, I probably would have been cool with it, but it’s the whole “take without asking rudeness” and that someone would think that is acceptable behavior that bugs me. 

A guild member also told me of an incident where enchanters were needing all the green items in her instance do DE them for themselves.  Again there was no, “can I have the green items because I’m leveling up my enchanting?” so I find it a bit rude that the person should think they get loot priority on the greens because they can disenchant them without asking.  It’s all trivial I’m sure, I wouldn’t have cared too much if they asked, though would have encouraged just using a group loot system.  I don’t expect enchanters to share anything they disenchant, but I do think that looting on BoE should be open to everyone in the party, not limited to people with alts or people who can disenchant.  For BoP I would much rather have the item go to someone that could use it, this encludes enchanters, they get more from the shard than I will.  (This paragraph has been edited as prior piss poor writing lead to some confusion).

These are rare occasions, most times everyone passes on the loot and people are like, someone just pick it up, no one cares.

Miss Manners, over and out.

New Record!

After the last patch I didn’t have much time before I left for vacation and in that little time that I did play I was mostly running around healing dungeons for the new level 80s.  Last night though, I hopped on Troutwort and decided to give him a go at some things again.  I ran around doing some of the dailies for the Oracles – I haven’t reached revered with him yet – and tossed myself into the queue for some heroics and normal ToC since I haven’t seen it yet.  I had to fight the urge to switch over to Elgar as I watched line after line of…

LF1M healer for ToC
need tank and heals for H HoL
need heals then gtg for H ToC

No, tonight is for Troutwort.  I got one whisper asking for regular ToC, I responded yes, but never got the invite.  I figured I was destined for a night of soloing, that’s what Trout does best afterall.  So I headed over to work on more of the Sons of Hodir questline.  I knocked out a few more of those quests and then did get an invite.  We needed heals, surprise, and so a willing guildmate jumped into the mix.  The first run was smooth, and as a result we ran it again, and again.  All in all, three times, the last time taking a mere 15 minutes.  I’m not sure how I felt about that.  Part of me liked that it went so fast, but part of me was kinda disappointed that it didn’t even feel like a challenge.  I think the healer would argue otherwise.  But I did enjoy myself and the new instance.  Trout didn’t get any new items, in fact, all three times we got the paladin helm and the rogue gloves.  We were sad about that. 

But what I was excited about was Troutwort himself.  I felt a little rusty on the hunter and that I wasn’t even playing to the best of my ability last night, but he managed to pull off something he hasn’t done before.  He was pulling DPS above 3000!!  He was hovering right around 3150, in a 5-man!  It was awesome!  I usually don’t watch the damage meters, but I checked last night and it was great.  It was probably partly due to the buffs that I had from the pally/shaman/DK combo, but still for Trout, that was a new record of DPS, it really made me feel great.  Troutwort is not getting left behind my other max level toons in LK like he did in BC.  It feels nice.  The light knows he’s probably my most important toon, the others would be left in the dust if not for his sacrifices, noobness, and willingness to “try it first”–Elgar doesn’t heal anything that Trout hasn’t already done.  In a way, seeing those numbers last night was kinda like a reward for Troutwort, like it’s all been worth it and paid off to reach a new level of awesome.

Halls of Suck

I loathe the Halls of Lightning.  I mean really loathe it.  But it was our normal daily yesterday, so it only seems right that I go for it with the guild, but they wanted to do it on Heroic.  I loathe Halls of Lightning on regular that I had completely avoided doing it on heroic with Elgar.  But it was time to face it.  I figured I could make it.  But I wasn’t thrilled.  Loken in particular is annoying because of my lack of and now totally nerfed AOE ability (yes singular) as a Disc priest. 

Did I mention I hate this place?  We had a few casualties along the way but pretty much every time we did it was due to AOE type damage.  Seriously, I hate that place.  We make it to Loken, but we wipe on him, I was the first to go down.  Grr.  So we try again.  It’s not looking much better, but I blow some major cooldowns and manage to stay alive along with much of the party for nearly the whole fight, he’s at 60k when I die, we have two DKs left, one pops army of dead while the tank blows his cooldowns.  They manage to finish him off just before one last lightning nova that surely would have killed them.  I have to give a shout out to both of them for finishing him off.  I was more than happy to see him drop and through the whole instance I managed to pick-up three achievements.


I still hate HoL.  After some congratz from the achievement spam I told the guild that now that was done, I don’t ever have to go back, I have the achievement, thank you.  They laughed.  I wasn’t kidding.  I’ll go back as DPS, but I don’t like to heal that place at all.  I loathe the Halls of Lightning.