LFR Night

Tuesdays are always a big night for the guild.  It’s the night we do our scheduled LFR.  LFR has been awesome for Crits and I see that continuing through MoP.  Apparently last week when I was doing epic poetry analysis, there were about 15-19 people from the guild in LFR.  Last night we had similar numbers.  Close to 15 for the first half and over that for the second.  We actually provided both of the tanks and between 4 and 5 of the 6 healers as well and the rest were DPS.  

As usual it all went very smooth with no wipes.  We had a few people die here and there, but LFR has like 1 million battle rez so we got everyone back up and running.  I went in on Sousa to heal it, though I mostly stood around making comments in raid channel or else tossing pathetic lightning at the boss.  I figured with 5 other healers I would only need to heal during the really AOE heavy parts…you know, the parts where your FPS go to 4?  

We had a blast, it’s always more fun when you’re there with a bunch of people who will life grip you around or /cuddle you or do crafting professions during boss fights and trash.  We won some things and lost some things, but everyone has a good time, at least as far as I know. 

And I died on the Deathwing fight, apparently from standing where a tentacle spawns?  All I know is that I was probably making some rain and then I fell over dead and got an achievement.  I love LFR night. 


Quick Update!

Oh man…what a week.  Between long hours at the lab and helping the kid I mentor with epic poetry essays (seriously, is there really any value in “Paradise Lost” anymore?), I haven’t had as much play time as I would really like to have had.

I didn’t even log in at all from Saturday until Wednesday?  Well I shouldn’t say that, I logged in to say “hello” on Tuesday as they were forming the LFR group.  Apparently it was a really good showing again.  The introduction of the LFR function into the game has been a very welcomed addition for our Guild.  While we have some very excellent players, I do think that many of us are content with doing what we can and would rather spend time fishing up Mr. Pinchy than reading min/max strategies and opinions.  People in Crits enjoy the game for what it is, and with LFR now was can participate in raids that may have otherwise been outside our reach.  

I do still want to give credit to our 10-man group which has completed DS as well.  As I said, we have some excellent players as well.

The campaign to get the guild “Classy” achievements has been going very well!  We only had 4 left when I posted that I’d pay 5k to each toon that completed one of the requirements.  We currently now have only the Worgen warlock left.  There is one at level 85 but it isn’t honored with the guild yet.  My guess is that a few days of dailies would finish that up.  Though I’m not sure if that’s happening…

The news of MoP is very promising and exciting.  I’m happy to hear there will be an 11th slot added, but I was really hoping for a bigger jump.  I currently have 2 accounts because 1) the kid I mentor sometimes plays on it and 2) I ran our of character slots.  There is at least one character I would consider transferring from the 2nd account to my main account if there were more slots, but it sounds like I’ll just be suspending that account for now…

Monks are interesting, but I’m not sure that I’ll be super into them.  To me, they sound too much like paladins and it’s taken me a long time to get where I am with my current paladin so a new one doesn’t excite me.  When I say “too much like paladins” I mean spec wise…tank, melee DPS, heals.  

All in all though, looks like awesome things to come!

Legendary and Double Bubble

Oh man, it was a busy weekend/week so far!

The guild completed its legendary staff from Firelands.  Congrats and thanks to all the members of the guild who supported, assisted in, or otherwise encouraged the completion of this staff.  It took great effort from the regular Fri/Sat raiders to start this process and many of them participated in the off night runs to finish it up.  I was sad that I could not be online at the time the staff was completed.  Real life just gets in the way like that sometimes.  I am happy though that I was able to get myself a minipet.  

The announcement of the Classy Challenge has been met with good response!  We had a couple race changes and a couple others start focusing on alts to complete the challenge.  Dwarf warlock was completed first after a race change and couple handfuls of quests to get to honored, and one week later a worgen DK completed honored as well.  Elgar is out 10000g.  Ha!  We have left now the worgen priest and worgen warlock.  The priest, I was informed, will be completed today, 03/15/2012.  Then it’s just the worgen warlock, who is on his way last I heard.  This will be an easier achievement to complete now rather than waiting until MoP and it gets pushed to level 90.

On Tuesdays, Crits runs an LFR for the guild and some former guild members, it’s usually great fun and we get maybe 3-8 people.  This week we had between 12-16 people coming to each part!  It was awesome!  Coming together with that many people from the guild and our friends made the runs that much more enjoyable, though I couldn’t bubble just my own members like I usually do.  Ha!  I took Sousa on the first half since I didn’t need anything from part one on Elgar, but brought Elgar to the second half and he won the robes, well, “we” won the robes.  I used to feel bad about rolling for other people, or having people roll for me, but it’s such a standard practice now, I don’t feel very guilty.

This token completed Elgar’s 4-piece for T13.  Yes, it’s just Raid Finder gear, but it’s probably the best gear he’ll get until next Xpac.  Let me say this.  The priest 4-piece set is AMAZING.  100% more mana back from rapture??  YES PLEASE.  That’s 14% of my total mana back as often as every 10 seconds (I think 10 is the internal cool down).  And the best part is that PW:Shield has a 10% chance to absorb 100% more damage!!  I did a random heroic to see how this would work.  I only was able to see one time where it worked (I don’t have an add-on to tell me, so I had to mouse-over—and I’m not doing mouse-over every time) and it said there was 71k absorption left.  That is awesome.  REALLY awesome.  I have to wonder if the glyph is affected as well, the glyph heals for like 10% of the amount absorbed upon cast, so if the bubble is bigger, I assume the glyphed heal will be too.  I’ll have to keep an eye out for this.

So that’s that.  I know, WALL OF TEXT.

TL/DR version:  Crits got its legendary and things are awesome.

One Step Closer

Last night we headed off to Firelands to finish off the last of the collect 250 parts quest for our guild Mage Falahla who was pursuing the questline for the legendary weapon.  The bosses were dropping just 3 parts each and so we were a little nervous we wouldn’t make it.  However, she ended the raid having collected all the parts required.  All we have left now is killing Rag and collecting his heart. 

We’ve extended the raid lock-out and hopefully next week we’ll down him and the guild will have its legendary and their mini-pets.  We might have it done this weekend…we’ll see.  I’m confident we can find a group from the guild to complete this challenge.  He has been downed by the guild before, so it’s just a matter of getting those people familiar with the fight to complete it and refresh their memories. 

After the raid, someone focusing on the guild classy contest was looking for people around level 83 to run normal dungeons for guild reputation.  Amazingly we had a full group!  A few level 85s that wanted to try new specs or just weren’t geared enough yet joined and I offered to tank on that prot paladin I had been leveling up…I probably wouldn’t have offered, but we were going to have a level 85 priest learning to heal so I figured better now.  We got Vortex Pinnacle, which I was nervous about because I was hoping for Throne of Tides or BRC.  My health pool is pretty low considering I’m only wearing the “tank” quest gear.  But we managed to complete it without anyone dying, which I think is a success! 

I felt fairly confident tanking, however I still need to learn to round up the caster adds a little better.  They are sometimes REALLY spread out in that instance.  I also should use tank cooldowns a little more than I did.  But it’s been a REALLY long time since I tanked so I think it wasn’t too bad.  If nothing else, it made me confident that I probably can at least tank normals here and there to get some better gear and some Justice Points.

5k Classy Challenge

As of yesterday evening, Crits and Giggles announced the 5k Classy Challenge.  We have 4 remaining class/race combos to get the classy achievement.  You need to be level 85 and honored with the guild to complete the requirement.  Anyone that finishes any of the class race combos we still have left will be rewarded 5k in gold.  There are no rules like restricting race changes or anything, if you think the real money is worth the character change, I’ll still pay out.  

I thought I’d save myself 5k by getting my worgen priest to 85 first, but someone already race changed in at level 83…eek!  But they are still neutral with the guild, so maybe there’s a chance.  😉  Either way, Bank of Elgar is going to be out some cash as there were some rerolls and talk of changing focus.  5k is free epic flight!

Update on Alts

I apologize for the length of time between posts; I haven’t even had much time to read the usual ones I read either.  Busy busy!

With Mists of Panderia or however you spell it, coming this year yet, I decided that it was really time to focus on accomplishing a few things before then.  Prior to Cataclysm the goal was to get 8 characters to level 80.  I only got 7 done before it hit, as the patch for the new zones left me too preoccupied with those to focus on another level 80.  So far in Cataclysm, I’ve got 6 level 85s and two between 80 and 85.  While I could push these toons, there is actually one thing that I’m really interested in getting done.  And that is the guild Classy achievements.  The reasons are two-fold.  One, it’s nice to have these done and two, when MoP hits they will probably be bumped to level 90.  So I’d like to get the achievements done for the 4 class/race combos we have left.  Dwarf warlock and Worgen pries, DK, and warlock. 

My current pet project is the Worgen priest.  Up to level 64 now, I’ve decided that I should make the push on him should I have to also make a push on another one of these combos.  I am however going to offer a reward to anyone that finishes one of the class/race combos.  It seems that might encourage people to power level before MoP.

I did play my paladin a little bit to change it up, going from level 80 to now…82?  Maybe 83?  I can’t remember…but starting withMt.Hyjalit’s been pretty okay, my goal there is to work on his engineering skill so that I can make those pets for my other characters.  So I’m hopping back and forth between him and Linus to keep leveling.  I’ve been avoiding dungeons for now and just working on collecting gear.  I have been leveling him as Protection.  Though I’m sure ret is probably quicker, Protection feels good and gives me confidence to take on many mobs at the same time and I feel my survivability is great!  And I’ll be honest, as my first plate wearer though the starting Cata zones, I really like the green quest armor look.  It’s the black and red, I dunno, there’s some nice detail on it and I think I’m gonna save the set and use it for transmog if I can find a good shield.  

A little time spent on the Worgen warrior as well playing with my NE Hunter friend to gain two levels.  We burned through some outland quests pretty quick focusing on the kill X number of mobs.  It is slick between the two of us. 

So that’s my little update.  I have some screenshots that I’ll post soon, though Bocat already posted the one of me in the tree from her angle, I’ll show you mine soon.

LFR Adventures

This post has been a long time coming; I’ve just been too busy. Anyways, a couple weeks now we’ve been doing LFR as a guild on Tuesday nights. I was finally able to get my gear score up on one character so I could attend. For starters, I’ll give props to my guildies, they are great people and fun to run LFR with. Sure we may not be topping in the meters…some of us might even be in last place (wink) but we have fun, we try hard, and we usually don’t screw things up beyond belief.

The only toon that is eligible at this time is Elgar, much to my surprise; he’s the most improved toon over one year ago. I really struggled with healing and adjusting to the changes with him, so this is a good thing to be able to play my favorite toon again. So I queued up with a handful of DPS from the guild and one tank the first week.

The thing with being Disc spec is that when you toss in 5 other healers, I’m not sure what my role is. Paladins heal the tanks; shamans, druids, and holy priests AOE heal, and I am left scratching my head what I should be doing. If there aren’t any paladins I focus on healing the tanks. But how often are there no paladins? Once last night there were none, but otherwise there was always one or two.

The first week, I spent most my time using PW:Shield on people, but not being sure when damage would happen, I would just cast it around, mostly on my own guildmates. 😉 AOE healing is harder since Prayer of Healing only hits members of the same party. Usually the party that gets that the most is the tanks party or my party.

So that takes me to the images. Here’s my recount for that first half the first week.

This is the image of recount for total healing done for the entire first half of the DS raid.  I actually didn’t think it was that bad.  Holylightman was also a disc priest, but I literally saw him standing around not making any casting animations during boss fights.  He soon became the last raid member I wanted to heal.

Here’s total absorbs, not too shabby.  So when I saw these two numbers I was thinking, I was doing pretty good.  Then I looked at the next number.

Overhealing…ouch.  53%.  Well I guess we didn’t wipe because I went OOM so I don’t feel so bad about the overhealing done.  But it was a reminder of how often my heals were going to waste, I am assuming that this is pretty much anytime that I was trying to spot heal or tank heal and someone else with faster cast times beat me to it.  Or any renews I might have tossed out.  I really need to stop with the renews if there are druids around.  But though the overhealing is an embarrassment to me one final category left me feeling like I did perform okay.

At least I won something!!  😉  This did make me feel good though.  I am pretty sure most of the dispels came from that one boss fight.  I tend to avoid any dispels that last under 4 seconds because I’ve learned that in Cataclysm they typically aren’t that bad.  I seldom have time to read the dispel and decide if I want to dispel or not.  But this made me feel like I was at least useful for something.

Here’s a couple other fun facts, when I looked at my top shielded players by PW:Shield, it was the two tanks, me, and then all of my guild mates.  I have a tendency to look out for my own first.  Don’t ever believe a healer that says they don’t have a personal healing priority.  In the second half of DS the second week I did it, there was a cute gnome priest, the only other one, she was holy spec.  This is good since we tend not to overlap.  Except…she kept casting PW:Shield on the tanks and then I couldn’t!!  This was super annoying since I was PRETTY sure that mine absorbs way more than hers.  So I only have this request:  Holy priests, if you are in a raid group with a disc priest, please don’t cast PW:Shield, the debuff of weakened soul is shared across all priests and you’ll make them angry.

All in all, LFR has been a lot of fun.  I think it is partly because when you bring in 7-8 plays from your own guild, it means that’s 7-8 slots that aren’t filled with douchebags.