The Power of Bowie

The other day I was running around Redridge doing some mining for tin ore and someone mistypes “/who” in the chat channel.  I don’t know how other people’s brains work, but mine can be very tangential, someone says one word and suddenly I’m six topics away on a related story because of that one word, meanwhile the person I might be talking with is looking at me like I’m a crazy person because they have no idea of the 5 steps between what they said and where we are now.

Well, just that exact thing happened and from the mistype “who” my mind ends up going “who do?” and BAM I’m humming the words to “Magic Dance” by one David Bowie from the movie Labyrinth.  This started a horrible idea in my head.  And so as I continued about my adventure mining and pet battling, when I would enter a new zone I would simply type six words, and let the rest unfold.  Below is what happened…

STV Bowie

NSTV Bowie

BS BowieBurning Steppes actually made it further than anyone else with lyrics!

SS BowieI got a little overzealous there and typed too fast.

SW Bowie

WF BowieWestfall was amazing and the conversation launched into how amazing David Bowie was, for about 30 seconds, than as all Westfall chat does, it deteriorated pretty quickly with talk of nipples and Mr. Bowie’s package.

HF Bowie

Of course, it doesn’t always go so well, sometimes it’s crickets.

Bowie Fail 1

Bowie Fail 2At least they got the movie?  But come on, this was Elwynn, there are like a million people there, but obviously only one over the age of…25, 30?

 Of course, you can abuse the power of Bowie too.

Bowie Fail 3

Even though this was 4 hours apart, the people in Hellfire Peninsula still remembered.

So here’s to you Mr. David Bowie.  You still live on, in ways you never even knew.

Reise ins Labyrinth, Die

And here’s a link to the video/music should you have forgotten.




Petless Pet Classes

I can’t remember where I read it, but I seemed to recall that the warlock talent tree was bringing back Sacrifice Demon. Those of us that have been around long enough remember a time in BC when there was a spell with such a name that would grant the warlock a power buff in lieu of having a demon. I remember using this on my warlock (Kittykat) during raids since it seemed the pets would die far too often. It was a nice change of pace. I could play my spell caster without the worry of pet positioning and management. It was nice.

If in Mists of Pandaria this ability is brought back and I can go without a demon pet, I’m guessing that there will be a spec that I pick up that allows me to do so. Demonology for when I want a pet and affliction or destruction for when I don’t. This adds a new element to game play for those warlocks that never want a pet.

Naturally this train of thought led me to the petless hunter concept…basically an archer. I’ll be the first to say that pets are great for having during leveling and running around in Azeroth, but when it comes to dungeons, I’d just as soon sacrifice my pet and play the role of the archer pew pewing from the back. Allowing survival and marksman hunters to drop the pet for a buff doesn’t seem game breaking if you’re going to do it for warlocks.

Now there will be the argument that the pet is what makes the hunter class. But this would introduce a new flavor to the hunter that isn’t available without making a Ranger or Archer class. Also it wouldn’t have to be a “Sacrifice Pet” like the warlock, but perhaps an Aspect of the Pet. Make it an aspect where your souls bind and you gain characteristics from your chosen pet. This would allow you to turn it on quickly like when a warlock sacrifices, but would also allow you to turn it back on by changing aspects and calling your pet again. Since the hunters have the system of aspects in place, it would be a nice way to weave this into the game. It could even be a buff simply by pet type not pet family; like a cunning, ferocity, and tenacity buff rather than a bear, wolf, or kitty buff. That way they don’t have to balance out so many buffs.

I know this is not going to happen in MoP, but given how we see Warlocks work without pets, I’d like to see them expand this to hunters too. I love some of my pets, but when it comes to a dungeon, I still feel pretty forced to certain pet families for buffs instead of the pets that I want (I heard this will be different in MoP too) but if I could just Aspect of the Pet with my ferocity pet and not worry about using the pet I should rather than the pet I want or for taking crap for using the pet I want rather than the pet I should, it would greatly improve the quality of my huntering.

The Color Purple

There are some of us that have been around long enough to remember when the color of the text of your loot meant something.  But at max level, pretty much everything you get after the first patch of the expansion is a purple.  They don’t introduce a new level of greens or blues.  So the idea of something being purple being special is…lost.

The color of the text stemmed such popular use of the phrase EPIC, but when everything is epic, can anything really be epic?  Before patch 3.2, when item level became visible on gear, there were add-ons that would calculate this mystery number called “gear score” that would tell you, but mostly other people, how good you were.  It was based off some formulas that weighed the values of your items and came up with an arbitrary number, so that people could judge you and decide if you were geared enough to take to ToC.  

Now however, since item levels are available, the game calculates your average iLevel and the game itself uses this average to determine if you are geared enough to be tackling certain content.  The idea that players could out perform those of higher gear level by using skill and knowledge of the game all but disappeared.  People can get awesome gear scores and still be terrible.  We all know this, we’ve seen it. 

So this gets me back to my original thought, the value of that purple text, the “epic” status of the item.  Since everything has an iLevel, there really is no value in the text color.  It used to be a visual indication of item rarity when iLevels were not available through the game, but now you can just look at the iLevel and determine which epic piece is best—this is what most players do.  Higher iLevel must be better and it’s pretty much true. 

So why when there are new patches in an Xpac, aren’t there new iLevel greens and blues?  Why aren’t there new blue items that drop from DS that have the same iLevel as say…something from T11?  Or even so, why do ANY of the items even have special colored font anymore since it doesn’t matter because usually a higher iLevel is better.  At end game level 85 requirement items are pretty much all purple.  So I basically ask then…is there a need for green, blue, and purple anymore??  Does the purple color still excite you on a boss or is it just expected?  It’s a purely visible and cosmetic thing…I’m not sure I’d notice if they ever decided to remove item text colors.

Fate of Theramore

I am slow getting the news sometimes.  I don’t read the big WoW news sites like I used to, they are blocked at work and at home, I’d rather spend that time playing the game.

So though it’s been in the news for some time now, I just found out that in MoP the Alliance city of Theramore will be captured by the Horde which will fuel the Horde vs. Alliance war again.  Apparently, the appearance of Deathwing was too much of a distraction for the Alliance leaders to be aware that they lost Southshore to the Horde in that expansion.

The loss of Theramore however, seems far more detrimental to me.  The only Alliance city you can portal to that isn’t on an island in Northern Kalimdor, Theramore was a nice waypoint for the Alliance to get to and from Kalimdor easily, the boat there was nice too.  This was good for those that aren’t level 85 and can’t port to Mt. Hyjal or Uldum.  Blizzard’s decision to have the Horde capture Theramore is a bold move.  My gut reaction is…”What is the Alliance going to capture?”  I was kinda pissed that though there’s supposed to be this war that will be triggered, where are my toons?  Why isn’t Elgar running off to help save Theramore??

Then the idea hit me… instead of just Blizzard deciding the fate of Theramore, it would be awesome if the players could decide the fate.  After patch 5.0 rolls out, Theramore should be a daily quest hub, that month before MoP is released should be the time of final decision of the fate of Theramore.  Make it a daily quest hub for Alliance and Horde players where the Horde are on the assault and the Alliance on the defense…make PvP quests as well.  Basically, make it feel like the setting of the war and make the outcome variable.

If through the number of daily quests completed the Horde and Alliance could shift the battle, right up to release date, that would really give a feel of war.  Which ever faction completed the most daily quests (or some other point system) by the time the release for MoP would happen they would gain or keep Theramore in the expansion.  This would be a per server outcome.  Either way, the war would escalate feelings leaving into MoP and the difference per server would be if Theramore belonged to Horde or Alliance.

I know people will say well if the population leans heavy one way or the other that will be the outcome, well, so be it.  There will be some that easily keep or gain Theramore and there will be servers where it is very close.  This type of event helps build server community as well.  There could even be a special event boss to kill a commander on the other side, they would drop loot that would be big upgrades easy in the last month (think of the elemental invasions).  This would really give the server a feel of battle.  In the end, Blizzard ends up with two different maps for Dustwallow Marsh that are implemented on a per server basis, but it would give a really awesome feeling when you went there, knowing you earned to keep/gain that city!

This also helps with one of the issues that WoW struggles, and that is a dynamic world that you feel part of.  There haven’t really been world events like this that seemed to change the world.  Even when we didn’t defeat the elementals in say IF during the elemental invasion, there really wasn’t much of a consequence.  Something like this changes the game, but not on such a large-scale that it disrupts too much game play.

I know Blizzard doesn’t have a plan for such an event, but to me, it would feel far more real if I at least had a chance to try to defend Theramore before it’s just lost overnight to the Horde.

Blizz Loves Paladins

As usual, I’m up to any shenanigans that are basically not end game content.  Things like leveling more alts, trying to get pretty gear to transmogrify and collecting patterns or materials to make weird useless gear.  I love it.

What I don’t love is paladins, as if Blizzard already didn’t make them crazy machines of healing and whatever, and making gear exclusively for one of their specs–it’s just madness.  But no, as if we all weren’t feeling bad enough about paladins, then when we go to SSC to get some T5 stuff with a couple of priests, a warlock, warrior, and druid, we down Vashj and she drops 3, yes 3 paladin head tokens (well paladin, shaman, rogue–but still!!).  The other bosses dropped 2 for paladins, it was like we couldn’t get a damned piece to drop for the classes we had with us!  Then we went to Gruuls and it was more of the same, paladin crap.  It’s like Blizz loves them more than anyone else!! 

I do take into account that it could have been because Elgar was there for some of it.  Is this just more of the same “sorry, no Mr. Pinchy or Sea Pony for you” bullshit?  A slap in the face to Elgar, subtly letting him know he should have been a paladin instead of a priest?  No, I won’t believe it.  Because no paladin set looks as hot as priest T5.  NO SET. 

So Blizzard, if it’s just Elgar you hate, fine.  Just please, enough with the paladins already.  I don’t know how much more I can take. 



I love and I hate Darkmoon Faire.

Reasons I love it:
1)  Fun games!
2)  Mounts and mini-pets!
3)  Skill ups for professions!
4)  Cool redesign!
5)  Achievements!
6)  Ponies!
7)  Shipwrecked debris for fishing! 

Reasons I hate it:
1)  My friend that plays on my second account on his level 36 hunter with fishing skill of 29 when he started caught the Sea Pony.  Elgar did not. 

Seriously, if Blizzard has a thing out for Elgar, I wish they would just publicly announce it.  Is there a reason he can’t find all the Dalaran books?  And after nearly 3 expansions of trying to fish for Mr. Pinchy and STILL no luck—but my dumb mage gets him in like 20 casts?  And now this Sea Pony incident?  Outrageous!! 

Anyways, aside from that I really like Darkmoon Faire.  The 5 skill points from profession quests is really nice for those alts that are up above 510 or so but are struggling to get the last few skill points, that will be VERY handy.  Also, there are great opportunities to catch chests from the shipwrecked debris and I have been lucky with those—though the competition is high as there are many others usually looking for them.   

It was also a good time with my friend last night, after spending lots of time fishing and then doing a dungeon, we also worked on professions, namely his mining and my herbing, both had been neglected while we were first leveling as to focus more on the game rather than the professions.  He still struggles a bit with things like shot rotation and would rather just mash buttons.  I probably wasn’t much better at that point. 

Oh!  One other thing, since I was out herbing anyways, I came across a dig site on my worgen.  He has archaeology skill 12.  I dig up a troll artifact and collect 8 pieces.  8.  WTF?  I saw they were updating the amount you could get, but really?  8?  Wow!  At skill 12 before you could only get 3!  I am going to have to see what Elgar can dig up and spend some time on archaeology again, also with my dwarves since they find things too!  That was a HUGE bonus to the profession and much needed.  I could almost finish one item in one dig site getting 8, 7, and 7.  Very nice Blizz!

Anyways, I really love 4.3 so far!!

Screenshot Wednesday…on Friday!

I had fully intended to post these screenshots of random things on Wednesday, but it wouldn’t let me upload the pics for some reason.  So here they are…on Friday…but still called Wednesday.  I did manage to finish Pilgrim on Wednesday night with Elgar.  I also was able to take advantage of some cooking skills and got the warrior, rogue, and second account hunter up in cooking skills.  I helped out some hordes with rogues.  And once the little rogue gnome I made was around Dalaran, it was like they came flooding to Dalaran and shot me with feathers.  I then took my dwarf rogue there and witnessed a half-dozen horde or so getting the Pilgrim achievement.  It was worth it.  I also helped some alliance including myself using the second account to make both a troll and an orc rogue.  Good times.

Anyways, here are some screenshots.

Elgar's Transmogrification Set

This is the priest T5 set that Elgar will wear once 4.3 hits.  I think it looks awesome.  Though I need to get him a staff so I can transmogrify that one!  I also need the belt from Gruul’s Lair.  I gave it up last time without even thinking.  Foolish.

Doing a random dungeon on Sousa, I ran into an alternate universe Kerick...who also was a paladin!!

This experience was like something out of the twilight zone.  And last but not least, I leave you with one of those, in the right place at the right time scenarios.  I was just passing through Stormwind when there was one of those random dance parties going on… our guildmate Kisara (Sorak) logged on.  I’ll let the screenshot of the text box say the rest.  Note, we had no idea who these people were.

We have no idea who this is!