The Power of Bowie

The other day I was running around Redridge doing some mining for tin ore and someone mistypes “/who” in the chat channel.  I don’t know how other people’s brains work, but mine can be very tangential, someone says one word and suddenly I’m six topics away on a related story because of that one word, meanwhile the person I might be talking with is looking at me like I’m a crazy person because they have no idea of the 5 steps between what they said and where we are now.

Well, just that exact thing happened and from the mistype “who” my mind ends up going “who do?” and BAM I’m humming the words to “Magic Dance” by one David Bowie from the movie Labyrinth.  This started a horrible idea in my head.  And so as I continued about my adventure mining and pet battling, when I would enter a new zone I would simply type six words, and let the rest unfold.  Below is what happened…

STV Bowie

NSTV Bowie

BS BowieBurning Steppes actually made it further than anyone else with lyrics!

SS BowieI got a little overzealous there and typed too fast.

SW Bowie

WF BowieWestfall was amazing and the conversation launched into how amazing David Bowie was, for about 30 seconds, than as all Westfall chat does, it deteriorated pretty quickly with talk of nipples and Mr. Bowie’s package.

HF Bowie

Of course, it doesn’t always go so well, sometimes it’s crickets.

Bowie Fail 1

Bowie Fail 2At least they got the movie?  But come on, this was Elwynn, there are like a million people there, but obviously only one over the age of…25, 30?

 Of course, you can abuse the power of Bowie too.

Bowie Fail 3

Even though this was 4 hours apart, the people in Hellfire Peninsula still remembered.

So here’s to you Mr. David Bowie.  You still live on, in ways you never even knew.

Reise ins Labyrinth, Die

And here’s a link to the video/music should you have forgotten.




Sixth of Six?

What is this?  I don’t even!

Repgrind is making me post some pictures.  So here they are!

I couldn’t follow the rules very well, I don’t know who would have WoW screenshot subfolders…but because I rename some pictures that I crop for the blog, the 6th image in the folder was a picture that’s already been posted.  Boo.  So I went with the 6th image that isn’t renamed…but since those sort by date, that was my LFR run, again an image that I’ve already posted. 

So it was time to sort. 

I sorted by date first.

Eonar Server, circa 2007. Ado makes an appearance! So does Rossini...when he was still Kittykat!

Then I sorted by name.

Rossini in demonform...looks like an alt run of Naxx-10! Oh! Hi Karius!

Then I sorted by size.

Elgar in bubbles...cowering, of course.

Wow, that’s some crazy photos…it also reminded me that I’ve been playing WoW for over 5 years now…you’d think I’d be a seasoned veteran, but there’s still things I haven’t done!  Sorry for the weird mini-pics, the photos aren’t uploading for me correctly today.

Screenshot Wednesday…on Friday!

I had fully intended to post these screenshots of random things on Wednesday, but it wouldn’t let me upload the pics for some reason.  So here they are…on Friday…but still called Wednesday.  I did manage to finish Pilgrim on Wednesday night with Elgar.  I also was able to take advantage of some cooking skills and got the warrior, rogue, and second account hunter up in cooking skills.  I helped out some hordes with rogues.  And once the little rogue gnome I made was around Dalaran, it was like they came flooding to Dalaran and shot me with feathers.  I then took my dwarf rogue there and witnessed a half-dozen horde or so getting the Pilgrim achievement.  It was worth it.  I also helped some alliance including myself using the second account to make both a troll and an orc rogue.  Good times.

Anyways, here are some screenshots.

Elgar's Transmogrification Set

This is the priest T5 set that Elgar will wear once 4.3 hits.  I think it looks awesome.  Though I need to get him a staff so I can transmogrify that one!  I also need the belt from Gruul’s Lair.  I gave it up last time without even thinking.  Foolish.

Doing a random dungeon on Sousa, I ran into an alternate universe Kerick...who also was a paladin!!

This experience was like something out of the twilight zone.  And last but not least, I leave you with one of those, in the right place at the right time scenarios.  I was just passing through Stormwind when there was one of those random dance parties going on… our guildmate Kisara (Sorak) logged on.  I’ll let the screenshot of the text box say the rest.  Note, we had no idea who these people were.

We have no idea who this is!

Screenshot Friday

Because someone has a bit of a fascination with a tiny rockling…when Elgar was finishing up Deepholm, which I loathe, I took a screenshot.  However, it seems that since the patch the bats which you give Pebble have shrunk…

Believe it or not, he’s actually carrying around bats…the are just really tiny.  Patch 4.1, Blizzard nerfs Pebble.

Noble Creepiness

 Better late than never I suppose, I had complained how my paladin didn’t get Noble achievements due to poor luck with opening eggs.  I did however manage to complete all the achievements you need to complete “during” the event and I had plenty of chocolates to eat what I needed.  So the middle of this week, I reviewed what was left and started out my journey. 

First I decided to divebomb the horde.  I had completed all the Alliance for Shake Your Bunny Maker and so was off to Hordeland, I mean Kalimdor.  I figured once over there I could finish up my Desert Rose requirements as well. 

Beware of this dwarf seen hovering around Ogrimmar!

After dive bombing the Horde ladies, I swung down through Tanaris, picked up my teleporter recipe–go go paladin engineers!  I met Kerick down in Un’Goro where she was alarmed and then turned me into a bunny. 

Imagine taking a have group will travel and finding this.

I flew over to Silithus and up through Feralas grabbing all the flight points, oh, that was interesting, though I had no flight paths in Feralas, Kalinnikov showed all of Kalimdor explored except for Azuremyst and Bloodmyst isles.  Odd.  I went up through Desolace, completed Desert Rose and then was on to Dolonar and Azure Watch to make some baby bunnies–with Karius.

Teldrassil was never the same.

She gave me a lift–it looks scary!  We headed over to Exodar, where there is no flying…

Cruising in Exodar.

And with that, I was done.  Kalinnikov no longer just had “the Patient” as a title, and quickly changed it to the Noble, which sounds much better for a paladin anyways…even if is he a little bit on the creepy side.

Crazy Screenshots

So I was digging through my screenshot folder in order to post some interesting shots and maybe recap about the Heroic Outland dungeons I did this weekend for reputation, but then I started to see some hilarious ones and figured it would be fun just to post these.  My folder sorts the files by name, so the shots taken on similar dates end up together…the thing is, the date isn’t always 2009.  Here are some great ones.


We killed Ony with 3 man in 2007 - I was playing the warlock, it's Rossini before he became a dude.


The sea level is sinking, but the icebergs are not.


Elgar in 2007, just started in Outlands!


Again in November 2007, the first flying machine I ever saw.

Patch Day Mount Madness

I should have just avoided it all together.  But I logged in.  My main server is down and so is the one I play my Horde with.  But I had one level 19 hunter on Eonar left (Troutwort Two) and I leveled him up and went to get my mount…foolish.


Somewhere in there was the mount vendor.  When you could find her she wouldn’t respond to clicking for a LONG time and then the purchase of her mounts was slow too.  In my own impatience, I actually ended up with 5 mounts since the server had to take time to catch up.  Whoops!  I should have just avoided it though.


I don’t know that it was worth all the lag.  Tonight, I think I’ll find other games to play.