Server Choice

The other day at lunch I was having a discussion with one Addoe, Adoe, Ado, Adorand…whatever his name is now, and I was talking about how I was ready to transfer some of my toons on my second account over to Horde and server/account transfer them so that I can only be paying for one account every month.  Since he and his wife play on Drak’Tharon and I have a few low-level toons over there, it was assumed that I’d move over there…I know many people over there.  But said that I was going to transfer to Kargath instead.


I said, well Kargath is PvE and Drak is PvP.  I don’t want play on a PvP server.  They gave many solid arguments saying that you don’t really run into many people and that people don’t really jump you.  And Addoe pointed out that it’s fun to get into sparring matches and said how they were outside a raid and he got into it with a Death Knight.  I on the other hand pointed out the constant anxiety I would have while leveling or doing anything if I could get jumped at anytime, and that I didn’t find beating each other up outside a raid while trying to get it organized very fun.

It was funny though, because on that same day that we agreed to disagree about how fun PvP servers could be, I went home and got to experience exactly what I was talking about.  First was just minor, a friend who transferred over to a PvP server recently was saying how he died 12 times in Mt. Hyjal while trying to level up.  12 times in one hour.  He wanted to be on a PvP server, so he didn’t mind too much, but said 12 times is a bit ridiculous.  And there’s not much a level 80 can do against a level 85.

The second experience was my own.  I’ve been pushing Elgar to 150 pets.  I think he’s at 141 and there are a few that I could get fairly easy, like the Tol Barad seagull.  Elgar skipped TB stuff initially.  So I headed over to do some dailies.  I have only ever done the dailies in the PvE part of the zone.  So there I am, killing ghosts at Largo’s Overlook.  There was a bit of competition that day, 3 or 4 others there at the same time, so I decided I would dot up several and then use Mind Sear to AOE them down.  So I’m doing just that, 3 ghosts all with DoTs and me in a bubble doing Mind Sear.  People are running around and I see someone running toward me, I assume they are going to run past me to get more ghosts.  And right before they reach me, they turn yellow, like PvP yellow.  And then instantly red.  Because now, my Mind Sear had hit them.  And I hear the “you are now in PvP” noise.  Awesome.  Since I’m focused on keeping Elgar alive and killing the ghosts, I’m really caught off guard and the guy seems to just run past me, then I see a flagged Draenei Shaman trying to kill this Tauren Death Knight.  I kill my ghosts and decide it’s do or die at this point, and jump into the fray hoping that I can help the Shaman enough.  But I’m at 50% health and the Shaman is less than that, the DK however, is 90%+.  Our efforts seem futile.  Then, a Blood Elf Rogue shows up and makes quick work of the Shaman, the moment I see the rogue, I decide it’s time to flee.  I make a run for it.  And I make it pretty far timing my dispersion so they couldn’t slow me down.  But it’s not long and I’m eating dirt.

I will be the first to say I suck at PvP whether I have a good start or not.  I’m just not that fast and usually people who are partaking in it are pretty well experienced.  Now if someone else in full crappy PvE gear and a poor spec who never wants to do PvP wants to challenge me, I’ll take them up on it.  😉

I found it ironic that on the same day that I’m talking about PvP and people jumping me when I’m just trying to do things and how I don’t like that, that someone flags me and then kills me which is exactly the thing I was talking about hating.  And of course that Adoe was trying to say it hardly ever happens and yet here on my peaceful PvE server, I got a little taste of the frustration.

I just wanted my Tol Barad badges so I could get a seagull and instead, I got dead.

To be fair, part of the reason I don’t like PvP servers is because I tend to play WoW as though it’s a single player game.  I’m off doing things by myself most the time and I pretty much want to be able to play as I like without other people getting in my way.  I don’t need WoW to be an MMO for me to have a good time.  Yes, it’s great that I’ve met some awesome people and have a wonderful guild, but I’m as happy as a clam just doing my own weird things by myself, without the constant worry that some idiot who thinks he’s god’s gift to whatever class he is playing is going to gank and then teabag me.  There’s plenty of douchiness in the real world, I don’t need it in my video game too.


Isle of Quel’Danas vs. Molten Front

I decided to do a little questing on Elgar and thought I should take him out to the Molten Front to see if they had any good prizes for him.  I hadn’t quite finished the questline to unlock Molten Front, but was pretty close.  I got to the point where it was, did some of the quests, went through the portal, did the first set of dailies then went to talk to Malfurion who told me I’d need 150 marks of the world tree to unlock the next phase, I opened my currency tab.  28 marks.  Fffff—-

I was quickly reminded why none of my toons had ever unlocked anything beyond this first phase.  Molten Front just isn’t that much fun.  And even if I had unlocked it for one toon, the idea of doing the same thing over and over for the other 6 toons…oh hell no. 

I know others have done it, good for them, maybe they only have one toon to do it on or one that they “care” about.  But man, I can’t even muster doing it everyday.  But that’s also because I don’t play every single day.  So the process would be really long, and REALLY monotonous.  By the time I’d unlock all the quests and phasing on one toon I’d be so sick of it I’d never want to do it again.  So choose carefully Elgar…

I think back to when Isle of Quel’Danas rolled out.  The whole island was there, and it unlocked as the whole server completed a set number of quests.  Each day, all of my toons could contribute to the greater server cause, unlocking the next phase as soon as possible.  And as the server progressed, the island was cleared of demons and opened up.  But if Schubert came three weeks later than Elgar to the party on the Isle, they were both able to do the same quests as it was marked by server progression, not by individual progression.  Vendors opened up as you progressed as a server. 

I liked Isle of Quel’Danas.  I liked the concept behind it better too.  So for all my alts that came after, they had access to everything the server had unlocked.  There was no individual grind to get to the point where you could finally reach the instance.  For an alt-oholic like me, Isle of Quel’Danas was a much better roll-out than Molten Front.  I had several toons make it to exalted with Shattered Sun.  I doubt that I’ll have many, if any complete all the quests for Isle of Quel’Danas…I just don’t have that mentality. 

On a sort of related note, I’m still waiting for them to have shoulder enchants be BoA.  I’m sick of Dailies for Therazane and I’m sick of their tabard.

Thoughts on Raiding, Dailies

First off, congratulations to Crits and Giggles for completing all of the content up to 4.2!  Not only did the Friday/Saturday raid get Nefarian down on Friday night, but the Sunday/Monday group was able to get Nefarian and Al’Akir down.  This completed the pre-4.2 content for both raid groups.  I am so proud of the groups and though they finished after 4.2, they did well getting as far as they did prior to 4.2.  Congratulations to all and congrats on the new mounts earned for the guild!

So I went raiding with the Friday/Saturday group on my Warlock.  He had maybe a half-dozen epics and then mostly heroic dungeon gear, but a few normal items as well as a green wand.  Damn you Blizzard for your lack of wands at 85.  Seriously. 

The experience was mostly good.  Nefarian isn’t a very complicated fight, compared to something like Lich King.  It’s all about managing the cooldowns and kiting the adds.  The group was pretty well-organized and though we had several of us that had never done it before, including one tank, we progressed and got it done.  We went over did some firelands trash for a bit, then went to kill Al’Akir.  Saturday we did BoT downing Choga’ll and finished the whole place in about 1.5 hours.  Not a single piece of DPS cloth dropped.  Sad day.  The good news is that with the changes to the way I was doing rotation and therefore some of my glyphs, I really managed to do better than I thought.  Not too shabby for having gear that wasn’t ideal. 

While seeing this content was fun, and a good time, I honestly have to say, I don’t know how you people do this.  Raid, every week, hours on end.  At about 1.5 hours into our 4 hour scheduled raid, I was done.  I started to get sloppy in play, I was tired, restless, I wanted to have someone say, “Okay, we killed Nef, everyone have the night off!”  But you people are relentless!  Ha!  I mean, if you love it, good for you, but I was quickly reminded why I play the game the way I do.  Raiding is not for me.  But kudos to all that can do that, throwing yourselves mercilessly towards death repeatedly often for nothing.  Wow.  I’m not sure if I should be scared of you, or respect you.  Ha!

It was a good experience though, and I was glad I could help the group out, at least with Nef.  I’m pretty sure I was pretty useless on all other fights we did.

I also wanted to comment on the dailies in Firelands.  I love the progression of the druids across the firelands, the storyline is pretty good, and it feels good too, like things are moving, the world is alive.  And it looks like an epic battlefield out there.  Good job Blizz!  However, I do wish it was more Quel’Danas style, where the server as a whole worked together to open up the next section, the next vendors, etc.  This is crazy.  To have to do this repeatedly on each toon to get my 150 marks?  Insanity.  No thank you.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll send one or two through it and that’s it.  If it was server progressed, I would probably do it on more toons, to help the cause, but knowing that each one will have to do this repeatedly to unlock it for himself?  No way.  This is when the game starts to feel like work to me and not like fun.  I would rather dig up archaeology finds than repeat those dailies for months on all my toons.  So, I give them credit for making the area feel epic, however boo to it being individual and not server wide progression.

Back at work today, good times.  Was a busy weekend with raiding and fire festival stuff.  I finally got Flame Warden on Elgar…should have done it on Rossini, but as always I resort to “next year…”

An Interesting Night

Due to the protests continuing, the kid I mentor spent the night last night since his mom was going to sleep in the capital.  He asked if he could stay over so as to not have to stay home alone and I agreed.  I have additional comments on parental responsibility here, but I’ll keep them to myself.

Anyways, so with him over all night I had to figure out exactly what we were going to do with the evening.  His goldthorn business is still running strong, so I knew he wanted to get some herbing in eventually.  But I dragged him through Setthek Halls at 67 and then Shadow Labs.  A few quests in Nagrand and a few in Netherstorm and he was 68.  His character is technically ready for Northrend now, I suppose I’ll drag her up there eventually, but he is set on making her farm goldthorn and selling for a profit.  Though he’s doubled his price on the AH and perhaps that’s too much and they won’t sell now.  We’ll see!!

While he was off farming herbs I looked over to Drak’Thar server to make a toon to sometimes harass the other bloggers over there.  I toyed with an undead hunter but I can’t get over their look, so I decided to make an orc:  Troutorc.  He’s a hunter and I’ll be honest, his little boar is adorable.  I got to level 5 before midnight and decided to log back to Elgar transmute a Truegold and then go to bed, but then I thought…hmmm…what’s this Tol Barad people are always talking about?

Alliance controlled it, though I don’t know what that really means?  And I got a bunch of quests which I will do.  No flying there made it a little weird, but I managed and soon realized that unlike other times I can’t really quest here in Disc spec.  Things took WAY too long to kill so I switched to shadow and did a few quests.  They were okay, but I should come back and do more of them eventually because I like pets and I hear they have a seagull!  Good times! 

So all in all it was a weird night of all sorts of things happening.  Tonight it should be a little more routine, some archaeology, some questing, and some dailies.  Maybe even some scary PvP leveling with the Horde!

Halls of Suck

I loathe the Halls of Lightning.  I mean really loathe it.  But it was our normal daily yesterday, so it only seems right that I go for it with the guild, but they wanted to do it on Heroic.  I loathe Halls of Lightning on regular that I had completely avoided doing it on heroic with Elgar.  But it was time to face it.  I figured I could make it.  But I wasn’t thrilled.  Loken in particular is annoying because of my lack of and now totally nerfed AOE ability (yes singular) as a Disc priest. 

Did I mention I hate this place?  We had a few casualties along the way but pretty much every time we did it was due to AOE type damage.  Seriously, I hate that place.  We make it to Loken, but we wipe on him, I was the first to go down.  Grr.  So we try again.  It’s not looking much better, but I blow some major cooldowns and manage to stay alive along with much of the party for nearly the whole fight, he’s at 60k when I die, we have two DKs left, one pops army of dead while the tank blows his cooldowns.  They manage to finish him off just before one last lightning nova that surely would have killed them.  I have to give a shout out to both of them for finishing him off.  I was more than happy to see him drop and through the whole instance I managed to pick-up three achievements.


I still hate HoL.  After some congratz from the achievement spam I told the guild that now that was done, I don’t ever have to go back, I have the achievement, thank you.  They laughed.  I wasn’t kidding.  I’ll go back as DPS, but I don’t like to heal that place at all.  I loathe the Halls of Lightning.

Troutwort of Stormwind

I’m still having a little trouble understanding how Trout has been my focus lately.  It’s always been Elgar once they both hit max level, but I’ve really put more time into Troutwort again since Elgar reached a level of gear that I feel makes him fully capable of healing any and all heroics, sure there’s always room for improvement and I still do heal with him, but doing quests or dailies with him is less than thrilling.  The other day I was following someone to Icecrown so they could show me something and I was like, where’d you go?!  We were in a phased part and I couldn’t see him, he said “Oh you haven’t quested here?”  I chuckled and said, “Oh ha ha, Elgar doesn’t quest.”

Troutwort does do the dailies and his new favorite is the Argent Tournament.  Though lately, he’s been getting slacky and has’t been going to joust the Scourge.  But he did get enough badges for a new weapon!  The Argent Tournament staff seen below is what Trout is using, though it’s “technically” a feral druid staff, I have yet to see something that is easy for me to attain with that much agility.  But twice now, I’ve been criticized for using “a druid weapon” and then tried to explain that it’s the best weapon I could find without raiding.  This is one of those scenarios where I must have just got caught by bored people inspecting my gear as I run around Dalaran or Ironforge.


Trout has earned the “of Darnassus” title and started his Argent dailies for Stormwind since it was his next closest reputation to exalted.  He finished up the dailies to earn the right to represent Stormwind, but didn’t reach exalted reputation.  So I headed back to Stormwind and over to Northshire Abbey to do some of the starter quests.  In less than an hour I had earned over 5000 Stormwind reputation and reached exalted.  Those low level beginner quests really like to hand out the reputation!

Exalted Rep SW

He started in on Gnomeregan as well, time to head back to Dun Murough to get some of that easy reputation too!

Speaking of low levels, the patch 3.2 changes to mount requirements and speeds is going to be much welcomed for all my alts.  I actually don’t have many alts left that need leveling up and mounts, but still.  It will be a nice and welcomed change.  I can’t view the pages to link at this time, but they are discussed in the WoW forums if you care to check out the “official” announcement.  I’ll try to add a link later from home, where websites are not blocked.


Trout has been out and about lately working up money towards his epic flying mount.  I’ve never been any good at playing the auction house as it always seemed more like work to me that it seemed like fun.  I sell things when I have excess and craft things to sell as well.  But I’ve never really done the whole buy low and resell high thing.

In order to get cash, Trout decided to take up the Argent Tournament folks on their offer for fame and gold.  It paid off!  Not only did he get a great little title, but he’s now able to collect the champions badges so that he can possible get a new weapon for himself.  That agility staff looks so yummy, even if it was primarily designed for druids, I’ll take what I can get!


On a side note, I was able to take out a stabled pet that I’ve had around since they introduced all the pet talent trees.  I wanted to have a pet from each tree.  Grizzlethorn (bear) whom I’ve had since level 24 became a tenacity pet, and I went out and tamed a Wasp in Zangar for DPS in dungeons, though his non-stacking buff doesn’t exactly make him the best choice – even if he looks really cool.  For my cunning pet…well, I didn’t really like the choices.  But decided that perhaps the web from the spider could prove useful in PvP or else in a pinch for a quick trap (I really do need a macro for that).  But I dug out the spider who had been rotting since level 70.  He became level 75 when I pulled him out.  Yay!  And thought that the dailies I was doing might be an easy way to get him up a few levels.  He’s at 78 now (I think).  His name is Kiwi, because he’s green and hairy.  And though he’s not an ideal pet by any means (40 second cooldown on web?  gross) I do love the way he looks and his name.  So I’ll level him up to 80 and then probably stash him away as I turn in for a real dungeon pet (don’t tell the wasp–he’s out too).