Oh goodness!

A week since I posted?  I know it’s been longer at times but man, am I slacking!  Well actually I had the flu, and I cheated on WoW and have been playing Tropico 4.  I like the story line and really enjoy the game; it fits my personality well…being the Presidente of a small island in the East Indies.  🙂

Anyways, let’s see…I could complain about the fail tanks I’ve been getting lately.  Like the ones that don’t know mechanics for normal heroics, or the ones who don’t use CC with their whopping 140k health pools and then wonder why I can’t keep them up.  Or the ones that break CC or the warrior who kept charging the banished target.  I could complain about the 1.5 hour Zul’Aman run I was in followed by the long Grim Batol where I lagged out on the two trash pulls up to the final boss so I couldn’t even finish to get my bag of wonders. 

But instead of that, I’m going to talk about Elgar, and how he got some major playtime yesterday…in fact, the most play time ever.  And as a result ended up getting about 10+ achievements two of which resulted in new titles.  Around the Christmas holiday, I realized that Elgar, upon completing Merrymaker was just two holidays away from his Long Strange Trip achievement.  Those two holidays were Lunar Festival and Love is in the Air (V-Day).  He had about half the V-day achievements done, but upon looking at the Lunar Festival ones…one.  Not a single achievement towards the holiday achievement besides the rocket one.  Ick.  So settled in for a day of  travel around Azeroth.  I stopped to do archaeology along the way, but tried really hard not to stop too much for herbs.  It took hours.  The dungeons slowed me down the most.  They weren’t impossible, but annoying.  Some of them required you to go quite far into the instance…which wasted time and Maraudon doesn’t have a good exit, so after getting that one, I hearthed out which is not where I wanted to be.

But with all that said and done, I got the achievement earning the Elder title.  Elder Elgar is a little weird though.  While looking around at all my achievements I noticed too that I was super close to finishing the Cataclysm Explorer, which would earn me the Explorer title.  I just needed to finish Vashir and one spot in Twilight Highlands, so I got those and also earned the Explorer title!  Not a bad day!  I even did Wintersgrasp PvP while going to get that Elder.  Just an FYI you have to have Wintersgrasp to get that Elder, so don’t forget to see when your faction has it so you can snag him if you are going for it. 

I had forgotten how terrible I was at PvP.  And Wintersgrasp is weird now because people can destroy the vehicles very quickly.  It’s funny how there’s a small subset of people really into it though, it’s almost like a personal BG to these guys.  😀  I’m glad they didn’t yell at me for helping out where I could. 

Anyways, it was a good weekend.  We finished it off with some Firelands to help a guild member finish up her staff…she’s at like 139 of the final things before the Rag thing, so it’s close!  That’s free pets for all!  Oh!  Speaking of which, I bought the Lunar Festival pet for Elgar and earned the Menagerie achievement for 125 minipets!  I would have had it a while ago if I could just catch that damned Seahorse or Mr. Pinchy.  Over 550+ casts for that damned Seahorse and nothing to show for it…I don’t even want to think about how many I’ve cast for Mr. Pinchy.  It’s enough to make me into a furious crawdad though!!


Like a Hole in the Head

With brewfest around the corner, I was looking at my character login, last year for Brewfest I had 7 level 80s, so I went into Brewboss like a mofo.  I ended up with I think 6 mounts across 4 toons.  I think Schubert got three mounts…so he doubled up.  This year I was looking at just 5 toons, but Sibelius was level 84…with a weekend push, he could be ready.  So I finished up the worst place in the world, the Zangarmarsh of Cataclysm, Deepholm.  And then a dungeon or two and a few quest in Twilight Highlands to get to 85.  I did more dungeons with Sibelius and so he was able to get Robes right off the bat, and it pushed his iLevel to above Troutwort and Schubert.  Poor guys. 

So now I’m sitting with 6 toons ready for brewboss.  Not too shabby, and frankly a lot better off as far as leveling goes than I thought I would be!  But it’s not like I really need another level 85 to neglect…both Trout and Schubert have yet to level their crafting professions, and Sibelius has a long way to go on enchanting, but close on JC.  It might be just me, but leveling professions seemed far more annoying this expansion than those in the past, Floy for example has her blacksmithing to 445+ and is only level 76.  Oh well!

And so with that, I’m looking forward to another year of Brewfest hopefully filled with lots of mounts I’ll probably never use…and hopefully free epics from the boss as well!  Yay!  Lord knows some of my toons really need them!

Thoughts on Raiding, Dailies

First off, congratulations to Crits and Giggles for completing all of the content up to 4.2!  Not only did the Friday/Saturday raid get Nefarian down on Friday night, but the Sunday/Monday group was able to get Nefarian and Al’Akir down.  This completed the pre-4.2 content for both raid groups.  I am so proud of the groups and though they finished after 4.2, they did well getting as far as they did prior to 4.2.  Congratulations to all and congrats on the new mounts earned for the guild!

So I went raiding with the Friday/Saturday group on my Warlock.  He had maybe a half-dozen epics and then mostly heroic dungeon gear, but a few normal items as well as a green wand.  Damn you Blizzard for your lack of wands at 85.  Seriously. 

The experience was mostly good.  Nefarian isn’t a very complicated fight, compared to something like Lich King.  It’s all about managing the cooldowns and kiting the adds.  The group was pretty well-organized and though we had several of us that had never done it before, including one tank, we progressed and got it done.  We went over did some firelands trash for a bit, then went to kill Al’Akir.  Saturday we did BoT downing Choga’ll and finished the whole place in about 1.5 hours.  Not a single piece of DPS cloth dropped.  Sad day.  The good news is that with the changes to the way I was doing rotation and therefore some of my glyphs, I really managed to do better than I thought.  Not too shabby for having gear that wasn’t ideal. 

While seeing this content was fun, and a good time, I honestly have to say, I don’t know how you people do this.  Raid, every week, hours on end.  At about 1.5 hours into our 4 hour scheduled raid, I was done.  I started to get sloppy in play, I was tired, restless, I wanted to have someone say, “Okay, we killed Nef, everyone have the night off!”  But you people are relentless!  Ha!  I mean, if you love it, good for you, but I was quickly reminded why I play the game the way I do.  Raiding is not for me.  But kudos to all that can do that, throwing yourselves mercilessly towards death repeatedly often for nothing.  Wow.  I’m not sure if I should be scared of you, or respect you.  Ha!

It was a good experience though, and I was glad I could help the group out, at least with Nef.  I’m pretty sure I was pretty useless on all other fights we did.

I also wanted to comment on the dailies in Firelands.  I love the progression of the druids across the firelands, the storyline is pretty good, and it feels good too, like things are moving, the world is alive.  And it looks like an epic battlefield out there.  Good job Blizz!  However, I do wish it was more Quel’Danas style, where the server as a whole worked together to open up the next section, the next vendors, etc.  This is crazy.  To have to do this repeatedly on each toon to get my 150 marks?  Insanity.  No thank you.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll send one or two through it and that’s it.  If it was server progressed, I would probably do it on more toons, to help the cause, but knowing that each one will have to do this repeatedly to unlock it for himself?  No way.  This is when the game starts to feel like work to me and not like fun.  I would rather dig up archaeology finds than repeat those dailies for months on all my toons.  So, I give them credit for making the area feel epic, however boo to it being individual and not server wide progression.

Back at work today, good times.  Was a busy weekend with raiding and fire festival stuff.  I finally got Flame Warden on Elgar…should have done it on Rossini, but as always I resort to “next year…”

Sousa, The Blunderer

Oh goodness.  So last night I played a little bit on Alfalfa the Tauren Priest over with the Hordies.  It was good times doing naked pole dances for holiday buffs.  I still have trouble figuring out where things are on the Horde side. 

After that though, I logged over to Sousa.  Holiday boss, some dailies, some recruiting and then his first heroic.  We had picked up a new tank for the guild form Guild Finder.  Seems like a good kid, really excitable, sometimes you need people who still get excited over downing heroic bosses.  Ha!  But he needed a few tips on tanking, but we got it done.  It was sloppy though.  But not because of him.  I was making mistakes all over the place.

Okay, so it’s BRC.  We wipe on the first boss because we pulled an extra group of trash with the boss, not sure how, but we did.  No biggie, cleaned it up, worked it out.  Then on to Corla.  Not pretty.  The first time the healer says “I am laggy so I can’t stand in a beam” so that leaves me.  So I’m out in the beam.  Well, I didn’t watch correctly and re-entered too soon.  I evolved and killed everyone.  The second time, someone else got in the beam again too soon.  It wasn’t our night.  I re-incarnate and mass rez everyone.  But I forget my totems, she respawns and aggros.  Wipe.  Stupid Sousa, stupid!  The last time I tell the healer he needs to stand in the beam because my DPS is like 4k while casting.  He does it, it goes flawlessly, done.

Steelbreaker was simply learning by the tank, but after him we’re clearing trash and I tab target and toss an instant cast lightning bolt at another group before I realize it.  I bind one of the elementals, drop earth totem and stay alive for quite a while but not before the tank can realize I pulled extras and rounds them all up.  I had already blown wolves and shamanistic rage recently, so I was SOL.  Whoops. 

Beauty goes just fine, one shot, easy.  And the final boss goes really well too.  I had to kite the adds, but I didn’t really know the best way to do it.  I put on my taunting weapon enhancements, earth-bind totems, and instant wolf and think I did “okay” it wasn’t perfect, but it could have been worse.  One shot that too.

Then I went back to TB dailies while waiting in queue.  I forgot I had my rockbiter weapon enhancement on for the whole time.  Ugh.  Just not my night.

I did another one later, it was Lost City.  I redeemed myself a bit on that one.  Though I still don’t understand the phoenix on the next to last boss.  I really should read about that.  I mean do I kill it, just forget it?  What?!  We went through there pretty smoothly, no mistakes this time.  It felt better.  Elgar then did the holiday boss, it was sloppy, I find that I can do just fine if people don’t take lots of damage except the tank.  The last time we did it, Elgar only took 15k in damage.  Also, his Divine Aegis really accounts for more absorbs than I thought!  The bonus crit heals will be nice in patch 4.2.  But that was sloppy too, took us 3 tries, so I was ready for something awesome.  I hopped on Rossini and did the holiday boss.  Blew through it, his demon form combined with hellfire and whirlwind makes those tiny elementals a joke.  It was a good way to end the night.

Holiday Cloaks!

It’s mid-summer fire-festival!  I think it’s the first holiday boss since Cataclysm has come out to give epic items.  I think the Valentine’s boss was neck pieces but they were 333 or something.  Anyways, Ahune, IMO, is far more challenging than the Valentine’s boss.  Of course that’s relatively speaking.  It basically is testing the tanks ability to grab lots of adds and the DPS/heals to stay out of the bad. 

The cloaks though are iLevel 353.  Which for my toons, is a significant upgrade in most cases.  Elgar and Rossini got lucky and have won their respective cloaks.  Schubert looks pathetic in there, I really need to find out if the boss is immune to frost damage, years ago he was, but I don’t think anymore??  But I’ve been running as fire on the mage, just in case.  Schubert has probably the lowest level gear of everyone though–so I almost feel bad doing it with him.  Elgar has been using this as a healing practice time.  And Sousa is still doing awesome and puling nearly as much DPS as Rossini does with less gear.  I’m waiting to purchase anything though as T11 will be JP purchaseable after the next patch.  That will be awesome.

As for the rest of the holiday, it’s an awesome time to be leveling alts, which I will probably do next week.  At least get everyone 60 minutes of the holiday 10% bonus XP buff so that the next time I play them they have it.  Rossini and Elgar have both done some of the holiday stuff, but I’ll probably finish it on Elgar since he’s completed more of the flame honoring/desecrating.  Though Rossini has purchased 2/3 of the flame armor things and only needs the boots.  So I might do that as well…I will have to check if those stupid flame blossoms keep from year to year or not.  I might have some in my banks?  I am guessing not though.  So it looks like I’ll have to spend some time juggling and tossing torches as well.  I have never completed this holiday, so it seems like as good a time as any. 

Well, that’s it for me for this week, I’m gone fishing all weekend.  Thankfully this holiday lasts more than a week, gives me time next week and weekend to catch up.  I usually stay home over the 4th of July because I hate crowds and people, I mean traffic.  😉  See you next week!

Noble Creepiness

 Better late than never I suppose, I had complained how my paladin didn’t get Noble achievements due to poor luck with opening eggs.  I did however manage to complete all the achievements you need to complete “during” the event and I had plenty of chocolates to eat what I needed.  So the middle of this week, I reviewed what was left and started out my journey. 

First I decided to divebomb the horde.  I had completed all the Alliance for Shake Your Bunny Maker and so was off to Hordeland, I mean Kalimdor.  I figured once over there I could finish up my Desert Rose requirements as well. 

Beware of this dwarf seen hovering around Ogrimmar!

After dive bombing the Horde ladies, I swung down through Tanaris, picked up my teleporter recipe–go go paladin engineers!  I met Kerick down in Un’Goro where she was alarmed and then turned me into a bunny. 

Imagine taking a have group will travel and finding this.

I flew over to Silithus and up through Feralas grabbing all the flight points, oh, that was interesting, though I had no flight paths in Feralas, Kalinnikov showed all of Kalimdor explored except for Azuremyst and Bloodmyst isles.  Odd.  I went up through Desolace, completed Desert Rose and then was on to Dolonar and Azure Watch to make some baby bunnies–with Karius.

Teldrassil was never the same.

She gave me a lift–it looks scary!  We headed over to Exodar, where there is no flying…

Cruising in Exodar.

And with that, I was done.  Kalinnikov no longer just had “the Patient” as a title, and quickly changed it to the Noble, which sounds much better for a paladin anyways…even if is he a little bit on the creepy side.

Ooh Shiny!

I hopped on Elgar to get the new pets from Children’s week.  I already had Veteran Nanny so I got to get the new Legs pet which is adorable.  I also did the SW orphan and Northrend orphan.  The SW orphan doesn’t require as much travel as I remember it originally requiring and the motor bike was pretty fun too!

It took me over 3.5 hours to do all the orphans…SW, Outland, and Northrend.  Why so long?  Well, let’s just say I was really distracted.  Between archaeology dig-sites and stopping to pick way more herbs than I should have, even doing daily fishing and cooking quests…and Argent Tournament…and stopping by the Darkmoon Faire… and killing Ogres in Nagrand…

I was pretty much in “Oh Shiny!” mode last night.  I even did the daily dungeon quest from Shattrah City, which was Shadow Labs, but I am <7000 rep now from exalted with Lower City, so I thought, why not?  And solo’d it on normal.  I thought about trying it on heroic, but man, BC trash had so many silences and stuns and knockdowns!  There were several fights were Elgar as just standing there unable to do anything!  How annoying!  I did get through it all though, pretty effortlessly.  And completed the quest.  Not too bad, I think I made over 100g and got a bunch of rep items (Fel Armaments) for Troutwort to turn in so maybe he’ll get Exalted with Aldor.  I always told myself I should finish those things up, now is as good as ever I suppose!  I will do Shadow Labs again tonight probably, it was actually pretty fun–if Blizz won’t give me solo dungeons, I’ll find some myself!

One thing too I was reminded of was dungeon armor sets.  It was awesome to loot the Hallowed Pauldrons.  It brought back some great memories of those Tier 3b dungeon sets.  Used to fill the gap between dungeons and raids.  Good times–even semi-relavent set bonuses.  Oh, how I miss those.  Would be cool to see those things come back…but doubt that will happen. 

 Tonight will probably be more Ooh Shiny as I do the Children’s week activities on Rossini, Schubert, and Troutwort.  Though if I want to get more than one done a night, I better pick up the pace and stay focused!  Though Elgar already has the meta for Children’s week and I won’t do it for anyone else and he’s my pet collector, I won’t feel bad if others don’t get it done.

Good luck with the orphans!