Stuck on me…

I was advised as a young hunter/mage/priest/pick-a-class to pick up first aid as a secondary skill.  So nearly all of my characters have picked it up and I try to make a good effort to keep the skill up with the excess cloth that I’m finding at the time.  The tailors always fell a little behind, but still managed to keep the skill up. 

Last night after our guild chat had a brief commercial interjection thanks to Cheerios and Band-Aid, I got to thinking about well…food and first aid.  Cooking was also a skill that I leveled up on several of my characters, a few didn’t pick it up, but they were always supplied excess food from my other characters, the mage, well, he just made his own. 

So anyways, I got to thinking about it, how many times I bandage myself versus how many times I just eat some salted venison or northern plumberries (or whatever they are).  I sit and eat far more often than I bandage myself.  Now I know the advantage of the bandage is that you can use it during combat, but when I use it during combat it always seems that I don’t get the full duration before I’m interrupted.  The little bit of health helps yes, saves the healer some mana, but I usually use my escape mechanism and just eat for full health afterwards.

So then, why do I do it?  Why am I so stuck on leveling up first aid?  Honestly, I have no friggin clue!  Between all my characters I have probably bandaged only 50 times in what like some 500 levels?!?  50/500 that’s like once every 10 levels I use a bandage.  That sounds about right.  I mostly use them for goofing off, bandaging people after combat for hilarity.  So am I really wasting all that cloth on the change of some small comic relief? 

Perhaps raiding atmosphere uses more bandages?  I used one in a battleground once after killing a paladin.  But since I don’t raid much, perhaps they are used more there than I know?  I can’t say!

But the more I think about it, I realize that I just plain don’t use bandages that much, and the times I did, it probably wouldn’t have prevented death so much as it just made for a quicker recovery than waiting to chow down on my venison steak.  To think of all that money I could have made by selling that cloth on the AH instead…the new characters are selling that crap.  To hell with first aid, herbalism effect (lifeblood) is much better anyways since it doesn’t get interrupted.

Also, why is there no Nurse title?  Seriously, healers would be all about getting the Nurse title I’m sure.  “Hello, I’m Nurse Elgar and I’m here to heal your PUG.”  Friggin awesome.


Inscribe This!


Okay, I haven’t looked up any guides so maybe there is one out there somewhere, but it dawned on me last night that my scribe (71 Shaman) is at 444/450.  I am pretty sure the only thing that wasn’t “grey” on his list was “Northrend Inscription Research” which is green and has been since about 440.  I haven’t gotten a point from it in weeks.  I assume it won’t be long before it goes grey as well. 

So I realize that unlike BC, there’s no real benefit to having max profession, I’m not going to get an awesome paper mache hat with some runes on it at 450 that has awesome stats and a set bonus with the pocket protector, but I feel a little “incomplete” being unable to get to 450.  My leatherworker is also at about 445ish.  He still has ‘orange’ patterns though.  I have gotten a few books of glyph mastery, but those patterns were ‘grey’ as well.  So I’m left wondering how it is that I’ll get my scribe up to 450?


Maybe I just should accept his failure.  Ha!

Edit:  It appears that the Northrend Darkmoon cards will carry me to 450.  I guess I should start saving my ink.

Ready or Not

So you’re leveling up an alt or your first toon.  You’re rocking through old Azeroth, saving Gnomeragan, fighting pirates in Booty Bay, defeating Scourge in the Plaguelands, and then you DING!  58!!  That magical number. 

Or you’re working your new Death Knight through Outlands, saving Sporeloks, fighting Arrakoa, keeping the demons at bay, and then you DING!  68!!  Another magical number!

So at both 58 and 68 you can move on to the next expansion of the game and finally do those quests.  You’re ready to go!  Or are you?  How do you decide if your character is ready for the next expansion?

I joined the game late.  BC was released just 2-3 weeks after I started my account.  So when I was running through the world of Azeroth, most people were crushing the Outlands.  I worked hard at Troutwort the Out Of Ammo.  I was pretty horrible, but I tried hard.  And eventually I started to get the hang of it so that by the time Elgar and Schubert came around they did much better.  Anyways, when Troutwort dinged 58, he didn’t head right to Outlands, he was in Silithus at the time and wanted to get some things done, though my friends and guild said, why?!?  Just get to Outlands, trust me.  I leveled all the way to 60 before I finally hit Outlands, making sure to get my professions up to max level as well.  Troutwort was ready. 

For Troutwort, being ready meant having professions leveled and skills maxed.  I didn’t know what Outlands had in store for him, so I wanted him to be as ready as possible.  Of course I got there and anything I did from 58 to 60 seemed, well…worthless.  I remember feeling almost a little sick to my stomach when I realized Cenariun Circle and Cenariun Expedition were not the same. 

Elgar didn’t wait until 60 to hit Outlands, and instead healed ramps at 58 and got out there as fast as he could.  He still had his professions up, but after Trout, I realized getting to Outlands as soon as possible was very beneficial.  Schubert, Kitty, Sibelius, etc. all followed suit.  Get professions up, then get to Outlands at 58.  Even Floy (death knight) leveled up her blacksmithing and mining to 300 before hitting Outlands.

When I did the recruit a friend program and got a another mage and hunter up to 58, I didn’t wait for their professions.  It wasn’t necessary and they hadn’t kept it up since they were burning through levels. 

I generally encourage everyone to hit the next zone once they ding 58 or 68 depending.  The rewards and experience is worth it.  My good friend dinged 68 a while ago, but she refused to hit Northrend until her leatherworking was to 350.  She didn’t want to have to go back.  She wanted to be able to be done, which I totally understand.  She had to go back from Outlands to regular Azeroth to finish up LW the first time and didn’t want to have to do that again.

Professions are a little tricky that way, even cooking and fishing.  Do you wait to hit the next zone until your professions are ready for the next zone or do you go for it and worry about professions later?  Aside from possibly mining, I think it’s fairly easy to get the gathering professions up to max before you level to the point where you can increase the max.  But some of the crafting ones can be a pain if you aren’t willing to invest much cash.  I actually respected that she waited for her profession to be ready before continuing.  I plan on doing the same with Kalinnikov and Sibelius and even Floy, I think the blacksmithing will be my biggest challenge to get 350 prior to 68. 

Though it did get me thinking, on all my more recent re-rolls, I’ve decided to do simply gathering professions.  I have little desire to level any of the crafting professions a second, or even third time in the case of LW and enchanting.

I’m assuming I’m fairly average with my technique for leveling professions as I go and making sure I’m ready for the next zone.  I’m not a “race to 80” type.  But perhaps there are other philosophies on this.