Red Line

Last post I showed the track leading from our first permanent settlement in our new Minecraft world and so this post I’ll show you where it ends.  After we settled there was a lot of exploration to find new places to settle, interesting geography features that begged for settlement.  And there of course were always plans brewing in the back of my head.  We had very VERY successful Egyptian and Norse style cities/villages before so those would be repeated, but we also wanted to try a Southwest/Mission style and as you saw there was the start to a city in the trees.  We also made an attempt at an Asian village, which though successful was never finished given the impending update, and we tried a Mayan village too, but again, interest faded quickly.

In this new world though, while exploring, I came across a site for a new city.  And it was great, high in the mountains, a valley cutting deep.  A perfect spot at the end of the rail line, for this:


I think that this is one of the largest (most blocks) structures I have built, probably only rivaled by the lighthouse an Stonehaven castle of the last world.  It definitely is if you count the walls, towers, and gates associated with it.  And though it was a massive undertaking, it was the first thing I built in this new city.  You can see the valley and river below it and the mountains that extend behind it, there was just enough flat space for this.  When you arrive by rail you end up coming in on the bridge to the left in the picture above, you go under the large palace and come out crossing the bridge into the train station.  Being one of the last buildings I built, it had some features that were included in others.  One change I happened across while building was to add supports to the upper corners, it gave the rooms more dimension and a touch of detail.  And experimenting while building is what helps make the game more interesting.


And of course, I am a builder, so I build, build, build.  I leave the interior decorating to Bocat and Lyss.  But for me it’s the shape of the buildings.  Small buildings get repeated because there isn’t much room for variation, but once you start with larger two story homes and such, you have more options.  Just adding a balcony or widening the base by a few blocks can make all the difference.  Here are some of the buildings around town.

2014-02-13_10.33.50 2014-02-13_10.34.17 2014-02-13_10.35.17 2014-02-13_10.32.11

As you can see, there are few buildings that look alike.  There are also a few buildings that have purpose.  Most I just build as housing spaces, just empty buildings as homes.  But some have larger plans.  Of course we had to repeat the pagoda style building in the center of town.  And pictured below that is the large great library.  And across one of the bridges we made a small farm.

2014-02-13_10.33.25 2014-02-13_10.32.40 2014-02-13_10.34.25

The valley and river cutting through this area allowed to play with some bridges and to separate the palace from the city, which I liked.  The bridges I think turned out nice too and added another decorative element.  And lastly, added in after all the other structures were completed, I put in a garden behind the pagoda.  This large garden is a place to relax and enjoy mother nature, I don’t think there’s a single type of flower missing from it. The final picture below shows it’s location relative to other buildings.

2014-02-13_10.34.54 2014-02-13_10.42.43 2014-02-13_10.35.44

So this was my first great project.  I then got distracted again by World of Warcraft and holidays, as well as finishing up some long over-due transmog stuff.  So I am working on that and a post about that.  But before I leave you from Minecraft for a little bit, a few parting shots of the new city, at night, because I love the way things look lit up at night.

2014-02-13_10.41.06 2014-02-13_10.44.18 2014-02-13_10.41.58

Oh, and I guess one close up picture of the palace.



5 Responses to “Red Line”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    I just love it!!

    I need to log back in and check out the additions since I last saw it.

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    Hey! What about a “Homes and Gardens” feature of my beautiful house and Zen-Cat garden?

    • Troutwort Says:

      Oh yes, we’ll have to do this! You have so many more rooms to decorate too! I do want to show some of the inside of the library too since you did such a lovely job on that too!

  3. tomsterrifictopics Says:

    some amazing pictures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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