Where to Begin?

It’s been a long time since I posted, as usual, work went crazy and I didn’t have time to.  But I have still found time for gaming.  I guess since I left off with Minecraft, that’s where I should pick up, though since then there’s been more Warcraft and also Terraria.

So when the patch came out that changed the world, some friends and I rolled a brand new server.  At first we got an island in the ocean.  Boo.  This was not what we wanted, so we re-rolled.  We were not going to play in creative for at least 24 hours so starting on an ocean island wasn’t ideal.  To give some authentic feel to it, and everyone had their own ability to turn it on and off when they wanted.  Sometimes it’s nice to play in normal mode.

Anyways, much to my pleasant surprise, our new starting zone was in one of the new zone types, the redwood forest looking zone.  It was great, to be honest, this was one of the zones I was really looking forward to seeing and was happy we started there.  Immediately we all got to work, made some tools, and everyone worked cooperatively to get us a place to spend the night.  We actually did pretty well, having 4 people all working toward the same goal really helped, and people doing all different functions helped too.




We made this nice little house.  It got spruced up a bit after we turned on creative mode, but for the most part, it’s in its original form.  After we kinda got settled, we decided to explore, looking for a place to really set down first roots.  We figured that this would be a nice little house for if others joined the server.  But it was time to explore, find some new zones, and build a more permanent settlement.  I had so many ideas for new building styles and to complete and recreate some we already did.  So much to do, so little time.

We then came to a clearing and a nice prairie zone.  We found a cave filthy with goods and looted it, I built another small cabin – little house on the prairie so that we could have another little resting point.  Then we picked up again and moved on.


This time we spent more time exploring.  We came to a little valley along the river.  It was hills on all sides and birch, enchanted, and redwood forests bordering it.  It was perfect to set up a more permanent settlement.  As two continued to explore in caves, bringing back supplies of needed cobblestone, I chopped trees and got to work on the structure.  Carefully counting out, I made the floor plan, it was huge.  Bigger than I thought.  But the design mimicked the castle in Warlock town.  I really liked that design, but wanted to make some improvements over the former model.  But I used the base design as a guide.  I continued to build and build and build.  Climbing up and placing bricks to jump on so I could build, hoping not to fall.  I forgot what it was like to build when not in creative mode!  But I did manage to finish the building structure, but not the interior decorating.

2014-02-03_11.09.57 2014-02-03_11.11.21

After that though, I pulled the plug on non-creative mode.  I allowed myself to build again without having to run back for more trees every 10 seconds.  This also gave the ladies full access to decorating and they went nuts, even tried out some of the new stained glass in the throne room!

2014-02-03_11.12.59 2014-02-03_11.12.43 2014-02-03_11.12.24 2014-02-03_11.12.10 2014-02-03_11.12.04

We added some more buildings since someone had taken time to round up animals, and then we added some villagers, and a bunk house for the “staff”.  Ha!  It sorta looked like a compound mansion.  It turned out really nice.  But as usual, I can’t stop building.  So I went off looking for the next landscape to build.

2014-02-03_11.10.56 2014-02-03_11.10.44 2014-02-03_11.10.30 2014-02-03_11.11.06 2014-02-03_11.14.03

2014-02-03_11.14.43 2014-02-03_11.14.27Meanwhile, one of our server members started building using the new tall redwood spruce trees…I personally feel the structures are best viewed from the ground!  Here’s a sampling.  They are not, however, complete, but I think they look awesome!

2014-02-03_11.16.17 2014-02-03_11.15.32 2014-02-03_11.15.20 2014-02-03_11.14.56

I ran off in another direction and started a BIG project.  It’s now complete, but I wanted to finish it before posting it.  It’s at the end of these tracks–we do love our minecarts!



4 Responses to “Where to Begin?”

  1. koalabear21 Says:


    I wondered when you were going to post these!

    I love how my walkway is all there 😀 I never did get around to finishing it.

    I need to log back in and update that and check on my village.

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    Looks awesome! That was a lot of fun!
    Didn’t I die in the water at the first camp? LoL!
    Mr. Pinchy says “Hi!” 😉

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