The End of Stonehaven

It’s been over two years since Jele and I first started the Stonehaven server in Minecraft. And it’s amazing how much it’s changed and grown to include Norse, Egyptian, Medieval, and Asian style architecture and buildings. I never would have imagined it. But even though I’ve done posts highlighting the cities around the world we called Stonehaven, there are many other things that aren’t necessarily associated with cities around the map.

In Stonehaven, there was a sheep emporium. It raised sheep of every color for constant access to the wool. Built by a friend from WoW, this allowed us access to add some color to the extremely stone colored first city of Stonehaven.


Next is the Anubis Rollercoaster of Doom in the land of Egypt. Completely self propelled, it would start and stop after one loop, taking you up and down, around twists and turns, and into a little temple of doom. 😛



The Norse village also had a few surprises. One of the buildings had a train departure that would take you to the beach. There was this weird area near the village where there was a beach lake and it would rain and not snow there. It was an anomaly and so Bocat turned it into a beach area. Because who doesn’t love a winter beach?2013-10-24_01.38.37


Also near the Norse Village there was a big surprise. I had left for a week of vacation and when I returned, I read the new message board that Bocat put up in the Norse Village which claimed that villagers were disappearing! Upon further exploration, I saw this.


Yes friends, that’s a massive UFO. An amazing project by Bocat and the interior reminds me much of the halls of a Star Destroyer or Death Star in the Star Wars movies!


Mentioned a few times was the land of Canada. It started out as an exit portal from the nether. We didn’t know where it would exit, but it did on the edge of a snowy zone. Since we had just been working on the Norse village, I plopped a couple similar buildings to make a sort of trading post. This connected back to Warlock City and Chinatown eventually by rail. There wasn’t much to it besides the portal and a resting point, until one day someone added a flag…EPIC.


Speaking of the nether, we didn’t ever really show shots of it.  We didn’t do too much in the nether, but we had portals in all the major cities which were connected through the nether.  We built structures around the portals so at least you wouldn’t die immediately.  Below is the first portal to the nether from Stonehaven.  We learned that glass does not hold up against ghast attacks.


There were so many great things we created, from the most recent Pagoda to the first massive project, the castle in Stonehaven, we’ve come a long way. I’ll miss the world but look forward to the new world we’ll start this weekend given that patch 1.7 drops on time. The Viking ships, the Cat Temple and Lighthouse, and Warlock City…all amazing projects. I’ll never forget them and am glad that I now have screenshots of them, I’ll need them to reconstruct a few of the buildings or at least the building styles. We learned a lot and became much better builders! I’m looking forward to the patch and the new biomes and blocks and how this inspires us to create new cities. We have a few new players on the server too who have built some amazing things, so I look forward to their creativity too!

So with this final note, I say good-bye to the world of Stonehaven. So many amazing memories and laughter. So many epic projects. But alas, it’s time for a fresh start. I’ll leave you with one last picture of one of the best things in the entire game we created, that’s the Cat Temple. What makes the Cat Temple extra special is that Bocat did it 99% in normal mode. It was no small feat and I remember her working on it. Fighting away zombies and skeletons at night and working out the details of the cat on top. When it was finished, we were all totally amazed. I can only imagine what the “Queen of Egypt” will build in her next world.



18 Responses to “The End of Stonehaven”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    My favorite part of the “Roller coaster of DOOM!” was the bat flying out at you.

    There is another track leaving Egypt that takes you along a cliff overlooking the ocean. It dead ends at the end of the cliff but it was still a pretty drive.

    BTW the sound that those stupid Gasts make is soooooooooooooooo irritating. >:-(

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    *sniff* I’m going to miss the UFO.
    The “Anubis Roller Coaster of Doom” didn’t quite roll or coast until Trout fixed it up 😀
    I think the Queen needs a new mansion in the New World…

    • Troutwort Says:

      And I’m sure she will have one! I’m excited to build some new structures… and of course, survive without cheats for the first couple hours!

      • koalabear21 Says:


        I thought we were going a full week with no cheats!

      • Troutwort Says:

        No, you’re right, at least a full week without cheats. But I was just thinking about tomorrow night, specifically.

      • koalabear21 Says:

        Yeah tomorrow should be a blast!

      • Troutwort Says:

        I’m so excited!! I can’t wait to hide in small underground caves until we figure out where to settle! Also the map generator won’t update for probably 8 hours, so we won’t be able to scout via internet for a day or so.

      • koalabear21 Says:

        Are we still going to buildup around the spawning point? Or going straight into exploration?

        Also, are we using vent?

      • Troutwort Says:

        We will use the Crits vent, email me if you need the information. Also we should build up something right around the spawn point. It’s a good place to put up a structure for anyone new that might build, plus good to gather and collect resources for when we set out exploring so we don’t get lost…I like to leave torch paths. 😀

  3. wolfgangcat Says:

    Umm…guess I’ll wait until Creative mode. I flipping hate dealing with the monsters lol.
    Can’t wait to use some of the new decorating stuff!

  4. repgrind Says:

    Stop it! I refuse to let you suck me in. :p

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