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I might have mentioned that Patch 1.7 for Minecraft will change our world, literally, and everyone elses.  It’s a huge biome update and will make the world flow better as well as adding a bunch of new cool things and easier access to some things.  I’m especially interested in seeing the Redwood Forest Biome (I’m certain I will make Grizzly Hills) and the Mesa Biomes.  But we’re not there yet.  But when it comes it’s likely that Stonehaven, Egypt, Warlock City, the Norse Village and everything else will be archived and a new world started to capture the new Biomes.  We’re quite excited!  Prior to that though, I wanted to make sure I captured more of the things we worked on that have now been abandoned as Patch 1.7 nears.

Our latest project was a new building style and themed city, however, it sadly never finished because of our learning of Patch 1.7.  But I have no doubts that this building style will make it into our new world…just as the Norse Style will…and probably Egypt…etc.  I have recently been treating this like a practice world, and the new world in Patch 1.7 will be the real deal.  Anyways, I babble on.  Here’s some of what we started but never finished of the new city we never named…though I kind of named it Mulan, and yes, that’s probably totally politically incorrect, but…meh.  Instead of walking you through things, I’ll just post some pictures of our Asian architecture style buildings in Minecraft.  We did build a large Pagoda style and then many of the other buildings mimicked this building on smaller scales as residences or functional buildings.

We’ll start with the Pagoda.

2013-10-21_14.28.45 2013-10-21_14.31.34

The pagoda of course at day and night since I’m a big fan of how things look at night.  We also constructed an Asian-themed boat as well, this was the second boat we ever made after the Viking ship and prompted the addition of boats at Warlock City.

2013-10-21_14.27.39 2013-10-21_14.26.22 2013-10-21_14.25.47 2013-10-21_14.28.01 2013-10-20_22.47.25 2013-10-21_14.27.51

You can see how we used this similar style throughout all the village.  The tower structure at the end, intended to defend against zombie swarms, uses a stone structure bottom which would be more impenetrable.  For most the buildings we used red stained clay and marble.  Regular oak planks and stairs are used for the roofs.  We used a lot of fencing for details as we did with the Norse Village.  We used them differently though.  The fences were used around the tops of the building and then half-slabs placed over the top half so that they stuck out to give a detailed effect while hiding the fence shape.  Some of the buildings look a little “candy-cane” so that’s something we could fix in the future.

Lastly, we made a little green plaza area for the villagers, and invading zombies, to enjoy.

2013-10-21_14.26.48 2013-10-21_14.26.59

We never did finish this city.  I envisioned some beautiful city walls and some other larger palace type structures.  Bocat did a great job with the farm pictured above with crops out front, so I also imagined we’d see more of those similar structures around an agricultural part of town.  It was a good start and I’m a little sad it never reached it’s full potential, but as I mentioned at the start, this is kinda like practice.  I’m sure the new server we start will have equally, if not better buildings!

2013-10-21_14.30.03 2013-10-21_14.29.43




3 Responses to “Back To Minecraft”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    I always thought of it as Chinatown.

    It really is a beautiful city.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Yes, it turned out great! I will likely build Chinatown or Norse Village first in the next world. They were most fun to build and turned out beautiful.

      • wolfgangcat Says:

        Noooo!!! We need to build a pyramid and cat temple first for the Queen 😀

        Hehe – great screen shots! You forgot to mention that you did 99% of it yourself 😉

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