Warlock City

There are often projects that get started in our little world of Minecraft, but sometimes due to the undertaking, they don’t move slowly, or nearly get abandoned.  Sometimes though, there will be a renewed interest and then it all fires up again, and a forgotten project becomes a priority and sometimes reaches new heights you never imagined.  Recently, we had a few more friends join our Minecraft server and as they explored the world we have modified and created, they came across some of our old structures and projects.

Before there was even the land of Egypt, there was another city.  We just called it “swamp city” because it was built in the swamp biome.  It was just a few structures on stilts in the water SE of Stonehaven.  It was intended to be a trading post of such.  But It never got much attention, since we were still actively working on Stonehaven and then moved to Egypt.  In fact, it pretty much sat there, untouched until just a week or so ago.  When we undertook the massive Great Stonehaven Railway project, which I will highlight in another post, we were attempting to connect Stonehaven to “Canada” as we called it.  But since we discovered Canada by running through the nether and opening a portal, Canada was REALLY far away.  So the rail project would take some time.  Laying rail across massive continents takes time, especially to add the boosters and light the track, and build bridges and tunnels where needed.  So I decided to connect the first leg at least, to connect to the “swamp city”.  This was actually the first time I had been back there in ages, and it was just as I remembered.  Small, and not much happening.  I added new building for the train depot, and then spruced it up a bit so that should anyone actually show up there, it wasn’t too bad.

Our lovely lady-friend from WoW joined us on the Minecraft server and we had told her we were working on a new project.  She found the swamp city and thought that was it.  It was not (yes, another post coming on the actual project) and I told her she was to do with that city as she liked.  She started to spruce up the place and to build some defenses because zombies were a problem.  She also filled in more of the boardwalk so that fewer villagers would fall through.  I came by to check out this new improved city, and somewhere along the line, we actually named it.  Because our friend plays a warlock, we named it Warlock City.  It actually made sense.  A temple with a portal to the nether, swampy gross trees, and undead everywhere…Warlock City, it was.  We decided to give Warlock City a purpose, being built on the water and our recent interest in adding boats to cities, we made Warlock City a port town, that also seemed right as it would attract unsavory types.  So without much further chatting, I give you, Warlock City.

The humble beginnings of Warlock City are still present.  Wood houses on boardwalks make up most of the city.  They are fairly small and not much in them.  Below you’ll see the entrance on foot to Warlock City, some of the street views of the city, the Temple, and the farm.  Note that it’s raining.  I swear it rains there more, it’s appropriate.

2013-10-07_20.30.44 2013-10-07_20.32.09 2013-10-07_20.33.02 2013-10-07_21.51.26 2013-10-07_20.31.47

You might have noticed the flags and the boat in the background.  I started to tinker with flags back in Stonehaven, and to separate Warlock City from the main Capitol, I gave them different flags in blues, green, and grey.  You see that on the boat from Warlock City too.  A port town of course would not be a port town without a tavern and a hotel.  Bocat built the tavern and though I demanded prostitutes, none of the villagers in there will trade me anything but gems for chicken flesh…perverts.  She always does a nice job decorating, with carpet…and cats.  The first three images below are the tavern, and the last three are the hotel.

2013-10-07_20.34.19 2013-10-07_20.34.46 2013-10-07_20.35.08 2013-10-07_20.36.28 2013-10-07_20.36.10 2013-10-07_20.35.47

Okay, enough with the buildings.  This is a port town, show us some boats!  I’m on it!  Of course there’s a lighthouse needed as well, I tried to give it it’s own style different from structures we’ve seen in other villages.  And of course, used flames to light the top.  The first boat is that of Warlock City (note the colors), and middle image is of the Viking Ship and behind it one of Stonehaven’s boats.  The Vikings were excited about opening trade…though they brought snow, ice, swords, and human heads in their chests…

2013-10-07_22.31.34 2013-10-08_10.33.32 2013-10-07_20.38.23

After doing the lighthouse, I was looking about the city and decided that the city needed some sort of military defense.  I decided to build a keep.

2013-10-07_21.40.08 2013-10-07_20.44.29 2013-10-07_22.33.45

The keep turned out great, and as you can see since the Castle Stonehaven, my building skills have hopefully improved.  There’s a lot of detail on this keep and it kinda also looks like a mansion.  I figure it’s dual purpose.  When building the keep, I noticed that at night, mobs would spawn inside it because I hadn’t gone back to add lights.  So, I didn’t.  The only lights are outside the front gate and inside the prison in the basement.  It turned into a haunted mansion of sorts rather than a keep.  I figure it’s an old military keep that has long since been abandoned to this lawless community.  Below are some pictures of the inside, and the prison.

2013-10-07_22.34.31 2013-10-07_22.36.45 2013-10-07_22.36.01

Maybe one day, we will reclaim the keep.  Or maybe it will stay a source of vile undead at night.  The Warlock City has made some drastic improvements.  It was not however “our current project”.  We haven’t finished that yet either, and now that I have learned of patch 1.7 and it’s potential release date before the end of the year, I am not sure it will get done.  But there will still be a post on it and there will be a post on the Great Stonehaven Railway too.  And hopefully one last post featuring some of the smaller projects that never finished.  But for now, I’ll leave you with one final picture of Warlock City.  It’s lovely, for a place of villainy.



3 Responses to “Warlock City”

  1. koalabear21 Says:


    It really is amazing how the city has changed

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    Looks awesome! 😀
    Doesn’t have nearly enough cats though 😉

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