The Land of Egypt

The great thing about the Minecraft server vs single player is that you can see your world, Google-map style. With this ability we were able to find great places to build cities. There was a great spot of desert near an Ocean biome that looked great for an Egyptian-themed city on the water. With a crude idea of what the city would look like, the first plaza was layed down and the city started on it’s way to majesty.

First Plaza

This first plaza, pictured above set the tone for the theme of the city.  Use of different types of sandstone and dark spruce wood.  You’ll also notice that in this first plaza we introduced the market canopy.  You’ll see these around different parts of the town.  The first color used was blue.  A few times we’d use them as ways to indicate where you are in the city.  Jungle trees were also planted to look like palms around town.

This city was definitely more about style than function.  It was about making cool looking buildings and there were plans for monuments as well…but before we got to that, we added some temples, a palace, and a windmill to pump water to the farms.  Though it doesn’t move, it did look nice.  It’s probably the wrong style windmill, but we didn’t care.  🙂

2013-08-19_18.25.00 2013-08-19_18.23.45 2013-08-19_18.24.01 2013-08-19_18.25.16

In that last picture you can see how the city spread and how we continued to make use of the market awnings.  You may also notice the pyramid in the background, we’ll get to that.  But with this city, we also took a little more care to decorate.  We gave many of the houses little rooftop gardens or planters and spent time on the insides of the houses as well, noted below.

2013-08-19_18.30.16 2013-08-19_18.29.59

After we got the main city down, we started working on some monuments.  Egypt was known for many great works so we couldn’t resist doing our own versions.  Doing a pyramid was a must, below is the outside followed by the inside.  It was a huge base and didn’t extend as high as I thought it might, but looked really great with the beacon of power coming off the top.

2013-08-19_17.30.49 2013-08-19_18.28.37

Another one of the great works of Egypt was the Lighthouse of Alexandria.  With some help searching how others tackled this monument, we did our own version.  The lighthouse was build almost entirely by hand, no Creative-Mode, we only jumped to creative near the top to finish-up.  We think it turned out beautifully, set on the island just off the city.


The lighthouse was a beacon for the city and though there were not boats anywhere nearby, nor docks…it served if nothing else as a great way to view the city, especially at night.  While I set to work on adding more houses and expanding the ever-growing city.  Bocat was working on a project of her own.  And if you ask me, it turned out to be one of the coolest things in the city!  I present to you, the cat temple!  Are you surprised?

2013-08-19_18.25.44 2013-08-19_18.26.33 2013-08-19_18.30.54

The pictures don’t really do justice to this monument.  It’s hard to get a good shot of it to give you an idea.  But you can see above the cat sitting on top and below a reflecting pond.  The eyes light glowing slightly to provide an eerie feeling!  The cat temple caused one last expansion to the city and a larger plaza put in.  Below you’ll see the larger plaza, two pictures of the new storehouse, and the entrance to the city from the west.

2013-08-19_18.26.53 2013-08-19_18.27.08 2013-08-19_18.27.33 2013-08-19_18.32.58

We love how this city looks at night.  It has a very different feel to it than the scorching feeling it gives during the day.  😛  Here’s a shot of the city at night.  As you can see, this city has a different feel to it and we worked a bit more on some fancier buildings and monuments.  A little more detail can go a long way.

2013-08-19_18.34.54 2013-08-19_18.34.08 2013-08-19_18.32.23

You’ll notice that there are two train tracks running in and out of the station in the lower center of that last picture.  One leads back to Stonehaven (Castle town) and the other leads to a brand new village, something we only recently finished working on!  I’ll leave you with a teaser shot of where that train line leads.  But after one more shot of the Cat Temple with Bocat standing in front, after all she rules over the Land of Egypt and all it’s citizens and allied towns.  She often tries to thwart the King of Stonehaven…but she hasn’t succeeded yet.

2013-08-16_17.00.28 (1) 2013-08-19_19.01.24

I’m guessing you might figure out what’s coming next…and when I mentioned earlier that a little detail can go a long way…wait until you see what a LOT of detail can do!


2 Responses to “The Land of Egypt”

  1. wolfgangcat Says:

    I forgot how beautiful Egypt looks at night! Excellent screen shots! 😀
    Where is the picture of the Anubis Roller-coaster of Doom? LoL! You did such a great job fixing it up!

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