Where I’ve Been

Hello all!

I haven’t been around the blogosphere in a long time.  I miss it on some level, it was therapy, it was journaling.  But life has changes and I needed to focus on my career (which has become awesome!) and things outside of WoW.  In combination with life happening, Mists of Pandaria was released.  And I can’t even remember if I commented on it before my last post, it didn’t really grab me like some of the previous expansions did.  I don’t know if it was class changes, or the linear feel to the game play, or the overwhelming amount of dailies, but I found myself logging in simply to show face.  The guild had many core members fade out, and what was once one of the largest social guilds on Winterhoof has become a quiet home for those of us that don’t really want to go anywhere else, and really just play alone with the perks of the level 25 guild.  The servers don’t feel alive as much as they used to despite the combining of the servers…they just feel…crowded though still empty.  Anyways, I found myself having gone nearly a month without logging in and decided that the guild needed someone who was on more than I.  I transferred ownership to Bocat.  And then…kinda vanished.  Once the patch dropped where leveling 85-90 was reduced 33% I played again…and had 3 more toons hit level 90.  I don’t gear them up really–dailies are something I loathe tremendously…I think because I feel the rewards aren’t great enough – at least the reputation part of them.  I miss rep tabards.  So now I’m a little more consistent in my play, but still pretty scattered.

I like many other games besides WoW and when I got my new computer last December, I could finally play some that I hadn’t been able to previously.  I got to try Diablo 3 and spent much more time playing Civ 5, Tropico 4, and though it was disastrous at release, SimCity.  All solid games.  I also took up playing DotA2 quite a bit – favoring the Witch Doctor.  I also kept an eye out for Steam Sales and found this cute little game called Magicka.  It makes me laugh and for just $7 I got 4 copies of it, giving one to my brother and one to Bocat.  Bo and I played and let’s just say…it was chaos – I died so many times, usually to fire or a rock falling on my head, but sometimes to Bo and her wild lightning!  But I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard.

I’ve also been playing Minecraft on the small 4-person server that I rent.  It’s a fun little pastime and with friends, like Bo or the kid I mentor (who now has graduated high school, by the way!) is always more fun.  Bo and I have actually spent a lot of time working on some awesome things in our little Minecraft world.  It all started by finding a village and expanding on that.  It was slow and painful at first, but with 3-4 people working at a time, we gathered resources quickly and soon built that little village into a city and castle themed town of “Stonehaven”.  I’ll do a separate post on that.  I’m going to have a few posts now featuring what Bocat and I have been doing, when we’re not playing WoW.  And if anyone else plays Minecraft and would like to harass us, please feel free to send me an email!

One Response to “Where I’ve Been”

  1. wolfgangcat Says:

    What is this “life” outside of WoW you speak of? O.o

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