As mentioned in the previous post, Bocat and I play Minecraft from time to time and we have this small 4-person server we play on.  Minecraft is a glorious game that allows you to create your own world, while still adding in some elements of it’s own (zombies!!).  I’d like to take you on a little tour of our server.  We’ll start in Stonehaven, this was the first settlement.  We found a village and added to it in a Medieval style fashion, mostly in houses to increase the number of villagers, but we also added some functional/purpose buildings but instead of telling you about the city, I will show you…

Stonehaven was the first of three cities that we currently have on the server.  The lack of detail on the buildings allowed them to be constructed fast and cheap and the city grew rapidly.  Here’s a picture of one of the first street up to the water well which was there when we arrived.


As the city grew, some buildings were added to have a function…like the museum, church, library and bank!

Museum Inside Church Library Bank Inside

Those were all sort of cosmetic buildings…I mean you don’t really need a bank in a game without money.  Some buildings actually had function around town.  There was the automatic chicken egg collector, the main storehouse to keep things organized, the stables, the rainbow wool emporium, and the crops!

Chicken Storage House Stables Sheep Emporium Agriculture

The main attraction in Stonehaven is the Castle.  It is the largest building in Stonehaven and was a major undertaking.  There was actual planning versus just laying down some bricks and seeing what happens.  It turned out very nice…here are some pictures of the entire castle, the courtyard, master bedroom, and the castle den.  There are other rooms as well, a throne room, dining hall, and a bedroom with a balcony.

Castle Castle 1 Castle 3 Castle 2

Stonehaven is not architectural or detailed beauty.  But it was out first city.  The others start to really bring a little more to the table.  We’ll visit the other cities soon.  I’ll leave you with a parting shot of the city at night.  This is what Bocat and I work on when we aren’t killing Vermen.

Stonehaven at Night

Oh!  And guess who’s house this is!??!

Bocat House


2 Responses to “Stonehaven”

  1. wolfgangcat Says:

    Night shot is beautiful!
    You need to post a ss of what’s underneath the castle lol.
    Oh, and there aren’t enough cats in Stonehaven 😉

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    Wow that is awesome guys!

    The extent of my building has been just a giant block house with neat paintings on the walls.

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