So Many Characters

Some readers are aware that I have two active WoW accounts. Because really, 10 characters on one server was not enough… Actually, the second account came along years ago, when two friends and the kid I mentor wanted to try the game. So that we could play at the same time I got a second account. The friends later got their own accounts or stopped playing and the kid I mentor has toons but almost never plays.

The account also was great for Recruit-a-Friend (RAF). I’ve done the program 4 times now. But my main account has 7 level 85s, 1 level 83, 1 level 80, and a level 71. So that doesn’t fit well for playing on my main server. The second account though had many empty spaces with just two toons at level 70+ a couple in the 60s and mostly disposable start-ups.

With the last RAF which just ended, it was intense. With the others it would be maybe one toon to max level. But Joe was set on getting as many as possible. We had a slower start, but near the end we were cranking them out. At the end he had three level 80s and a level 41. Which means that I too added three level 80s and a level 41 to this account as well. I removed a draenei hunter in her 60s, she was never played and deleted a name place holder to make room for all these toons. Because I also had one other thing to consider with RAF, free levels.

Every two levels the recruited gains, a free level can be granted to a character on the
recruiters account, so long as it’s not a level higher than the recruited character. So if you
do the math, at the end of the day Joe had 140 free levels to grant to characters on this

Some toons got topped of to 80 or near 80 and a warlock went from 21 to 80 eating up a good chunk of levels. Another 39 or 40 went to a new gnome warrior and a few to a paladin to bring him up to the same level as Joe’s level 20 hunter and then they leveled up to 41 through dungeons. No levels went to waste.

However, that leaves this account now with 8 level 80s and 2 level 42s. It’s full. I now have two accounts on Winterhoof totally 20 characters and 17 of them are level 80 or higher. Holy crap.

I’ll be updating the character pages to reflect the recent changes and plans for each character. There will be pictures too! So for now, while Team A has done their duty, it’s time for Team B to get some play time.

There may be defection to the horde in the future as well. We’ll see though, we’ll see. The list of things to do though, just got insanely longer.


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