End of RAF

My friend and I have been doing recruit a friend for some time now.  It ends July 3rd.  We will have made 3 level 80s in that time and possibly one more.  Die hards could do more, but since he can’t seem to get WoW to connect at home, we’re basically limited to whenever he can come over to play.

Having played a hunter on my second account before, he started with a hunter, but at level 20 we tried something else.  Hunter is good for starting players, but he wanted to try something not ranged.  So he rolled a paladin.  So to compliment his choice, I picked shaman (enhancement).  And so the two Draenei were off and running.  He did well as a paladin and leveling as protection didn’t hurt him either.  We didn’t do any dungeons as I’m not so cruel to toss someone into tanking on their second toon ever.  After they hit 80, we started in on new toons again.  Worgen this time.  He decided to go with a mage, and so I picked druid and would level as boomkin.  Two spellcasters seemed like a good idea plus I had the options to heal.  Recruit a friend (RAF) works best in my opinion if the two characters are the same style, ranged or melee.  Last time I did this we leveled a rogue and boomkin and it was a mess.  Because if the boomkin pulled aggro, the rogue was left chasing mobs.

The worgen did many more dungeons and I switched to healing at level 60 for instant dungeon queues.  The levels 60 to 80 were crazy fast.  And so with nearly two weeks left we decided to push for one more, spending weekend marathons playing.  We’re on one of those now.  He wanted to try a rogue this time, melee is good for him, in my opinion.  And so he made a gnome rogue.  So then…well…I did too.  So there we are Brobert and Respighi the gnome rogues.  We both are leveling as subtlety.  I wanted to try assassination, but since sub gives faster run speed in stealth, I figured I better sub too so that I could keep up!  Today we start the day at level 69.  I am sure by mid afternoon if not sooner we’ll be level 80 and off to the final toons.  I’m not actually sure what those final toons will be.  He might go back to that level 20 hunter for the sake of starting at level 20, or we may find ourselves running on new toons.  Time will tell.

All I know is that there’s a little paladin waiting in the wings to absorb all these levels.  Linus might pick some up too and be level 80 in no time too!  Free levels are great!!

Now I just need to decide who gets the two seated rocket!

Aside from the power leveling of more alts than I need, Bocat and I have been playing on my private minecraft server as well as the kid that I mentor and a few others.  We’ve really created some awesome cities for a bunch of rookies. We have great plans for things too after the next patch and they introduce a few new things.  You can see a map of it at:


Trout over and out for now!  Keep on gaming and enjoy the summer!


2 Responses to “End of RAF”

  1. zarigar Says:

    ahhhh…gnome rogues….must..resist..urge..to punt…..

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    Gnome rogues…Leap of Faith Pong – double the fun 😉
    Hey! Does Bo get a ride on the RAF rocket? Geez that didn’t sound right…

    We should start posting some Minecraft screen shots and show off your work!

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