Verdi and Smetana

As if I didn’t have enough toons already…my friend who played on my second account to try the game has decided to get his own account and we’re going to “recruit-a-friend”.

So let me introduce to you my two newest additions:

Verdi, druid.

Boobs. I mean, Smetana, shaman.

Verdi and Smetana.  These are actually the first two female characters I have ever rolled.  You’re saying, but Troutwort, what about Floy?  Well Floy wasn’t created by me…nor was Kittykat…nor was Tygerlily…nor Monona.  Those were all created by other people.  I have only rolled male toons.  Because I know when I see a male character I assume a man plays it.  I know this is far from reality, but still…it’s the way my mind works, so I’ve always rolled male toons.

For whatever reason though, I made not one, but TWO new toons and made them both female.  I think though it had to do with the names.  Sticking with my classical composer names, I made a list of composers that I haven’t used yet.  This included Verdi and Smetana.  Verdi sounded like a druid name…a druid with green hair…a female druid with green hair.  It just seemed to fit.  And Smetana sounded like a Draenei name, 100% Draenei.  And sounded more like a woman’s name than a man’s name to me, so there she is.  But holy crap, I have never noticed how much boobage the female Draenei have.  I never looked.  😛

I can see now why so many teenage and college boys made female shaman.  Pervs.  Of course…I’m the one that posted the screenshot of her sideways on the internet…so I guess we’ll call it even.

Anyways, these are the two new additions.  Verdi is level 20 and Smetana is level 17.  My friend is still on the starter account and is limited to level 20.  So we left them there for now.  You might see more of them as time goes on…but I have no intentions of them being much more than leveling buddies for him.

6 Responses to “Verdi and Smetana”

  1. zarigar Says:

    Long live the waggle. The nelf bounce drives me crazy; one reason I don’t like Well of Eternity. It’s like they sucked down a case of pixie-stix and can’t keep still.

  2. slice213 Says:


    Waggle is win

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