MoP: Priests First Impressions

Things seem a little crazy right now so I haven’t had as much time to play WoW as I would like, but I’m busy doing other awesome things, so it’s all good…and no, those other awesome things do not include Blood Elves in space (AKA SW:ToR).  I did however, get a chance to look at some of the notes on the PTR for Mists of Pandas.  

I focused mostly on the priest, because let’s face it, Elgar really is the toon I love to play the most.  

First, there were three new abilities that were highlighted under “skills” I’m not sure what that means, I assume it’s like new abilities that we’d learn, but no idea.  There’s Divine Star, Halo, and Cascade.  Divine Star is basically a holy throwing start that damages enemies and heals friends as it travels to its location then boomerangs back to the priest.  It’s kinda cool, but meh.  Halo sounds awesome though, basically it’s supercharged Holy Nova!  One minute cooldown and a 2 second cast, it creates a large ring of holy power expanding up to 30 yards healing allies.  Doesn’t seem to be limited to how many allies it can heal.  Lastly is Cascade, the coolest sounding spell, it launches a holy bolt which travels up to 40 yards gaining power as it travels, once it hits the target it either healing or damaging them, it splits into 2 bolts which travel to other allies/enemies.  Each time it bounces it splits into 2 bolts and bounces up to 4 times.  This sounds pretty kick-ass.  It is an instant cast and has a 25 second cooldown.  I love Cascade and Halo!  We’ll of course have to wait and see how they work in action.

There were some disc ability changes, like Atonement now works with Penance, this is cool and might make Atonement style healing a little easier with less target switching.

They also seemed to work some of the glyphs of some abilities right into the abilities, which is nice and as with all classes many of the current talents are just going to be baseline passives or spells.  Dispel will now work on Magic and Disease which is nice, I think in Cata we were perchance the only healing class that still had two separate spells for dispelling debuffs.  

Do far it’s some nice buffs.  I saw they were reducing the mana costs of everything and sometimes VERY significantly.  It made me wonder what that means for mana and mana management in MoP.  Will mana not really be a concern again or are they just lowering all mana costs to match potentially smaller mana pools?  This I do not know.

I’m pretty excited about most the priests abilities, though it’s very early and I know I’m still subject to much disappointment.

6 Responses to “MoP: Priests First Impressions”

  1. Tyler F.M. Edwards Says:

    Wait, SW:TOR has Blood Elves? How did I miss this?

    As for the reduced mana costs, it may be just a case of things not yet being tuned, but it could also have to do with the static mana pools in MoP. Intellect won’t increase our mana, so that could theoretically mean smaller mana costs would be required for healers to be playable.

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    Yes, the new spells sound very interesting but if it’s still that horrid “mana management” model instead of “I’m having fun” model I guess I still won’t be able to play a healer 😦

    Shadow Priests could use a few more interesting talent choices but it’s still early…

    One thing I’m *not* looking forward to is having to relearn everything all over again. I’d rather spend time playing the game than researching everything all over again before I can play.

    • Tyler F.M. Edwards Says:

      You know, if mana management really bothers you, you might want to consider a holy paladin. I laugh in the face of mana conservation.

      Of course, that might change in MoP, but we still have that ridiculous 30% spirit buff, so I’m thinking not.

      • wolfgangcat Says:

        I have a Paladin *in training* but she’s only about level 30.
        Yeah, I really hate the “mana-starved-3-spell” healing model. Whoever thought scaling backwards was “fun” should get whapped with a rolled-up newspaper.

        Ugh…I sound crabby…I need a new pet or a round of Schubert pong to cheer me up 😀

      • Tyler F.M. Edwards Says:

        Luckily, I didn’t do much healing before Cata, so this is what feels normal to me. But you only follow that model as a paladin when above level 80 and under-geared. Once you’re 85 and get to around a 350 ilevel, it’s just “lol flash of light spam” FTW. Especially if you stack plenty of spirit.

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