LFR Night

Tuesdays are always a big night for the guild.  It’s the night we do our scheduled LFR.  LFR has been awesome for Crits and I see that continuing through MoP.  Apparently last week when I was doing epic poetry analysis, there were about 15-19 people from the guild in LFR.  Last night we had similar numbers.  Close to 15 for the first half and over that for the second.  We actually provided both of the tanks and between 4 and 5 of the 6 healers as well and the rest were DPS.  

As usual it all went very smooth with no wipes.  We had a few people die here and there, but LFR has like 1 million battle rez so we got everyone back up and running.  I went in on Sousa to heal it, though I mostly stood around making comments in raid channel or else tossing pathetic lightning at the boss.  I figured with 5 other healers I would only need to heal during the really AOE heavy parts…you know, the parts where your FPS go to 4?  

We had a blast, it’s always more fun when you’re there with a bunch of people who will life grip you around or /cuddle you or do crafting professions during boss fights and trash.  We won some things and lost some things, but everyone has a good time, at least as far as I know. 

And I died on the Deathwing fight, apparently from standing where a tentacle spawns?  All I know is that I was probably making some rain and then I fell over dead and got an achievement.  I love LFR night. 


One Response to “LFR Night”

  1. wolfgangcat Says:

    *perks up*
    Did someone say Leap of Faith?

    We almost get enough people on LFR night to fill an entire raid ourselves 😀

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