Quick Update!

Oh man…what a week.  Between long hours at the lab and helping the kid I mentor with epic poetry essays (seriously, is there really any value in “Paradise Lost” anymore?), I haven’t had as much play time as I would really like to have had.

I didn’t even log in at all from Saturday until Wednesday?  Well I shouldn’t say that, I logged in to say “hello” on Tuesday as they were forming the LFR group.  Apparently it was a really good showing again.  The introduction of the LFR function into the game has been a very welcomed addition for our Guild.  While we have some very excellent players, I do think that many of us are content with doing what we can and would rather spend time fishing up Mr. Pinchy than reading min/max strategies and opinions.  People in Crits enjoy the game for what it is, and with LFR now was can participate in raids that may have otherwise been outside our reach.  

I do still want to give credit to our 10-man group which has completed DS as well.  As I said, we have some excellent players as well.

The campaign to get the guild “Classy” achievements has been going very well!  We only had 4 left when I posted that I’d pay 5k to each toon that completed one of the requirements.  We currently now have only the Worgen warlock left.  There is one at level 85 but it isn’t honored with the guild yet.  My guess is that a few days of dailies would finish that up.  Though I’m not sure if that’s happening…

The news of MoP is very promising and exciting.  I’m happy to hear there will be an 11th slot added, but I was really hoping for a bigger jump.  I currently have 2 accounts because 1) the kid I mentor sometimes plays on it and 2) I ran our of character slots.  There is at least one character I would consider transferring from the 2nd account to my main account if there were more slots, but it sounds like I’ll just be suspending that account for now…

Monks are interesting, but I’m not sure that I’ll be super into them.  To me, they sound too much like paladins and it’s taken me a long time to get where I am with my current paladin so a new one doesn’t excite me.  When I say “too much like paladins” I mean spec wise…tank, melee DPS, heals.  

All in all though, looks like awesome things to come!


6 Responses to “Quick Update!”

  1. repgrind Says:

    I hate druids and paladins? Ana, where are you … help me out here, someone needs a spanking!

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    Paradise Lost is still very important in the context of postmodernism, particularly when defining “radicalism” as a theoretical entity.
    Or something like that..

    We’ve missed you 😦
    So many priests with LoF and no one to pong…

  3. Analogue Says:

    Druids and paladins huh? Only because we’re more awesome than you!

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