Update on Alts

I apologize for the length of time between posts; I haven’t even had much time to read the usual ones I read either.  Busy busy!

With Mists of Panderia or however you spell it, coming this year yet, I decided that it was really time to focus on accomplishing a few things before then.  Prior to Cataclysm the goal was to get 8 characters to level 80.  I only got 7 done before it hit, as the patch for the new zones left me too preoccupied with those to focus on another level 80.  So far in Cataclysm, I’ve got 6 level 85s and two between 80 and 85.  While I could push these toons, there is actually one thing that I’m really interested in getting done.  And that is the guild Classy achievements.  The reasons are two-fold.  One, it’s nice to have these done and two, when MoP hits they will probably be bumped to level 90.  So I’d like to get the achievements done for the 4 class/race combos we have left.  Dwarf warlock and Worgen pries, DK, and warlock. 

My current pet project is the Worgen priest.  Up to level 64 now, I’ve decided that I should make the push on him should I have to also make a push on another one of these combos.  I am however going to offer a reward to anyone that finishes one of the class/race combos.  It seems that might encourage people to power level before MoP.

I did play my paladin a little bit to change it up, going from level 80 to now…82?  Maybe 83?  I can’t remember…but starting withMt.Hyjalit’s been pretty okay, my goal there is to work on his engineering skill so that I can make those pets for my other characters.  So I’m hopping back and forth between him and Linus to keep leveling.  I’ve been avoiding dungeons for now and just working on collecting gear.  I have been leveling him as Protection.  Though I’m sure ret is probably quicker, Protection feels good and gives me confidence to take on many mobs at the same time and I feel my survivability is great!  And I’ll be honest, as my first plate wearer though the starting Cata zones, I really like the green quest armor look.  It’s the black and red, I dunno, there’s some nice detail on it and I think I’m gonna save the set and use it for transmog if I can find a good shield.  

A little time spent on the Worgen warrior as well playing with my NE Hunter friend to gain two levels.  We burned through some outland quests pretty quick focusing on the kill X number of mobs.  It is slick between the two of us. 

So that’s my little update.  I have some screenshots that I’ll post soon, though Bocat already posted the one of me in the tree from her angle, I’ll show you mine soon.


2 Responses to “Update on Alts”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    My dorf warlock in Crits is like 60, 61 ish. So I should probably get her leveled up

  2. Troutwort Says:

    I’m posting tonight in guild chat, the reward is 5k in gold for the first of each class/race combo that we still need.

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