Sixth of Six?

What is this?  I don’t even!

Repgrind is making me post some pictures.  So here they are!

I couldn’t follow the rules very well, I don’t know who would have WoW screenshot subfolders…but because I rename some pictures that I crop for the blog, the 6th image in the folder was a picture that’s already been posted.  Boo.  So I went with the 6th image that isn’t renamed…but since those sort by date, that was my LFR run, again an image that I’ve already posted. 

So it was time to sort. 

I sorted by date first.

Eonar Server, circa 2007. Ado makes an appearance! So does Rossini...when he was still Kittykat!

Then I sorted by name.

Rossini in demonform...looks like an alt run of Naxx-10! Oh! Hi Karius!

Then I sorted by size.

Elgar in bubbles...cowering, of course.

Wow, that’s some crazy photos…it also reminded me that I’ve been playing WoW for over 5 years now…you’d think I’d be a seasoned veteran, but there’s still things I haven’t done!  Sorry for the weird mini-pics, the photos aren’t uploading for me correctly today.


6 Responses to “Sixth of Six?”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    Image one is also classic because Elgar took the picture…obviously I couldn’t figure out at that time how to be IN the picture as well. /shame

  2. slice213 Says:

    NIce SS Trout!

    Eye of Horus as in Horus from Warhammer 40K?

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