Outlands (Again!)

In a way, I think that depending when you started playing the game you have a certain attachment to content.  I started playing about 3 weeks before the release of BC and spent quite some time at level 70 in Outlands before LK rolled out.  So though many people loathe Outlands, I have a special place for it in my heart, I probably always will.  

That being said, this past week was quite a fun time for me.  Though I have loved the new zones and leveling up alts through all the questlines in the zones, I still get really excited when I get to head back out to Outlands, the land I know so well.  Where I don’t need to look at the map to find where quest monsters are because I have them all memorized.  And though the quest hubs are weird and Hellfire is a terrible landscape that looks like they ran out of time for landscape so just painted it all red…I enjoy walking through the portals and getting gear and doing the dungeons that I am familiar with.

In the past week I managed to get to characters to level so that they can start Outlands.  Mouret my worgen warrior and Linus my worgen priest both dinged 58 and have/will venture into Outlands.  

Mouret followed the same path as Haydn did before him finishingSwampofSorrowsand then dinging 58 in Blasted Lands.  I didn’t finish up Blasted Lands like I did on Haydn but leapt right to Outlands with him.  A few quests and boom, he’s level 60 and flying about.  I’ll probably stick it out in Hellfire with him for a bit as I’m leveling with a friend who has never seen Outlands.

As for Linus, I spent some time on Kalimdor having just completedSwampofSorrowsand having already completed Blasted Lands, I decided I should go check out some of the new quests in Felwood and Winterspring.  I didn’t spend enough time in Felwood, but there were definitely some MAJOR improvements to the quests there.  Well done Blizzard.  I left the zone early, and did all of Winterspring to take me from 52 to 58.  I liked the Winterspring quests, again a huge improvement there.  After doing a bunch of quests for the Timbermaw, I did notice that I was revered with them, I turned in a few more and am over halfway to exalted with them.  I chuckled that my first exalted faction may be Timbermaw on that toon.  Having worked on them before on other toons, the reputation gains are much better now and very quick, I applaud this change as well…no one wants to kill 5000 furbolgs to get to exalted like you had to before.

So here I am, with two toons on the edge of Outlands.  I’m excited to run through it again as it has been a long time.  I may pick up tanking on the warrior if I can get some gear and I’ll heal many dungeons on the Priest and spend time at the Sporregar and Kurenai with him, a good first title may be Diplomat.


2 Responses to “Outlands (Again!)”

  1. zarigar Says:

    I started playing when Outlands was endgame and I have a soft spot for it, too. I hate the last few Old World zones and dungeons and can’t wait till a new toon steps into OL.

    One thing I think is hilarious about OL is how different all the gear looks. Each piece is in business for itself and when they are all equipped it looks so awful. But that’s part of the OL charm; once Northrend starts you get all your matchy-matchy gear. Nothing says OL like a bright yellow shield with a blue cape with pink legs and green boots.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I know, I have old screenshots of my toons in their OL gear. Seriously, what a mess. They all looked like rainbow colored hobos! I too appreciate that on some level…caster pants…green with purple stitching…epic.

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