LFR Adventures

This post has been a long time coming; I’ve just been too busy. Anyways, a couple weeks now we’ve been doing LFR as a guild on Tuesday nights. I was finally able to get my gear score up on one character so I could attend. For starters, I’ll give props to my guildies, they are great people and fun to run LFR with. Sure we may not be topping in the meters…some of us might even be in last place (wink) but we have fun, we try hard, and we usually don’t screw things up beyond belief.

The only toon that is eligible at this time is Elgar, much to my surprise; he’s the most improved toon over one year ago. I really struggled with healing and adjusting to the changes with him, so this is a good thing to be able to play my favorite toon again. So I queued up with a handful of DPS from the guild and one tank the first week.

The thing with being Disc spec is that when you toss in 5 other healers, I’m not sure what my role is. Paladins heal the tanks; shamans, druids, and holy priests AOE heal, and I am left scratching my head what I should be doing. If there aren’t any paladins I focus on healing the tanks. But how often are there no paladins? Once last night there were none, but otherwise there was always one or two.

The first week, I spent most my time using PW:Shield on people, but not being sure when damage would happen, I would just cast it around, mostly on my own guildmates. 😉 AOE healing is harder since Prayer of Healing only hits members of the same party. Usually the party that gets that the most is the tanks party or my party.

So that takes me to the images. Here’s my recount for that first half the first week.

This is the image of recount for total healing done for the entire first half of the DS raid.  I actually didn’t think it was that bad.  Holylightman was also a disc priest, but I literally saw him standing around not making any casting animations during boss fights.  He soon became the last raid member I wanted to heal.

Here’s total absorbs, not too shabby.  So when I saw these two numbers I was thinking, I was doing pretty good.  Then I looked at the next number.

Overhealing…ouch.  53%.  Well I guess we didn’t wipe because I went OOM so I don’t feel so bad about the overhealing done.  But it was a reminder of how often my heals were going to waste, I am assuming that this is pretty much anytime that I was trying to spot heal or tank heal and someone else with faster cast times beat me to it.  Or any renews I might have tossed out.  I really need to stop with the renews if there are druids around.  But though the overhealing is an embarrassment to me one final category left me feeling like I did perform okay.

At least I won something!!  😉  This did make me feel good though.  I am pretty sure most of the dispels came from that one boss fight.  I tend to avoid any dispels that last under 4 seconds because I’ve learned that in Cataclysm they typically aren’t that bad.  I seldom have time to read the dispel and decide if I want to dispel or not.  But this made me feel like I was at least useful for something.

Here’s a couple other fun facts, when I looked at my top shielded players by PW:Shield, it was the two tanks, me, and then all of my guild mates.  I have a tendency to look out for my own first.  Don’t ever believe a healer that says they don’t have a personal healing priority.  In the second half of DS the second week I did it, there was a cute gnome priest, the only other one, she was holy spec.  This is good since we tend not to overlap.  Except…she kept casting PW:Shield on the tanks and then I couldn’t!!  This was super annoying since I was PRETTY sure that mine absorbs way more than hers.  So I only have this request:  Holy priests, if you are in a raid group with a disc priest, please don’t cast PW:Shield, the debuff of weakened soul is shared across all priests and you’ll make them angry.

All in all, LFR has been a lot of fun.  I think it is partly because when you bring in 7-8 plays from your own guild, it means that’s 7-8 slots that aren’t filled with douchebags.

10 Responses to “LFR Adventures”

  1. zarigar Says:

    I’ve taken my druid into LFR and been put into raids with 3 other resto druids. It’s just a big old wild-growth-overhealing-let’s-step-on-each-other’s-Tranquility party.

  2. Tyler F.M. Edwards Says:

    I’m a paladin, and I do almost nothing but AoE heals, rarely touching the tanks.

    Did I just blow your mind a little?

    • Troutwort Says:

      Maybe that’s why one time when we had two paladins the tank still died. I was like, “come on paladins, do your job!” LOL

      • Tyler F.M. Edwards Says:

        I’ve tried to heal the tanks, but someone else always beats me to the punch with HoTs or instant casts. Partly it’s that tank damage is exceptionally low in LFR, even in comparison to how nerfed everything else is. I only start to heal the tanks when they’re getting really chewed up.

      • Troutwort Says:

        I realize it’s not the paladins responsibility, I’m just giving you guys crap. 😉

  3. repgrind Says:

    I’ve given up trying to explain to people that the whole ‘tank healer vs. raid healer’ thing is in the past. Some classes are still more effective at one or the other, but any of them can and do handle either role these days .. especially in LFR. Hell, sometimes in there I don’t even beacon a tank … I beacon my favorite melee and holy radiance the crap out of everyone. LFR is mostly an exercise in HEAL ALL OF TEH THINGS … I’m lucky if I can even identify which of the other 24 people are the other healers, let alone have any sort of assignments.

    10 man regular is a different story, of course.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Some of us refuse to believe it. I’ll believe it when my Prayer of Healing isn’t limited to target party but instead heals the next 4 lowest nearby allies. 😀 I think Disc priest is the only one of the healers that doesn’t have a HEAL EVERYONE ability. I tease though… Maybe I should queue as healer and just go shadow. LOL

  4. wolfgangcat Says:

    Hey! I’m in the top 10! Or does that mean I stand in bad stuff waaaay too much?
    Healing guildies should always be top priority 😉

  5. Leit Says:

    Bubble the tanks and spam bubbles in AoE or on low health raid members. Spam PoH and keep PoM running. Manage your mana. Never cast renew, it’s a waste when there’s little enough damage that healers are overhealing trying to prove themselves. Win meters because you’ve got preventive healing baked into your spam abilities. /dance.

    Disc is actually in pretty good shape in LFR. Pity the poor resto shammies… their mastery and abilities are keyed to having players on low health, and that rarely happens.

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