Upcoming Contest

Since Cataclysm, I felt that I haven’t been organizing as many events for the guild as I used to.  During LK when we seemed to have lots of time between patches and such, we did some scavenger hunts, naked night elf and gnome races, fishing tournament, Critty Awards, and of course…classic raids.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have dropped the ball a bit.  Naked races are a little harder because people don’t have unlimited character slots on a server so they can’t create new level 1 toons just for the sake of running around like crazy.  The scavenger hunt was fun, but items purchased off the AH made it really easy for some while others didn’t think that was fair.

Anyways, I learned a bit from those things.  Classic raid nights still are pretty successful as people are looking for transmogrification gear.  And with that, I have thought of a new idea, a fashion contest.  As people collect gear for transmogrification I thought it would be awesome to come up with the best and worst outfits for your race/class/armor type combo.  Of course this is all subject to the eye of the beholder, but I think I can figure out a voting system so people can cast votes for their favorite best and worst outfits.

I’m hoping we get a decent turn out as the more the merrier!  Unlike actual transmogrification, this will not be limited to only green or better items, and all novelty items and holiday items will be allowed as well.  So maybe people will think of awesome or horrifying outfits to make with those weird Lunar Festival Pajamas…seriously…weird.

We’ll sweeten the pot with some nice prizes, some TCG loot and such.  More details to follow for this guild event.


3 Responses to “Upcoming Contest”

  1. repgrind Says:

    I saw a really awesome idea for another type of contest today. I’ll send you an email.

    • Troutwort Says:

      I like that idea! Maybe we’ll do it for the 4th Anniversary of Crits and Giggles! I better double check to make sure I have my years right, maybe we’re only on year 3…

      I checked, Winterhoof came online on Jan 19, 2009. Crits and Giggles started a few days after Valentine’s day that same year. So 2012 will mark the 3rd anniversary of Crits and Giggles. Which is kinda awesome.

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    Wow…3 years – definitely event-worthy!
    Once in a while the Guild section of the forums has some interesting event ideas – including how to get around the AH purchases for scavenger hunts.
    Love guild events – and I’ll be happy to do some “grunt” work if you need any help.

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