It’s Not Easy

It’s not easy being the prettiest character in WoW.

So, what should you do it someone is wearing your outfit?

Kill them.

At least that’s what my party told me last night when I went to Hour of Twilight instance for the first time.  I was on Elgar and when we got to the final boss I said “Hey!  That guy has on my outfit!”  And my party responded with all sorts of quips about how that’s reason enough to kill them.  So we did, in the name of fashion.

It was Christmas early for Elgar then as the boss dropped his epic staff and it was a MUCH needed replacement for Elgar’s 333 mace which I have been toting around since forever.  I just don’t seem to get weapon drops on Elgar.  Elgar then had enough JP and VP to get a new chest piece and new bracers, these new pieces pushed Elgar above the i372 requirement for LFR and now he’s raid ready!  I was surprised he passed Sousa.  Sousa has some nice things but since patch 4.3 hasn’t been running as much as Elgar so is behind in replacing some of his pieces.  

So Elgar was able to transmogrify his new staff to match his T5 (Staff of Immaculate Recovery) and now looks SO amazing.  Speaking of transmogrification and having a tough time being prettiest, one of our guild’s most beloved shadow priests, Bocat, told us that the other night that someone whispered her and told her that her character looked hideous, laughed at her, then put her on ignore.  Now, Bocat spends more time creating and farming awesome outfits than anyone I know, (and our guild does have transmogrification fever in general) but Bocat’s outfits are awesome and original.  So I asked her specifically what the person said, she typed it in guild chat.  I then searched that person, whispered them the same message, and put them on ignore.  I announced in guild chat that I had just sent them the same message and put them on ignore.  Someone else in the guild chimed in “me too!” 

This is why I love our guild.  And we sure do love our outfits.


One Response to “It’s Not Easy”

  1. wolfgangcat Says:

    Oooo…grats on the staff!

    That’s the best thing about Crits – you can laugh at anything you want but by the Old Gods don’t you ever, EVER dis our outfits! 😀

    Let me know when you want to do a LFR!

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