Elitist Jerks

This post is not about the website.  

With the holiday season in WoW in full swing, I have been trying to log onto many of my level 85s and at least do Greench.  After Schubert got the epic dagger in his first bag, I’ve been hungry for more!  Besides some of those toys sell for a decent chunk of change!  As the Greench isn’t really soloable, I’ve just been heading out there and wait for a group to form or at least a bunch of people show up.  A few times I have tried communicating through gestures to the Horde, mostly it’s things like /ready.  I find it amusing when the /point at the Greench…yeah, duh, that’s what we’re all here for.  There’s one thing that really amuses me about the Greench encounter though.  And that’s how people die or take damage from either the tree or snowman.  I get schadenfreude when I see people in Firelands gear die to snowman or tree attacks.  I know I shouldn’t be like that, but I’ve seen too much attitude lately where people think only those “worthy” should have that gear.  It reminds me that it’s just ego sometimes and they aren’t always as awesome as they think they are.

Speaking of awesomeness, I did two LFG last night.  The first was on Elgar because the Call to Arms was up.  I keep my fingers crossed that it’s something quick and simple.  Lost City.  Sweet, we’ll be done in no time.  Oh, they are on their way to the croc.  Right away I pop in and they say “thank god, a healer with gear!”  I actually don’t think Elgar has that awesome of gear, but whatever, they then complimented me on my outfit (priest T5).  The tank was less than geared, I think he was pretty new to tanking.  I suggested we use some CC and away we went.  The first pull was messy.  But we managed to survive, except for the shadow priest, he got that nasty poison on him and I couldn’t stop healing the tank or we would have lost him.  They were all friendly though, the tank always checked if we were ready and the dungeon, though sloppy at times, went okay.  They wanted to skip a few of the trash pulls and attempt to just run past them.  I suggested we kill them anyways, because “I’ve been on too many runs where we ‘go around’ and it ends up with us all dead.”  A few people laughed indicating that I wasn’t the only one that has had this experience.  The tank rejoiced at his satchel of mysterious goods, seemed like a good kid.  I got a Dun Morogh Bear Cub in my satchel, but I have them on like 4 of my toons already, so I sent it off to someone who doesn’t have it yet.  

Rossini did a group then too.  Just an FYI in case you didn’t know…fear does start combat, unlike the other CCs.  Whoops!  I haven’t played Rossini in so long that I was a big rusty.  I apologized profusely, but no one seemed to care.  This tank was also new and not very geared, the priest healer was geared though.  It was pretty obviously shortly into the instance that the tank had never been inside Throne of Tides before.  He said it was only his second heroic.  That was fine, we used CC and it seemed to go pretty well.  ON the first boss, the DK DPS stood in something bad and died like 20 seconds into the fight.  The first adds come.  The tank picks up the big one and I fear the one on the right.  The hunter starts to shoot the one on the left attempting to solo it.  I focus on the big guy, but see what the hunter is up to and decide he’s going to need help.  We manage to finish that phase but the next time the adds come, I fear the right one again, the tank picks up the big one again and the hunter again starts to solo the other one.  This time I help the tank and though he should have gone over to pick up the non CC’d caster add, he doesn’t as he’s new and the one the hunter is attacking kills the priest.  I soulstone rez, the hunter dies; we finish the phase and continue on.  We don’t really have interrupts at the time and now she’s down under 20%, so I don’t think there was threat of going to another add phase.  The tank dies as the healer is low on mana from soulstone rez.  I pop demon form and all demons possible and unleash with everything, it’s brutal, I get some heals from the healer, but weave in drain life when I can.  We kill her it was awesome.  The group cheers, except the hunter who carries on about how much the tank sucks.  

This is one of those hunters that pulls 20k DPS on trash and is all “go go go”.  He doesn’t run back in like the DK and tank did even though the priest resurrected them on their run back in.  Then I notice the priest doesn’t res the hunter.  For the sake of keeping things moving, I mass res him.  All goes well up until the gauntlet.  Again the tank doesn’t know what is going on because he’s never been here, we proceed slowly down the hall, but the hunter runs all the way to the end aggroing all the big surgers…thanks stupid.  We get overwhelmed but all but one surger dies, so at least we’ll make it the next time.  Everyone releases and runs back…except the hunter.  The healer makes a comment to him about being lazy and maybe he could run back like the rest of us.  He starts linking Recount showing how much damage he’s done and that maybe we’re the lazy ones.  I decide I’ve had enough of this guy and his “mightier than thou” attitude.  I click ‘vote to kick’ and for reason I simply type “jerk”. 

It passes.  In two seconds we have another hunter.  We finish up, the final boss goes flawlessly as the DPS focus on the right targets and tank picked up the correct adds.  Everyone thanked each other and the priest comments about how that hunter was probably pissed for wasting 20 minutes and not getting his valor points.  I winked and thought about how being nice and patient really does go a long way.  I think that as WoW has aged some the player base has changed, it’s no longer a game of grinding and elite content; it’s a game for the common casual gamer.  And with that change, respect and patience will play a bigger role than epeen and epics.  So be forewarned elitist jerks, we are not afraid to boot you from our groups if you’re a tool, even if you do 50% of the damage.

3 Responses to “Elitist Jerks”

  1. Tyler F.M. Edwards Says:

    Not all will agree with me on this, but I salute you for kicking the hunter. Lately, I’ve grown increasingly unwilling to tolerate the bad attitudes in the WoW community, so I’m being more proactive about kicking, reporting, and ignoring the jerks I meet. People with that kind of attitude should not be rewarded.

    Unfortunately, I’ve had at best mixed results with trying to kick people for having bad attitudes. Most people don’t seem to care.

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    Jerks forget it’s an MMO. Doesn’t matter how leet they think they are -if they haven’t mastered the social aspect, there’re still only playing half the game.

    I support kicking jerks 😀

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