Blizz Loves Paladins

As usual, I’m up to any shenanigans that are basically not end game content.  Things like leveling more alts, trying to get pretty gear to transmogrify and collecting patterns or materials to make weird useless gear.  I love it.

What I don’t love is paladins, as if Blizzard already didn’t make them crazy machines of healing and whatever, and making gear exclusively for one of their specs–it’s just madness.  But no, as if we all weren’t feeling bad enough about paladins, then when we go to SSC to get some T5 stuff with a couple of priests, a warlock, warrior, and druid, we down Vashj and she drops 3, yes 3 paladin head tokens (well paladin, shaman, rogue–but still!!).  The other bosses dropped 2 for paladins, it was like we couldn’t get a damned piece to drop for the classes we had with us!  Then we went to Gruuls and it was more of the same, paladin crap.  It’s like Blizz loves them more than anyone else!! 

I do take into account that it could have been because Elgar was there for some of it.  Is this just more of the same “sorry, no Mr. Pinchy or Sea Pony for you” bullshit?  A slap in the face to Elgar, subtly letting him know he should have been a paladin instead of a priest?  No, I won’t believe it.  Because no paladin set looks as hot as priest T5.  NO SET. 

So Blizzard, if it’s just Elgar you hate, fine.  Just please, enough with the paladins already.  I don’t know how much more I can take. 



5 Responses to “Blizz Loves Paladins”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Try being a resto druid. I am firmly convinced that somewhere out there, a wow designer’s wife left him for a druid and everything since has been his revenge.

    Maybe you should name change Elgar. That might fool them!

  2. repgrind Says:

    The stuff I need never drops when I am actually there. Until I don’t need it anymore.

    • Tyler F.M. Edwards Says:

      Paladin gear always drops for me — when I play my rogue.

      But it is true that Blizzard loves pallies. I’m dreading the inevitable swing of the nerfbat — we’re stupid OP as it stands now.

    • wolfgangcat Says:

      I hear you repgrind…you and me both… RNG hates me 😦

      Don’t worry Elgar….just wait until MoP! Priests will be getting ALL the drops then I will be pet-dueling you with the Magical Crawdad to see who gets it – /roll is for sissies!

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