I love and I hate Darkmoon Faire.

Reasons I love it:
1)  Fun games!
2)  Mounts and mini-pets!
3)  Skill ups for professions!
4)  Cool redesign!
5)  Achievements!
6)  Ponies!
7)  Shipwrecked debris for fishing! 

Reasons I hate it:
1)  My friend that plays on my second account on his level 36 hunter with fishing skill of 29 when he started caught the Sea Pony.  Elgar did not. 

Seriously, if Blizzard has a thing out for Elgar, I wish they would just publicly announce it.  Is there a reason he can’t find all the Dalaran books?  And after nearly 3 expansions of trying to fish for Mr. Pinchy and STILL no luck—but my dumb mage gets him in like 20 casts?  And now this Sea Pony incident?  Outrageous!! 

Anyways, aside from that I really like Darkmoon Faire.  The 5 skill points from profession quests is really nice for those alts that are up above 510 or so but are struggling to get the last few skill points, that will be VERY handy.  Also, there are great opportunities to catch chests from the shipwrecked debris and I have been lucky with those—though the competition is high as there are many others usually looking for them.   

It was also a good time with my friend last night, after spending lots of time fishing and then doing a dungeon, we also worked on professions, namely his mining and my herbing, both had been neglected while we were first leveling as to focus more on the game rather than the professions.  He still struggles a bit with things like shot rotation and would rather just mash buttons.  I probably wasn’t much better at that point. 

Oh!  One other thing, since I was out herbing anyways, I came across a dig site on my worgen.  He has archaeology skill 12.  I dig up a troll artifact and collect 8 pieces.  8.  WTF?  I saw they were updating the amount you could get, but really?  8?  Wow!  At skill 12 before you could only get 3!  I am going to have to see what Elgar can dig up and spend some time on archaeology again, also with my dwarves since they find things too!  That was a HUGE bonus to the profession and much needed.  I could almost finish one item in one dig site getting 8, 7, and 7.  Very nice Blizz!

Anyways, I really love 4.3 so far!!

6 Responses to “Love/Hate”

  1. Tyler F.M. Edwards Says:

    I’m not interested in any of the DMF rewards, so I don’t see myself spending a huge amount of time there, but it is a fun little diversion. The tonk fights and Whack-a-Gnoll are very fun, and I love the atmosphere.

    I also love the NPC who sells Gnome nuggets. This is long overdue.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Gnome nuggets? Whaa?? I’m going to have to get some of those tonight.

    Poor Elgar. All 3 of my paladins have a sea pony. Should I start taking alts out there too? 😉

  3. wolfgangcat Says:

    Developer: Hehehe…I see Elgar is trying to catch the Sea Pony – let’s set the RNG on his fishing pole to the same as Mr. Pinchy.

    Programmer: It would be unprofessional to do that…wait did you say Elgar? Okay then – how about 1/2,203,092?

    Developer: Perfect!

    Not that it would ever happen… /equips tinfoil hat

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