Patch 4.3 has revived my interested in Cataclysm.  For a couple reasons:

1) Transmogrification means I don’t have to have Elgar running around in hobo’s pajamas anymore!  This feature, while strictly aesthetic, is very fun.

2) Finally there is a dungeon that I am excited about!!  One of my complaints that I’ve mentioned before is that Cataclysm really lacked any dungeons that I thought were “fun”.  There are dungeons that I don’t complain about when I get them, like Throne of Tides, but Halls of Origination…ugh.  End Time, however, is my new favorite instance and not just because Jaina Proudmore is in it.  This instance was SO much fun!  We got Tyrande and Sylvanas in our instance.  Tyrande didn’t seem to hit too hard, but SO much movement!  I had to dodge a million things on the ground and flying at me that it was worse than frogger in Naxx.  It was fun though and I was able to manage. 

Sylvanas was a little harder as the DPS had to break us out of the zombie ring, but after we understood it better we didn’t have a problem.

The best fight though and possibly the best fight IN THE ENTIRE GAME is the final boss, Muzumu.  Okay, I don’t remember his name, but he’s AWESOME.  You’re fighting in the bronze dragonshrine and since bronze = time, there’s some really cool time effects that happen during the fight!  5 times through the fight Nordzumu (seriously, I’m bad with names) helps you by sending you back in time to where you were and how healed and full of mana you were when you started the fight.  The screen goes all black and white and your toon runs backwards to where you started and all your cooldowns reset!  It’s AMAZING!!!   I had so much fun on this fight.  And the concept is genius.  Though next time I’ll pay more attention to where I was when the fight starts because I was out of range from the tank so I had to run back to him every time that time reset.

But honestly, thank you Blizzard for coming up with creative ideas and continuing to make this game fun!  The End Time instance is one that I look forward to doing over and over (plus, I want Jaina’s staff–PG-13!!!!) 

End Time – Best Instance in WoW.


7 Responses to “FINALLY!”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Jaina has a staff? O.o

  2. Tyler F.M. Edwards Says:

    This is the least coherent but simultaneously most accurate description of End Time I’ve seen so far. Blizzard really outdid themselves with that one. The initial bosses are amazing, but Murozond is just on a whole other level. Definitely the coolest boss fight from any dungeon or raid I’ve ever done.

  3. wolfgangcat Says:

    I didn’t like that fight the first time I did it – interrupting casts to move away from the orange bad stuff, getting out of range because the orange stuff was everywhere – heck, I didn’t even notice any of the time effects until you were in the group.

    But you are absolutely right – when I actually watched what was going on, it was quite amazing! This might also become one of my favorites – let me know when you queue for the new stuff and want some company 😀

    Of course, I’ll need a new outfit…

    • Troutwort Says:

      Well what I realized later is that someone has to activate the time thing, and that clears the orange badness. So when it gets too much, activate the hour glass! I’m glad that hunter at least had seen it before and could do that. I’ll go anytime, I love that place!

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