Quick Note

I have a certain friend (Repgrind) that is a big fan of Tirion.  It seriously must be a paladin thing.  Anyways, I happened across this (for god’s sake, linking isn’t working – http://www.orcisharmyknife.com/2011/11/minipost-tirion-is-like-worst-dad-ever.html) and realized that if Tirion was my hero, I would be embarrassed about now.  

 I’m also secretly hoping that the rush to try the new instances will allow for some CtA for healers or troll dungeons.  That would be a nice bonus and maybe some new pets for Elgar, he’s at 117/125 now.  Eek!  So close!  Must have more pokemons!


One Response to “Quick Note”

  1. repgrind Says:

    You know … the kid’s a paladin. He can just bubble, like I did last night when I backed off the side of Wyrmrest Temple! Geez, all you non-paladins getting worked up over nothing.

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