Screenshot Wednesday…on Friday!

I had fully intended to post these screenshots of random things on Wednesday, but it wouldn’t let me upload the pics for some reason.  So here they are…on Friday…but still called Wednesday.  I did manage to finish Pilgrim on Wednesday night with Elgar.  I also was able to take advantage of some cooking skills and got the warrior, rogue, and second account hunter up in cooking skills.  I helped out some hordes with rogues.  And once the little rogue gnome I made was around Dalaran, it was like they came flooding to Dalaran and shot me with feathers.  I then took my dwarf rogue there and witnessed a half-dozen horde or so getting the Pilgrim achievement.  It was worth it.  I also helped some alliance including myself using the second account to make both a troll and an orc rogue.  Good times.

Anyways, here are some screenshots.

Elgar's Transmogrification Set

This is the priest T5 set that Elgar will wear once 4.3 hits.  I think it looks awesome.  Though I need to get him a staff so I can transmogrify that one!  I also need the belt from Gruul’s Lair.  I gave it up last time without even thinking.  Foolish.

Doing a random dungeon on Sousa, I ran into an alternate universe Kerick...who also was a paladin!!

This experience was like something out of the twilight zone.  And last but not least, I leave you with one of those, in the right place at the right time scenarios.  I was just passing through Stormwind when there was one of those random dance parties going on… our guildmate Kisara (Sorak) logged on.  I’ll let the screenshot of the text box say the rest.  Note, we had no idea who these people were.

We have no idea who this is!


11 Responses to “Screenshot Wednesday…on Friday!”

  1. wolfgangcat Says:

    Transmog set looks fantastic! Beautiful screen shot too!

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    LOL!!! Sorak the slut! I like it!

  3. ReversionLFM Says:

    ALL the alternate universe versions of Kerick are palidins. It is Fate.

  4. slice213 Says:

    indeed all kericks have bad hair!

    and high five to you Trout I have the same set for my priest!

    and lol at sorak

  5. 4.3 Dungeons, Transmog, Void Storage and Oh My! « WoW Misadventures Says:

    […] we go with Elgar looking smokin’ hot in his transmogrified “retro” tier set and throwing out epic heals – he even got complimented on his healing from players on […]

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