A Raven Good Time!

As I previously had mentioned, I have been sorta bored and not sure what to do with my time in game lately.  One thing that I did note is that due to me being unexplainably busy outside the game, I had stopped planning Classic Raid Nights.  These have been and usually are a success especially with the coming of patch 4.3 and transmogrification!  

So last night we were planning a Naxx-10.  Sign-ups were low, but I blame that on me not putting it up until late.  But even so we only had a few people online.  ICC-10 for next week has more people planning on coming.  So Bocat and I started to think of other things we could do.  We joked about an arena team, as something totally new.  Kelli offered to join us and had the most resilience of any of us…182.  Nice.  We thought maybe that wasn’t the best idea.  So I browsed through guild achievements to see if there was anything we could do.

After glancing about, we decided to run either low dungeons or heroic Outland dungeons.  We went with heroic Outland dungeons because it wouldn’t be so much travel from instance to instance.  So there three of us went off and started to take out Hellfire instances, then Coilfang, and then Auch.  It was a great time.  It was almost a joke when it would say “Your kill took 2 seconds, a new record!”  We were breezing through things, collecting reputation and netherweave by the buckets!  I even got honored with a few of the factions as a result.  Good times. 

Of course, I was on Sousa, so all the leather gear that I wanted for the transmogrification set for Sibelius was dropping all over.  Nice.  But my anger soon faded.  Grom joined us for the Auch dungeons and we did Mana Tomb and Sethekk Halls first because those both have exits near the end.  On the Raven Lord, we joked that if the mount drops, roll need.  And holy crap, it dropped!  Bocat already has one, so she passed and the three of us rolled.  Sousa won it!!  I couldn’t believe it, didn’t even see the roll number, I just heard the sound of something dropping into the bag and knew!!  Of course it was awesome.  We quickly finished (Sousa earning the Sethekk Halls and Heroic Sethekk Halls achievements) and moved on to the other two instances there…I rode my new mount between them.  Good times. 

All in all, we did 10 dungeons earning many achievements for ourselves as well as earning 6 achievements for the guild.  Just a few left for the guild, so I might set up another night to see if anyone is interested.  Though Naxx was a bust, it was a very fun night!

6 Responses to “A Raven Good Time!”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    Grats on the mount!!!

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    Grats on the mount – who would have ever thought it would drop the first time?
    It was a lot of fun and best of all we can get a lot done with just a few people – I’m glad we decided to go ahead and do something as a guild group 😀

  3. repgrind Says:

    I didn’t know about Naxx until after it happened, or I would have definitely been interested. You know how much i love Naxx. Safety Dance ftw!

    Grats on the mount! Where are the pics?

  4. zarigar Says:

    Sousa got the mount on his first time in there? HAHAHAHAHAHA that is awesome

    *goes to slit wrists*

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