Blizzcon 2011 Predictions

Okay, so Blizzcon is this weekend.  Rumors are surely flying about what sort of things will be revealed, things discussed, etc.  I haven’t been reading up much on it as I’ve had a busy schedule and Hallow’s End.  

Anyways, I’ll toss out some predictions just purely based on my own wishes/wants/knowledge.

Diablo 3:  They will announce a release date as tentative for next spring or summer.  I think beta invites are starting soon so we’ll see.  This is interesting to me as I’d like to try the game.  Otherwise I’m not expecting too much else there, maybe the beta will start this Blizzcon.

Warcraft:  Okay, this is the big one.  So my guess is they will reveal the next expansion.  They seem to be very active about developing and pushing content lately, the Firelands nerf indicated to me that they are pushing quickly from one patch to the next.  I think we’ll see the next expansion announced.  As it is, we’re all pretty much assuming it’s going to be Mists of Pandaria.  

Okay, so let’s say it is, they open some islands in the sea, perhaps the ones on the map since those are not part of anything right now.  The Pandaren tribes live there.  Yes, panda people.  Asian themed architecture, etc.  

Level cap?  I’m guessing 90.  Though I liked expansions that go 10 levels a bit better, 5 seems to be their new thing.  Probably because they don’t have plans to ever go above 100 and are trying to get in a few more Xpacs. 

New races?  I’m gonna go with no on the new races.  If they give Pandaren to one side or the other they will NEVER hear the end of it.  Though they have ties to the Night Elves and I think the dwarves too…I just don’t see it happening.  They will be neutral faction to run dailies for.

Big Bad Boss?  Deathwing will presumably be dead, LK gone, who’s left?  Well plenty of other demons.  We’ll see what happens from there.  

New classes?  Potentially.  With BC they did new races, LK new class, Cata new races…so it seems that the swing, should we continue this pattern, is new class.  Hero class?  Again, potentially.  Everyone wants to see the Brewmaster, but its role would probably be DPS and lord knows Blizz thinks there are too many already.  But maybe it would have a tank spec too.  A new class though is alarming for someone like me.  I have all 10 of my character slots filled, with one of each class.  If they add a new class, I think they will also add a new character slot, or two.  Another potential class addition for this expansion would be Monk.  Since these are the two classes most associated with Pandaren, it would make sense.  Though…if you can’t play a Pandaren then can you be a monk or brewmaster?  

Okay, so my guess is they will do a new class, it will probably be a hero class, but maybe instead of level 55…level 65?  Level 75?  Starting zone like DK would teach you your skills, part of the monk training?  Leave the monastery or the brewhall?  Both are feasible.  So that’s my official guess; they add Monks and Brewmasters as a hero class starting at 65.  

Professions?  It would seem logical that they would add a brewmaster profession as well, maybe instead of the class they add the profession, allowing you to be able to brew all sorts of things from all sorts of liquids and herbs.  Though it may be hard to really distinguish this from Alchemy or Cooking.  Another profession that has LONG been discussed is Woodworking.  Should the game add in monks, it would make sense that a woodworker could be added so that monks would have access to weapons in the way of staves.  Staves would also be useful for other classes.  Woodworkers could also provide wands and bows as well.  This would fill a craftable niche that is currently missing.  A DK for example can have every piece of armor crafted for him, from sword, to relic, to all pieces of armor including neck, rings and trinkets.  A clothie however, cannot have a staff made nor a wand.  Hunters too cannot have bows crafted, but they can have guns crafted.  Of course no need for these things to be “OMG EPICS!!”, but the other professions do make some things that can help boost your armor or such.  I wouldn’t put money on a new profession, but they have introduced a new one with each expansion, so there will probably be something…I’m just not sure what.

Okay, that’s it! 

I sadly will not be able to see any Blizzcon news until late tomorrow night, so while the rest of you are going “OMG!!”  I’ll be sitting around foaming at the mouth until I can get to a PC with such information.  It better be worth it.

7 Responses to “Blizzcon 2011 Predictions”

  1. slice213 Says:

    agreed looking at the schedule for Blizzcon today – appears right after the opening ceremony is a WoW preview…more then likely they will announce it here.

    The big baddie for the expansion – demons, old gods, queen azshara, could be anyone of them. Cant wait to find out.

    The race thing is tricky – who do give pandas to – IF it is MOP. I would think they could have 2 races with the Pandaran species. Much like how there are different trolls, Outland Orcs and Azeroth Orcs. HIgh Elves and Blood Elves. IF dwarves and Darkhammer dwarves. etc

    Hero Class – I am not sure they would be doing one…if i remember correctly. DKs were a pain for them to balance and they continue to still balance it. If it is a hero class – I do not think they should start at 55. Maybe lower to give people a chance to learn their class. 55 for DKs were in Outlands range….noobfire penninsula hoooooo!

    • Troutwort Says:

      Giving Pandas to both sides makes it hard to differentiate during PvP though. So I don’t think they’d go for that. I have thought they could do it as a neutral race, but then you choose your allies, Horde or Alliance, much like you did with like Scryer or Aldor. Just there’s no switching back. You choose at the end of your training in your starting zone. But that would probably be too much of a game shift since people would want to do that for just about any race.

  2. Ado Says:

    In PvP you key in on the red letters above someone’s head. Then find the heals. “Good” pandas and “bad” pandas should be no problem.

  3. ReversionLFG Says:

    Your predictions were much like mine. I figured a new playable race OR a new playable class but not both. WRONG! Oh I sometimes love being wrong. NINJA PANDAS!

  4. slice213 Says:


  5. ReversionLFG Says:

    did you reserve Chopan yet?

    • Troutwort Says:

      I know, I of course immediately thought of Chopin. I think it’s taken on our server though, but I can’t find out anyways since I have 10 toons. I don’t have anymore room!!

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