Isle of Quel’Danas vs. Molten Front

I decided to do a little questing on Elgar and thought I should take him out to the Molten Front to see if they had any good prizes for him.  I hadn’t quite finished the questline to unlock Molten Front, but was pretty close.  I got to the point where it was, did some of the quests, went through the portal, did the first set of dailies then went to talk to Malfurion who told me I’d need 150 marks of the world tree to unlock the next phase, I opened my currency tab.  28 marks.  Fffff—-

I was quickly reminded why none of my toons had ever unlocked anything beyond this first phase.  Molten Front just isn’t that much fun.  And even if I had unlocked it for one toon, the idea of doing the same thing over and over for the other 6 toons…oh hell no. 

I know others have done it, good for them, maybe they only have one toon to do it on or one that they “care” about.  But man, I can’t even muster doing it everyday.  But that’s also because I don’t play every single day.  So the process would be really long, and REALLY monotonous.  By the time I’d unlock all the quests and phasing on one toon I’d be so sick of it I’d never want to do it again.  So choose carefully Elgar…

I think back to when Isle of Quel’Danas rolled out.  The whole island was there, and it unlocked as the whole server completed a set number of quests.  Each day, all of my toons could contribute to the greater server cause, unlocking the next phase as soon as possible.  And as the server progressed, the island was cleared of demons and opened up.  But if Schubert came three weeks later than Elgar to the party on the Isle, they were both able to do the same quests as it was marked by server progression, not by individual progression.  Vendors opened up as you progressed as a server. 

I liked Isle of Quel’Danas.  I liked the concept behind it better too.  So for all my alts that came after, they had access to everything the server had unlocked.  There was no individual grind to get to the point where you could finally reach the instance.  For an alt-oholic like me, Isle of Quel’Danas was a much better roll-out than Molten Front.  I had several toons make it to exalted with Shattered Sun.  I doubt that I’ll have many, if any complete all the quests for Isle of Quel’Danas…I just don’t have that mentality. 

On a sort of related note, I’m still waiting for them to have shoulder enchants be BoA.  I’m sick of Dailies for Therazane and I’m sick of their tabard.


11 Responses to “Isle of Quel’Danas vs. Molten Front”

  1. khizzara Says:

    Actually, the Molten Front is worse than you think… After getting into the Molten Front you need 150 marks to open either the Shadow Wardens OR the Druids of the Talon. Once the first is open you need 150 more marks to open the other one. Neither of those factions give you any gear. So then you have to save up another 125 marks to open your first vendor. If you want/need access to all three vendors, or want the mount as a reward for opening everything, you’ll need to get 125 marks for each of them.

    So that’s 425 marks of the world tree (445 if you count the first few quests that get you into the Molten Front) before you can access even one vendor. It’s 695 marks total to open everything.

    Of course, you do start to accumulate marks faster as you open things up, because you can do more dailies each day. However, the time spent doing dailies each day will increase. (At first it takes about 20 minutes to complete them, but once you get the factions open it starts to take about an hour each day.) It takes about a month of doing dailies consistently to get everything open.

    I’ve opened them fully on two toons. I have other toons who could use the gear but so far I haven’t been able to bring myself to do them again.

    By the way, if you want to save your sanity a little, open the Shadow Wardens first. Their quests are easier and less frustrating than the Druids of the Talon.

    • Troutwort Says:


      If I make it that far, I’ll head your advice with the Shadow Wardens. It’s a ridiculous requirement for each of the characters to have to complete this number of marks in order to access the vendors.

      • wolfgangcat Says:

        I agree 100% with khizzara – forget the Druids of Talon and go with the Shadow Wardens. The Druid quests are very “gimmicky” and take forever. I can blast through the whole Wardens daily quests in about 15-20 minutes (kill stuff, kill spiders, kill spiders, kill spiders, run around cave, kill big guy – done), and racking up marks gets faster as you open more dailies.

        I only did the Druids dailies once or twice to open the vendor and get a few achievements. It probably won’t be as painful on a second character now that I know all the “short cuts”, but I agree with you – there was no reason to make it such an obvious “time sink” for such few rewards.

        Other than the pet and one or two gear pieces that will probably get replaced anyway, is there any other reason/requirement to do them?

  2. repgrind Says:

    Yep. I did it on the two toons I am raiding on. I think only one other has even made it to opening the portal. Heck, the second raiding toon still needs some lieutenants and the dog for a couple of the achievements to get the title and I haven’t been able to force myself to finish it.

    Hm. I still haven’t done Tol Barad either, on ANY of them. Maybe after Hallow’s End …

  3. ReversionLFG Says:

    I thank the heavens that my druids really did not need anything from more than one vendor. I only opened everything up on my hunter, just one vendor on my main bear and nothing on anyone else.

    I agree 100% percent with every syllable of this post. At the very LEAST it would have been nice to see the fire beasties actually get pushed back. Couldn’t they have made it so half the zone was green and lush by the end? No. Of course not.

    • khizzara Says:

      But we grew a tree. That’s victory, right?

      • Troutwort Says:

        695 Marks for a damned tree?? Shit, no wonder NE have to live forever, it takes them forever to get anything done!

      • ReversionLFG Says:

        I like how when you pay off each faction they are all like, ‘rah! rah! we are happy to fight!’ No you are not! You slackers did not want to fight till we payed you off with a handfull of acorns.

      • khizzara Says:

        Yeah, I lost respect for all those factions. There’s a terrible threat facing Azeroth, and everyone in the world is going to die if we don’t win this battle, *including them*, but they won’t help us until we pay them off? Bunch of mercenaries…

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