Corpse Camping

It was quite an exciting weekend for me.  But not the kind of exciting that might involve killing Ragnaros, no.  A real heart-pumping excitement.  The kind of excitement you can only get from corpse camping.  By the definition on Wikipedia:

“In some MMORPGs which have PVP (Player-versus-player) elements (such as Diablo II and World of Warcraft), ‘corpse camping’ is used to refer to a practice by an enemy player character (PC) kills another PC in player versus player combat and then loiters in the area of the dead player’s corpse. The mechanics for recovering one’s body differ per game, but generally a PC must return to the area where he died to recover his body or face severe penalties. Those who corpse camp take advantage of these rules by waiting for the dead character to return to life, usually in a weakened state, and then killing him again when his defenses, mana and hit points are not at full capacity.”

However, I didn’t use any MMO like World of Warcraft to do my corpse camping.  No, that’s not nearly exciting.  I decided to do it in real life.  With real corpses.

Bear corpses.

Because you should never trust any bear, even a dead one, you should make sure it’s really dead.  You never know when they’ll get a battle rez and pop back up to gnaw your face off.  Or steal your salmon.  Which is what I assume the bear was planning on Friday night.  So just as he was ready to come at me again.  I ran him over, skinned him (aggroing all the bears), and fled the scene to avoid retaliation.  Of course, his loot was terrible and typical…ruined pelt, tuft of hair, and bear organs.  Not my idea of a good time at all.

It went a little like this:

And in a matter of a split second, my car leaped over the bear, taking its loot and away I went. 

In all honesty, I was scared shitless, in fact, I thought it a good idea to make sure I didn’t have any loot in my car seat.  As it turned out, I was able to maintain control of the vehicle despite being airborne after hitting the corpse of the bear that the other vehicle (I presume) left behind.  By the time I saw the bear, I had just enough time to think “that’s a bear!” and BAM!  It was over.  Fortunately, the vehicle has appeared to suffer very little damage–THANK YOU TOYOTA!!  And my vehicles high clearance just allowed me to jump over it. 

I am a very lucky man to have had the situation end as it did.  The bear went square under the vehicle leaving behind some of its parts, blood, and fur.  The car seems to be running okay. 

I would never intentionally hit an animal, and I hope one would never intentionally hit me, but in this sad story, our little bear friend did not make it.  If there’s a bear heaven, I hope he makes it, and I’m REALLY sorry for adding insult to injury by running you over after you were dead.  😦

21 Responses to “Corpse Camping”

  1. Analogue Says:

    Wow, flying toyotas and dead bears. That’s way more exciting than anything I did this weekend.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Your illustration is totally epic.

  3. ReversionLFM Says:

    Somewhere a bear has rez sickness and is telling his buds, “Yeah that ganker got me. So there I was about to rez. That jerk was camping me so I was all set, ready to pop potions and stunlock that punk. I hit the ‘accept’ and then out of no where comes that jerks friend on a flying mount, I think it was a rare drop Toyota, and POW. He nails me just as I was about to pop the potion. Down again. I ain’t dumb. This time I took the rez sickness and hearth away to find a repair vendor.”

  4. khizzara Says:

    He should have hit flight form the moment he rezzed and gotten the heck out of Dodge.

  5. wolfgangcat Says:

    I’m glad you (and your car) are okay (all Druid jokes aside) as it can be a frightening (and sometimes fatal) accident.

    Other driver was an idiot for not putting up a flare or at least flashers or something.

    • Troutwort Says:

      Yeah, I assume they had just hit the bear and hadn’t had time to give warning yet. I did call the police too to make sure they were aware. Up the road a little there was another disabled vehicle, my guess is they did what I did and ran over the bear in the road. It could have been much worse and I am very fortunate for the outcome for me.

  6. slice213 Says:

    ouch. glad to hear everything is ok trout. ><

    But as being a auto claims rep…you may still want to make sure you vehicle is ok. Hitting something that large could have messed up the undercarriage or even your alignment a little.

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