Kill the Dragon!

Nope.  Not Deathwing.

Not even Nefarian.

Instead, Onyxia (the level 80 version), Malygos, and Sartharionowitz–I can never remember how those dragon names end.

You guessed it.  It was classic raid night!  We started off with Onyxia.  We weren’t sure if we’d do the 10 or 25 man version, but come time to kill her, we had 13ish people interested, so we decided to do 25-man.  I went with Sibelius because I wanted the helm…moose horns!!  My DPS was horrible!!  I was more concerned with calling out whelps and deep breath if we needed that I really was mostly just running around.  But she came down with ease and we got three achievements!  More DoTs, She Breathes Deep, and 25-man kill.  It was awesome.  No drake though, sad times.  Even sadder times, no druid helm.

After that 5 minute fight, or 3 minute, or whatever… Someone says “what next?”  Classic raid nights go like that.  We’re already in a group, we’re blowing through content, we might as well go for it!  So we decided that more dragons needed to die.  And off to Eye of Eternity we went because people needed the achievement.

Let me say this.  There are a few things about EoE yet. 
1)  It’s trippy as all get out and probably sent at least 2 raiders into seizures by the time we were done with phase 3. 
2)  You can still die on phase 3, drakes still suck, and targeting is still a nightmare.  Be sure to still move together!  I found the whole thing horrible to see. 
3)  Needs more drakes.

Like Onyxia, Malygos failed to give us a drake as well.

We then headed over to OS.  Did it on 25-man and got someone a drake.  Yay!  That was pretty uneventful.  Then we decided to do RS.  That was…ugly?  The trash was horrendous!  No wonder no one went there at level 80.  It took us more time to kill trash than it did to kill the first boss!  We ended up leaving after wiping twice on the same set of trash, but not for the same reasons.  That was okay, no one was really into RS that much anyways. 

All in all though a good and fun evening killing drakes!  Next week classic raids are BT again (the transmogrification gear and rep are lucrative) and AQ40…for mounts.


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